What to Wear on Valentine’s Day?

What to Wear on Valentine’s Day

The day of celebrating love is perhaps one of the most beautiful days of the year! We cherish some amazing moments with our loved ones making it a memorable day. One thing that has never changed in many years is the combination of Black and Red dress on Valentines’ Day.  But some … Read more

Gift Ideas for the Fashion Obsessed

Gift Ideas for the Fashion Obsessed

Giving your fashion-obsessed friend a gift can be challenging.  Fashionistas have a lot of clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories and gifting them one of those can be difficult because you’re not sure which styles and designs they already have. Giving them something unique and fashionable, like faith-based apparel, is a great idea. Aside … Read more

Fashion Trends That Never Really Go Away


Many people say that fashion is an inconsistent beast. It’s because you can opt for fashionable trends in one year, and you’ll get laughed out of the room the next. Fashion is continuously changing, and it is sometimes annoying to keep up with all the stuff that’s trendy and not. But according … Read more

How to Deal with Men’s Thick, Curly Hair?


Curly hair has been a dilemma over the past many years. With growing importance towards men’s grooming, it is quite reasonable to ask, “How Should I Deal with My Curly Hair?”. While many men seem to like the curly hair such as rockstars, many others simply hate them because it restricts your … Read more

What Was the Most Popular Sneaker in the 90s?


The ’90s was a stylish era for many reasons, especially in the aspect of footwear. The decade was crazy for sneakers – From Air Jordans to different iterations of Nike Air Max to the Vans – many amazing shoes hit the shelves in the last decade of the 20th century, which we … Read more

Outfit Formula Ideas for Winter Wear

Outfit Formula Ideas for Winter Wear

Every winter, aside from the struggle of getting up from bed, another challenge that most of us face is putting together the perfect winter outfit. It’s kind of challenging to think of what winter clothes to wear every day. Sometimes it’s even time-consuming to go through all your winter clothing just to … Read more

Guide to Swimsuit and Bikini Materials and Fabrics


By nature, swimsuits and bikinis are the most straightforward items of clothing out there. If you look good in it and it doesn’t give you any wardrobe malfunction, consider it mission accomplished. But since it tows the line between fashion and utility, swimsuits have a hidden layer of complexity. A quality swimsuit … Read more

Affordable Swimsuit Brands


People can spend so much money while browsing through the racks of their favorite brands. For them, if you like something, there is no need to check and fret over the price tag. They probably never regret it – but a lot of people do. They cannot be as thrifty when spending … Read more

The Softest Satin Nightwear


Today, there are many different types of nightclothes that people wear. Some wear pajama sets with long sleeves, while others choose shorts or dresses. These pieces of clothing are also made using different materials, and one of those is satin. Satin is known to be a soft, shiny fabric that is usually … Read more

Cool Walnut Watches


Walnut is a beautiful and strong wood that is commonly used for making dining tables, headboards, fireplace mantels and other furniture. Its color can range from chocolate brown to yellowish brown. It can take intricate carving, that’s why it’s also commonly used for making jewelry such as watches. Here are some beautiful … Read more

Stylish Bamboo Necklaces


Bamboo isn’t just a pretty wood you use as an accent to your garden or as material to your floors and walls. There are so many creative uses for it, and you can also find it used as jewelry. If you’re looking for a unique wooden necklace, you can choose ones made … Read more

Ebony Wood Rings for Men and Women


Known for its distinct black or dark brown color and high density, ebony is a highly prized wood variety. Ebony has a lot of purposes, including furniture, wall paneling, musical instruments, tool handles and even jewelry. It’s a very durable material and dense enough to sink in water, making it a good … Read more

Beautiful Rosewood Bracelets


Rosewood refers to a number of richly hued timbers that often exude a light, pinkish color, but it can be found in different hues. It’s common in many areas in the world, as it is used to make furniture, boats, musical instruments, agricultural tools, jewelry and more. But in India, it is … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Hair Jewelry

The Ultimate Guide to Hair Jewelry

Hair jewelry is trending, and here is guide to help you cope up with the latest vogue! What else do you know about hair jewelry besides a couple of elastics or a twisty towel? It’s high time to upgrade your knowledge about hair accessories when all trendsetters are already stocking up extraordinary … Read more