The Ultimate Guide to Eyeshadows

Women love to enhance their eyes with various eyeshadows because they are their most alluring body parts. Eyeshadow selection and application differ from woman to woman, but there’s a lot more to eye shadow than meets the eye.

Learn about the most prevalent types of eye shadows, their finishes, and how to apply them in the sections below. Consider this the ultimate guide to eyeshadows.

Types of Eyeshadows

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Applying, blending, and patting eye shadow (not to mention using a variety of brushes) can be difficult, but there are ways of ensuring you’re doing it correctly. While eye shadow may appear intimidating at first, it isn’t as difficult as you believe.

Of course, the first step is to figure out what goods you prefer and what look you feel most comfortable in. So, let’s dissect different eye shadow textures, so you know what you’re up against.

Cream Eyeshadow

Cream eye shadows are among the simplest items to apply because they can be done with your fingertips and do not require any special tools. When cream textures are warmed, they become softer and blend better, making them simple to apply to your eyelid with your finger and go on with your day. Some creams come in stick, matte, pot, or sparkly forms and can be used as a color enhancer or base alone or under powder eye shadow.

Powder Eyeshadow

Powder shadows are the most prevalent type of shadow, and most powder shadow palettes have two or more hues to pick from. If you prefer to stick to one hue, single powder eye shadows are also available, but palettes can be a lot of fun. This is where you may let your inner artist loose and play around with different colors.

Powder shadows come in a variety of finishes, including sparkly and matte.

Liquid Eyeshadow

Liquid eyeshadows often have a creamy, liquid texture that dries to a powdery finish, so you’re getting the best of both types. They usually come with a wand or doe-foot applicator, making the application quick and precise.

The Most Frequently Used Eye Shadow Finishes


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There’s a great eye shadow finish for any situation, believe it or not.


These eye shadows don’t have any shimmer or shine to them. This finish is great when you want to create a natural look or add definition to your eyes.


These eye shadows, which have a hint of sparkle, are ideal for bringing out the color in your eyes. Use a nude or white shimmer shadow on the inner corners and under brows to further enhance your features.


The sheen of these smooth creams and powders is delicate, sliding midway between matte and shimmer. A wash of gently sparkling color can easily accentuate the eyes.

Different Eyeshadows You Can Try

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The Cut Crease

This is a very popular eye makeup look because, no matter what eye shape you have, you can make any eye shape look more open by utilizing this approach. To show the distinction between your eyelid and crease, use a darker shadow and don’t blend it as much as possible.

When you are using contrasting eye shadow colors, everything appears to be much more defined, and you can give the impression that your eyes are broader. Choose your color palette and define the crease with a darker shadow than the one on your lid, blending in a back-and-forth motion to hollow down the crease. It’s best to use a brush with a tapered end for the crease because it blends the best and leaves the least shadow fallout.

The Smokey Eye

The most common misunderstanding about the smokey eye is that it takes hours to master, which is completely false. Among the simplest methods to achieve this look is to line the top and bottom of the eyes with a soft gel waterproof eyeliner, smudging the liner with a brush or your finger as you go. This adds the smudgy smoke appearance instantly and takes less than a minute.

The next step is to softly dust a darker color powder or cream shadow over the eyeliner and blend it out with your brush until you achieve the desired dramatic effect. Not only can a smoky eye be black or brown, but it may also be any color you like. To tie the look together, apply two coats of mascara.

The Monochromatic Eye

This eye makeup look takes seconds to put together because it’s just one wash of color on the lid and doesn’t involve much blending or mixing of hues. You can go for a bright or striking blue color or keep it neutral by coordinating the blush and lip color in the same tones to create a monochromatic effect.

Apply a powder or cream shadow on the lid and blend outwards until you’re satisfied with the look. To create a gradient look, softly extend the color to the brow bone.

How to Put Eyeshadow On

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Applying eyeshadow is a simple process. However, knowing how to apply eye makeup correctly is no easy chore. Is it essential to have ten different makeup brushes? How do you select the perfect hue for your skin tone and eye color?

We understand how simple it is to become perplexed about making your eyes pop, so we made a five-step guide to show you just how to deal with all those eyeshadows.

Begin With High-quality Makeup Brushes

Popular artists don’t finger paint, as it’s much more difficult to produce a masterpiece without the right tools. It’s also true when it comes to applying makeup.

Invest in a few fine cosmetic brushes for a precise, even, and hygienic makeup application. Fortunately, you can acquire incredible ones without spending your entire paycheck. Synthetic brushes are usually preferred over natural-fiber brushes since they are easier to clean, less expensive, and allergy-friendly.

Apply a Base Eyeshadow on the Lid

Grab your preferred eyeshadow palette and spread your chosen base shade across your eyelid with your makeup brush. You may take this foundation color up to your brow bone for a more dramatic smokey eye or end at the crease for a more basic, everyday look, depending on the effect you’re looking for.

In the latter situation, here’s a failsafe trick: when your eyes are open, place the color in the eye’s crease and work your way down to the lash line. You’ll never overshoot your crease or wind up with sloppy lines this way.

Concentrate Darker Eyeshadow in the Eye Crease

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Because dark hues attract light, using a darker tone of eyeshadow in the eye crease makes your eyes pop by adding dimension and depth in just the right place.

Dip a domed brush into a dark eyeshadow and sweep it down the eye socket, following the curve of your eye between your brow bone and eyelid to achieve the appearance. No matter your eye color, a rich brown shade is universally appealing.

If you have hooded eyes, the upper lid covers most of your movable lid when your eyes are open. That means you’ll have to try out different, higher crease shadow locations because if you apply along with the eye socket, the color will fade when you open your eyes.

Instead, start with your eyes open and utilize your brush to draw a line where you want the dark hue to appear. Close your eyes and blend across your lids, smoothing out any harsh lines and focusing pigment in a “V” shape on the furthest corner of your eye.

Use a Super-dark Color to Rim Your Lash Lines

Properly placed eyeliner can make your lashes appear fuller. If you don’t like eyeliner, a super-dark eyeshadow can provide you with a comparable effect (and is easier to remove!). Administer the dark color with a flat, short-bristled brush around your upper eyelid’s margin, where your eyelashes start, and down your lower lash line.

If you like lining your waterline (the innermost rim of your eye), the bristles may hurt your eye, so sketch this line with one of our favorite waterproof eyeliners.

Using a Pretty Shimmery Shadow as a Highlight

Apply a sparkly pale pencil or eyeshadow immediately under your brow to make them sparkle and create lift. To light up things even further, apply the same pearly light color to the eye’s inner corner. Place a few coats of your favorite mascara to finish, and you’re good to go.

The Right Eyeshadows for Your Eyes


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Eyeshadows are one of the most popular eye makeup choices among women. So, let’s go over this guide to finding the best eyeshadows for your eye color. And while you’re at it, check out this guide to denim jeans too!

Eyeshadow for Green Eyes

Only 2% of the world’s population has green eyes, so if you’re rocking those emerald jewels, you’re clearly in the (very desirable) minority.

Given your rarity, you may not have been able to find much material on green eye makeup tips and techniques, such as how to choose the right eyeshadow for green eyes and which colors would make your green eyes shine.

Fortunately, green-eyed beauties, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest makeup for you!

Because red is the polar opposite of green on the color wheel, you’ll want to choose shades with reddish undertones to make your green eyes pop. Garnet, bronze, amethyst, and aubergine are all good choices.

Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

Do you realize how the correct attire in the right setting may enhance your appearance and make you feel like the unrivaled celebrity you are? On the other hand, makeup may do the same thing when it comes to bringing your blue eyes to life!

However, your blue eyes can draw attention away from certain cosmetic choices. We’re not here to lecture you on stringent cosmetics “do’s and don’ts,” but if your ultimate goal is to make your lovely blue eyes shine brighter than Ariana Grande’s skin, pay attention to the advice on how to make blue eyes sparkle!

Blue eyes are, without a doubt, mesmerizing! From sea-blue to cool-grey, it’s an eye color that can flirt, smolder, and smoke, but only if you dress them up appropriately!

That’s right, the secret to making blue eyes pop is hidden inside the eyeshadow, wherein just one shade lighter, colder, darker, or cooler may make all the difference. Earth-toned eye shadows complement blue eyes like orange, bronze, red, and plum.

Eyeshadow for Black Eyes


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Black eyes are the most common eye color globally, accounting for between 55 and 79% of the population. Black is made up of a mixture of all primary hues, giving you an endless palette to select from when it comes to lipsticks, eyeshadows, and complexion treatments.

Brown, golden, and neutral tones would be the ideal match for black eyes. You may accentuate the effect by using black winged eyeliner, and you’ll get the entire eye look!

Almost every makeup color looks good with black eyes. If you have black eyes, consider yourself lucky because you can wear any color you choose and get away with it. Yes, you can go for a teal look one day and a pink one the next!

Darker colors, such as purples and maroons, will, on the other hand, brighten your eyes. You can use pink or burgundy colors, although browner tints better match black eyes. Dark blue, violet, and dark green are the finest hues to pair with black eyes for stronger colors.

Eyeshadows for Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes get the best of everything when it comes to color possibilities. Hazel eyes are the midway point between green and brown, implying that all families will remove tints.

Hazel irises contain gold, brown, and green dots of varied colors, so if you’re lucky enough to have this eye color, you can experiment with a range of eyeshadows depending on your mood and the dots you want to light.

Dark, smokey eyeshadows can be a little overbearing next to the hazel iris, so use rich, autumnal colors like warm golds, browns, and greens for daytime to match the changing tones of your eyes. To accent out your eyelids’ natural shimmer, dab bronze or gold on the inner corners and center.

Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are adaptable and give you a blank canvas. People with brown eyes can wear and remove almost any hue.

Warm colors, such as reddish-brown or golden, will add depth to your eyes. If you want a sultry and dramatic look, go for dark colors.

Green or pink will draw attention to the eyes and make them pop. If you pick one with metallic flecks, it will draw attention to any gold in your eyes.

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