Men’s Guide to Using Silver Fashion Jewelry

Most guys find jewelry perplexing, and it’s simple to see why. Because of decades of limited market offerings, the word “man jewelry” has an ugly stigma attached to it. Unless a man desired to be defined by an assertive, bold piece of chain metal, the only options were a watch and a wedding band—end of the story.

However, men’s jewelry can significantly enhance your sense of style—as long as you wear it correctly. While ladies may pull off a set of diamond stud earrings with an excessively bulky necklace and a sleeve of dangling braided bracelets, guys should follow different guidelines.

The less you have going on in most broad contexts you’re likely to encounter every day—like the gym, your office, or hanging out with your friends—the better. Too much jewelry, especially bedazzled jewelry, can be distracting, extravagant, and unprofessional.

Here, we break down the various forms of silver jewelry for men and explain how to wear each of them, where and when to wear them, and the top styles to look for to look your best. An all-encompassing rule for men’s jewelry applies to all the following categories: keep in mind to match your metals. That implies a silver watch should complement the color of your ring, shoe ornamentation, and belt buckle.

We all have to begin somewhere, and fortunately for you, wearing jewelry does not have to be complicated or expensive. We’re here to show you how to do it well with this guide so that you can add a new depth to your unique style as well.

Types of Silver Jewelry for Men


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Here’s a guide on how men can style jewelry and what pieces to hunt for to aid you with your next jewelry buy.

The Watch

Most men will want to invest in a couple of good timepieces: one for daily use and one for more formal occasions—and possibly a smartwatch instead of or in addition to those. A watch is most likely the most frequently worn piece of jewelry in a man’s attire, and when worn correctly, it can quickly boost his suit. Numerous watch types and models are available, ranging from formal wear to everyday wristwear.

Here are some broad guidelines to follow: it’s customary to wear a watch on the opposite arm from which you write so that it doesn’t interfere with your movements. Also, make sure it fits properly; you don’t want it to hang down your arm or appear to be cutting off your circulation.


A basic silver stainless steel watch is versatile enough to be worn regularly. When it comes to everyday timepieces, you have more wiggle room in terms of aesthetics. That means a heavy, round face with some decoration, such as a subdial or date window, and a textured bezel with a semi-busy band can lend a macho punch.


Given that we’re in the twenty-first century, this wouldn’t be a watch guide if we didn’t include a smartwatch. As long as your notifications don’t start pinging during meetings, a smartwatch, such as the Apple Watch or other types, can pass for a regular watch. But that’s all there is to it.

A watch shouldn’t clash with everything else you’re wearing; rather, it should enhance it, so if you’re good at designing ensembles, go for silver metal options, which are always safe.

Dressy Watch

When it comes to a particular occasion, such as a first date or a wedding, you will want your timepiece to stand out—generally, the simpler the timepiece, the more formal the look.

But you don’t have to wear a Rolex to look the part. Instead, choose a timepiece that best reflects its elegant elegance. This means a medium-sized face with macho numbers (such as roman numerals), minimal details (such as a designer name and dial), and an overall beautiful silver-tone style.

The Bracelet

a man holding something over his shoulder wearing a silver bracelet

This is where men’s jewelry differs substantially from women’s. Avoid silver bracelets with charms or pendants, especially those with an enormous, bulky design. This piece of jewelry is an additional accent that should enhance, rather than overshadow, your clothing.

You can’t go wrong with a silver metal bracelet in a single band or, at most, a double wrap, whether you’re wearing a suit or a tank. These are simple touches that will provide just the right edge to a rather simple ensemble.

The Earrings

Earrings are quite noticeable; therefore, you should double-check your dress code before jumping on this trend if you work in a corporate environment. If you decide to give it a shot, start with a tiny gauge in silver tones and make sure you wear it in both ears with the colors matching. If you obtain a size 00, the skin will not permanently stretch and will return to its natural shape if you decide to remove them later.

The Necklace

With this one, keep it simple and traditional. A short and thin silver chain isn’t too flashy and will appear effortlessly great when coupled with a plain t-shirt. And while you can tuck them beneath your shirt, we recommend keeping necklaces minimal or wearing them in more understated settings.

Silver Box Chain Necklace

A basic silver chain is a men’s standard that will hit right at your sternum on most guys and is thin enough to wear over your shirt with confidence or to slide right beneath your shirt, adding just a glimmer of intrigue.

The Rings


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Apart from a wedding band, which you should always wear to symbolize your commitment, there are specific ways to wear rings—and designs to keep to—if you want to pull it off with some swagger genuinely. Limit yourself to a single-band ring in sterling silver or two-tone hue with a simple design and minimum sparkle if you work in a corporate atmosphere, and don’t wear it on your left hand’s ring finger if you’re not married or engaged.

If you’re tempted to go bigger, consider a stacked style (three or more rings distributed across many fingers or on one finger) to wear in a casual situation. Be sure to embrace the look with confidence that people want to imitate you.


Cufflinks are used to keep the cuffs of a dress shirt in place and are most typically seen on French cuff dress shirts. That being stated, you should only wear this piece of jewelry for more formal situations. While it is an expensive affair that necessitates formal clothes, the links are little and come in various styles that can show your style—and perhaps your personality.

Some styles are appropriate for any friend or family-related event, but if you’re unsure about wearing them to a work-related event, don’t. Stick to basic, classy forms such as silver links in round or square shapes with a small detail/design and avoid diamond-studded decorations in strange shapes such as a skull. Also, as a general rule, knots are less fancy, and metal cufflinks in precious metals are posher while remaining masculine.

The Lapel Pin

the torso of a man wearing an eagle-shaped lapel pin with a chain

Lapel pins are typically connected with politicians, but the majority of them have a variety of various associations (ranging from personal to style-related to work-related) and come in a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns that you should wear on the lapel of a jacket. Keep it small and make sure it doesn’t clash with any other accessories you’re wearing, such as a pocket square.

Choose a silver flower or feather motif if you’re wearing it for fashion. If you’re going to an event that promotes a cause you strongly believe in, such as animal rights, wear something that embodies it, such as a dog pin. Aside from that, avoid them on a date or at work.

Tie Chain or Tie Clip

A tie chain is a horizontal clip that goes over the top of the tie and attaches beneath the shirt to protect your tie from flying around. Because this piece of jewelry is so small, you can experiment with different ways to wear it.

It’s usually safe to go with a classic, sophisticated silver alternative, but consider a fun clip with a quirky personal meaning, like a sport or animal; it’s fun but can also be worn to work. Just make sure it coordinates with the rest of your ensemble.

What Is the Purpose of Men’s Jewelry?


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A beautiful piece of jewelry is like a good friend: it lasts a long time, is dependable, and brings out the best in you. It is the icing on the cake that ties everything together and distinguishes you.

It can also be used as a significant token, allowing you to convey a part of your personality or carry importance with it.

A tiny amount of jewelry can go a long way; even one or two well-chosen pieces may drastically elevate your style game. If your go-to button-up and jeans outfit look a touch stale, a bracelet or necklace can refresh the look.

Consider jewelry to be another component of your male wardrobe.

What to Look for When Shopping for Men’s Jewelry

It’s the same as shopping for a button-down shirt. It all comes down to what you gravitate toward and connect with. Don’t overthink things.

Choose versatile pieces and offer an appealing touch to your everyday appearance. In terms of cost-per-wear, a ring, bracelet, or necklace that won’t overshadow your 9-5 appearance while also adding a stunning accent to your weekend attire is worth the spend. It will become a distinctive accessory that complements your style.

That is what makes jewelry unique. You can wear it for years and enjoy a variety of experiences and memories while doing so. It has gone through a lot with you and has practically become a part of you.

What Are the Advantages of Wearing Silver Jewelry?


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Humans have been searching for therapeutic powers in gemstones and minerals since ancient times. A simple Google search will yield a plethora of information on the health benefits of silver. It’s not difficult to discover jewelry with magical properties, ranging from mood rings for fun to amulets designed to fend off certain perils.

Silver, as a metal, provides tremendous health benefits that have been used for generations throughout cultures. It has a proven track record as a potent antibacterial agent that fights infection and aids in flu and cold prevention, wound healing, and other applications.

Silver also aids in the circulation and regulation of internal heat. Many people have reported improved energy levels and mood balance after wearing silver, which has natural qualities that may offset outside electrical disturbances, enhance circulation and general body temperature balance, and assist in preserving immunity and cleanliness.

Silver has an ancient legacy of sterilization and antibiotics, with many guys wearing silver jewelry to ward off cold/flu symptoms, infection, and any other bacteria, virus, etc. One reason why so many manufacturers opt to build medical gadgets and tools out of silver is for this health benefit. Silver is also said to keep our blood vessels supple, allowing it to aid in bone healing and development and skin repair and upkeep.

Finally, silver has a direct practical benefit in avoiding potentially harmful substances. Silver reacts and changes color when it comes into contact with many other recognized poisons.

For example, if you wear your silver jewelry for an extended time and it turns blue, this could signal high salt levels in your body. Seeing a piece of blue silver jewelry may act as a reminder to limit salty snacks!

a man in deep thoughts wearing rings

Some people go beyond jewelry to get the benefits of silver’s health benefits. Some people, for example, use silver-lined gloves while typing on a laptop to interrupt the transmission of electronic signals from technology into the body or silver-lined sleep masks to get a better night’s sleep.

Fashion designers have even begun to investigate the idea of putting this valuable metal into clothing fabrics so that people might benefit from the numerous health benefits of silver daily.

Whatever jewelry you choose and however you decide to wear it, you must choose something that you truly love and can wear daily with ease. A piece of jewelry reflects your life’s travels, journeys, and important occasions, giving it priceless sentimental worth.

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