Know Your Deerstalkers

a detective with a beard wearing a deerstalker cap and a plaid jacket looking at a fragment of a tree through a magnifying glass in the forest

The key to formula warm is to protect all of your skin. Rather than layering a vest, sweater, and jacket but leaving all of it bare from the shoulders up, target even coverage from head to toe. Hats not only add to your comfort in cold temperatures and protect your ears and … Read more

Know Your Boonie Hats

a bearded and long haired male tourist wearing a boonie hat looking sideways while standing against Tibetan prayer flags

An excellent hat will make the experience more enjoyable, whether escaping the harsh sun in the desert, avoiding downpours in the rainforest, or going on a weekend hike with your family. It reduces glare, keeps you cool, shields your neck and face from sunburn (check out these tips for treating a sunburn!), … Read more

Tips on Choosing the Right Belts for Men


Wearing belts is something men are accustomed to; however, it is sometimes still a challenge to choose the right one which will match your outfit. One of the things to keep in mind when choosing a belt is to keep it classic and simple. This way, it will work either for an … Read more

Guide to Picking a Men’s Belt


Belts are part of men’s everyday fashion. Whether they are in a formal wear or in casual clothes, belts are always present. The main purpose of a belt is to hold the pants up, but aside from that, belts are also used to make a style statement. It can add a personal … Read more

8 Best Man Cufflinks Reviews


Man Cufflinks In this era of trends and fashion, everyone wants to fit in the scenario. Most of the time the word fashion is reserved for ladies and girls, but now men also has their fashion and trends. Men cufflinks is one of the examples of those trends. It looks elegant and … Read more

Guide to Trench Coat Styles and Materials


Of all the pieces of clothing for men that have a military heritage, the trench coat is probably the classiest. It is a three-quarter-length coat that is designed to keep the grime and rain off your finer clothes. It is one of the oldest army garments that is still being worn in … Read more

Learn About Victorinox Fragrances

Learn About Victorinox Fragrances

Victorinox is a well-known knife manufacturer, making a name in the cutlery industry for their iconic and original Swiss Army knives. It can come as a surprise to some people that they don’t only create functional pocket knives, but also items such as travel gear, apparel, accessories like watches and its delicate … Read more

Define Your Look with the Best Bomber Jackets for Men

Define Your Look with the Best Bomber Jackets for Men

The bomber jacket is one of the classic fashion items for men, and it is still being worn by many people today. It is a functional and robust piece of clothing that can easily add an element of elegance to men’s style. You can combine it with the right pair of sneakers … Read more

The Best Trench Coats for Men for Dress Up and Casual Wear


A trench coat is a long, waterproof coat made to be worn over clothing during the cold autumn and winter months. The traditional double-breasted trench coat usually has ten buttons on the front, a wide lapel, and a belt in the waist. The trench coat has its military roots, as it was … Read more

What Are the Best Celebrity Colognes for Men?


One of the perks of being a celebrity is that they can take advantage of their famous names by turning them into a label. Celebrities can promote their names all over the packaging of those fashionable things, namely: clothes, shoes, and perfumes. However, not many people have a good impression of that … Read more

Fabrics Used in Top Men’s Scarves


We need to wear scarves to keep ourselves warm from the biting autumn and winter chill. A scarf is a seasonal clothing item that we use only once a while every year. It may be a functional piece of clothing accessory, but it is also a good excuse to dress up and … Read more

10 Best Trench Coats for Men

Trench Coats for Men Initially designed for the army officials in the 19th century, the humble trench coat has lost its imperative military connotations and has become a fashion statement or a lot of men. The trench coats these days call to the mind of a person. The trench coat that can … Read more

10 Best Balaclava Mask Reviews


Balaclava Masks It is important to keep the body warm when we go out for winter outdoor sports. The face is also to be protected against the cold temperature and the wind which can bring the conditions like mild discomfort to the frostbite. If the face is left exposed then, it can … Read more