The Guide to Styling Eyelashes

Every day, we get up and go about our daily routine, ready for the long day ahead. Style the hair, cleanse the skin, and put on makeup. 

Similar to styling your eyebrows, we all secretly want the ideal, fluttery ones when it comes to eyelashes. Still, we eventually wind up with terrible spider lashes most of the time. 

We’ve put together a guide for attaining flawless, feathery eyelashes every time so you can bid farewell to clumpy eyelashes once and for all and start with your full fashion makeover.

How to Get Perfect Eyelashes


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Condition Your Lashes

Your eyelashes, like your hair, can become damaged and dry. To avoid this, consider nourishing your lashes with moisturizer before night to produce longer, healthier lashes.

Make Use of an Eyelash Curler

This is a crucial phase. Place your eyelash curler at the root of your lashes and gently clamp down for some seconds. Maneuver the curler out a little more and lightly press down for a few seconds more. This will instantly make your eyes appear brighter and wider.

Consider Using a Primer

If your lashes are thin or weak, use a coat of lash primer before applying mascara.

Blot the Mascara Wand

Clean the mascara brush gently to remove any excess mascara. This will help to avoid clumps from forming throughout the application process.

Don’t Pump the Wand

Pumping the wand in and out of its tube is a definite method to dry out your mascara quickly. Instead, twirl the brush within the tube in circles to obtain the most mascara on the wand without drying off the liquid.

You Can Bend the Wand

Bending the mascara wand at a proper angle will allow you to access those lower and smaller inner lashes quickly.

The Wiggle Method

Begin at the lashes’ base and move the wand from left to right, instead of up and down, when applying mascara. Continue to move the wand right to the top of your lashes in a zig-zag motion. This ensures that every last inch of your lashes is coated for maximum impact.

Comb Through Your Lashes

Brush the tips of your lashes using an eyelash comb after each layer of mascara for lovely, feathery lashes.

Applying Mascara on Your Lashes

a woman applying a mascara on her lashes

Mascara Application for Beginners

You don’t have to settle for basic lashes because you’re a newbie. Grab your mascara and close your eyes after you’ve primed your lashes with some pumps of an eyelash curler.

Rather than just coating the hairs with mascara, push the wand against the base of your lashes and blink while you wriggle the brush through them. The impact of your lashes striking against the spoolie allows them to pick up more product, resulting in evenly coated lashes. And don’t be scared to get a bit messy; eyelashes this thick and full are worth the extra effort.

How to Apply Several Coats of Mascara

The quantity of coats you apply to your lashes depends entirely on the effect you want. Stick to one coat for a more natural look—layer on two or more applications for thicker, fuller, more dramatic lashes.

A simple technique to ensure they don’t look too spidery or clumpy? With each layer, change up your mascara formula.

Mascara Application on Lower Lashes

Don’t panic if you want that extensive lash look but don’t have a lot of bottom lashes to coat in mascara. Before applying mascara, use a fine-tip liquid liner to make tiny dots between the strands along your lash line. Wiggle your mascara through the bottom lashes after the marks are in place.

The dots and the mascara combination will instantly give your bottom lashes a more extensive look that looks surprisingly natural.

How to Avoid Mascara Smudging on Your Eyelids

Mascara smudges may be all too familiar if you’ve been blessed with lashes that reach your under-eye area or your eyelid. Before applying mascara, apply a small amount of setting powder to the tips of your lashes where they meet your skin. The powder will act as a barrier as you apply your mascara and, more notably, will absorb excess oils that may cause blurring later.

Eyelash Extensions


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Eyelash extensions are becoming increasingly popular among women because of their convenience (imagine not applying mascara daily) and aesthetic appeal. However, if you’ve never had your lashes extended before, take the time to read these things to remember before having extensions. If you’ve decided to get eyelash extensions somehow or want to alter the style of your extensions, we’ve got the guide for you.

Eyelash Extensions Types

Real Mink Eyelash Extensions

Real mink is a gorgeous material that celebrities love. These authentic mink fur lash extensions provide a light, natural, and airy appearance. Because of its lightness, this material lasts longer than synthetic materials.

However, natural mink lashes are some of the most expensive materials, and you must curl them regularly because they do not come curled. If you’re allergic to animal fur, you may experience redness or irritation.

Main Characteristics of Mink Lash Extensions

  • Crafted from animal fur
  • Expensive
  • Natural and light
  • Curling is required, and some at-home upkeep
  • When damp, you may lose the curl

Check to see if the fur was acquired in a cruelty-free manner for these and any other eyelashes made of animal fur. Are you unsure? We advocate using fake fur and synthetic materials to be on the risk-free side.

Sable Eyelash Extensions

Sable extensions are handcrafted from genuine sable fur. Sables are a type of animal found in Siberia, Russia, and portions of Asia. These eyelash extensions are made of the thinnest material available and work well with thin lashes.

Sable lashes provide a wispy appearance and will not clog your natural lashes. Because sable lashes aren’t as common as mink lashes, you’ll have to ask around for them.

Main Characteristics of Sable Lash Extensions

  • The thinnest option
  • Wispy
  • Excellent for thin lashes
  • Curling is required, and some at-home upkeep.
  • It is not extensively used

Fox Eyelash Extensions

close up shot of a woman eye’s right eye with an eyelash extension

Like the previous two, Fox lash extensions are created from fox fur. These lashes are naturally reddish, like fox fur, but they are also available in different colors. Fox fur lashes are silky and shiny. These, like sable lashes, are not extensively used and must be curled.

Main Characteristics of Fox Lash Extensions

  • It is not extensively used
  • Reddish and soft
  • Curling is required, and some at-home upkeep

Faux Animal Fur Eyelash Extensions

If you don’t want to use actual fur lashes, you can use a fake version. Faux mink is a widely known lash artist material.

Faux lashes are fantastic since they are glossier than genuine fur, come in various designs, and there is no risk of animals being harmed. Depending on the brand, you may not need to curl them as frequently or at all.

Faux animal fur lashes are often more dramatic than actual ones, so consider that when deciding on a look.

Main Characteristics of Faux Animal Fur Lash Extensions

  • Easy to care for
  • Dramatic
  • Produced with synthetic materials
  • Affordable
  • Shinier than genuine fur

Synthetic Silk Eyelash Extensions

Silk extensions are not created from natural silk but synthetic materials derived from silk fiber. They are a mid-weight extension that is thicker than other varieties.

Because of the extra weight, these extensions are best suited for persons with thick eyelashes. Synthetic silk lash extensions retain their natural appearance while appearing bolder than other types.

Main Characteristics of Synthetic Silk Lash Extensions

  • Affordable
  • Maintains a curl
  • Greater in thickness than other types
  • Dramatic
  • Complete appearance

Lash Thickness


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The more lashes you have, the more striking your look will be. Before you go overboard with the thickness, keep in mind that lash extensions are intended to last a long time.

Thick lashes also add to the weight of your natural lashes. If your lashes are weak or thin, you may wind up hurting your natural lashes. If you are concerned about breakage or weight, speak with your lash technician.

You may also notice particular lashes labeled “3D” or “2D” – this refers to the dimensions of the lashes. Eyelash extensions are employed in the form of fans or clusters. A fan with two lashes is referred to as “2D,” a fan with three lashes is “3D,” and so on.

A typical fan only has one dimension. As long as you grasp how sizes progress, you don’t need a comprehensive comprehension of lash dimensions.

Lash Length

The lengthier you go, the bolder the look you’ll obtain, much like thickness. Long extensions appear the most natural on long natural lashes.

The length of your curl is also essential. Longer lashes are required for an intense curl so that it stands out. The lashes shown below are just examples of lengths, although you can receive lashes longer or shorter.

Curl Varieties

Curls can be added to lash extensions in a variety of styles. We categorize these curls by letter, and there are numerous varieties to try. Curls, in particular, differ by brand and salon, so use this chart as a reference point to see what you like.

Unlike length and thickness, curl types do not have a zero-to-one scale. Instead, the shape of each curl type defines it. We’ll go over the most prevalent curls in more detail below.

J: This curl appears to be extremely natural. It’s ideal if you merely want greater volume without any added drama. It is straight with a minor bend near the end.

B: These curls resemble J curls but have more curls at the tip. This curl is ideal for creating a natural appearance that lifts your lashes slightly.

C: When opposed to the preceding varieties, C curls are less straight and have more of a curve. This curl elevates your lashes and draws attention to your eyes.

D: This kind has a lot stronger curl and is much more striking. Your lashes will be curled and have a beautiful volume to match.

L: Because of its boldness, this is commonly referred to as the “Barbie curl.” This curl begins with a straight base and curls up quickly. It’s ideal and dramatic if you desire bold lashes all the time.

There are also other styles of curls available. Some salons offer a mix of these and different curls. You don’t need to recognize the specific type of curl you want when you go to your session.

Eyelash Styles and Shapes

a woman posing with eye makeup and eyelash extensions

Individual lashes differ significantly. These several types of eyelash extensions work together to create various styles and shapes. The names of these styles and forms vary considerably between brands and salons. Many salons design their looks.

You can choose a natural style that compliments your natural lashes or a dramatic shape that opens up and lifts your eyes. We’ll go over several of the most frequent styles below.

Cat: A cat shape lengthens your eye by placing longer lashes to the outside of your eye. If you want a mysterious and smoldering vibe, try this style.

Doll: Doll shapes emphasize the opening of your eyes by bringing longer lashes to the center of your eye. On smaller eyes, this looks fantastic.

Natural: This shape is exactly what the name implies: natural. This style accentuates your natural lashes without altering their length or form significantly.

Open: Doll and open shapes are similar in appearance, and the terms are occasionally used interchangeably. A dramatic, lengthier lash in the center of your eye is characteristic of an open look.

Squirrel: This look adds thicker lashes beneath your brow arch. A squirrel shape is an excellent substitute for a cat-eye. It looks ideal if your brow shape has a naturally high arch.

Eyelash Colors

Finally, you can experiment with different eyelash colors. You can use your natural lash color, a bit darker or lighter tint, or some bright colors.

It’s not as dramatic as you may imagine adding a few colored lashes. The appropriate hues can enhance your eye color and make it stand out.

Eyelash Application Styles


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Lash technicians apply eyelash extensions in a variety of ways. Each salon has its technique, cost, and appointment length. You may also be unable to select an application. We’ll go over the most prevalent ones in this section.

Classic Application

When your lash technician applies individual lash extensions to every one of your existing lashes, this is referred to as a classic application. This technique is usually utilized to achieve natural-looking results. Classic applications will cost you slightly less than other options.

Volume Application

Volume applications entail applying numerous lash extensions to every lash. Different dimensions (2D, 3D) are used in this procedure.

Hybrid Application

The term “hybrid application” refers to a combination of volume and traditional application. Your lash technician will apply a combination of numerous lash extensions and individual lash extensions.