Style Guide to Loafers for Men

Men fashion black shoes leather

Loafers are the epitome of refined, classic footwear for various reasons and are by far the most stylish shoes of our time. Loafers are a wardrobe staple that you can dress down or up and look excellent in various materials. You shouldn’t lament investing in this shoe because it is minimalistic and … Read more

What is Sandalwood Cologne for Men, and Should I Wear It?


Do you know what sandalwood cologne is, and how does it smell? Let us tell you, sandalwood is a fundamental ingredient widely used in men’s perfumes and colognes, and you can instantly recognize it if you know how it smells. Its distinctly exotic, creamy, warm, smooth, and sweet scent differs from other … Read more

Men’s Guide to Using Silver Fashion Jewelry

a man posing with his eyes closed and hand on his face showcasing his silver jewelry

Most guys find jewelry perplexing, and it’s simple to see why. Because of decades of limited market offerings, the word “man jewelry” has an ugly stigma attached to it. Unless a man desired to be defined by an assertive, bold piece of chain metal, the only options were a watch and a … Read more

Braided Bracelets for Men – a Styling Guide

Braided Bracelets for Men

Bracelets have been worn for millennia. Bracelets have gone a long way from their grass origins to their modern forms, and they stay one of the most popular pieces of jewelry. While many men tend not to wear jewelry other than their wedding rings and watch, an increasing number of men consider … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Fragrances

a man wearing a suit and tie spritzing perfume

Men’s scents are a science unto themselves. One of the few times when chemistry and artistry intersect and are also handled with equal respect and admiration. However, it has a nasty habit of speaking in its own ‘insider’ vernacular, as does any multibillion-dollar profit-generating worldwide industry. This linguistic barrier, along with an … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Blazers

a man wearing a blazer while sitting in front of a table with a laptop and a cup of coffe on it

Every man should have a few blazers in his closet: they’re perfect for times you want to look put-together but don’t want to wear a suit. When purchasing a blazer, there are numerous factors to consider. What kind of ensemble do you want to go for? What do you put on with … Read more