The Ultimate Guide to Mini Skirts – Types, Styles, and How to Wear Them

Skirts are a feminine statement. You may wear them anyplace, whether you’re going out, to the office, or shopping, and they’ll always highlight your best features.

Mini skirts are perfect for you if you love to show off your legs! Those who do not want to expose too much skin can wear stockings underneath (net stockings are in trend right now). So forge ahead and stock up on these skirts that you can wear for both casual and semi-formal occasions.

This ultimate guide discusses the various types of mini skirts and how to dress them.

The Origins of Mini Skirts


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The mini skirt was first shown in a window of the iconic London boutique “Bazaar” in 1963, courtesy to Mary Quant, the British designer credited with the invention of the mini skirt and who predicted the birth of English street style.

After a debate with tailor André Courrèges over the development of the mini skirt, the designer said that the street itself invented the garment and that neither she nor her colleague deserved credit. Many people believed André Courragès’ scissors held the key to the future in the 1960s. Miniskirts, bodysuits, geometric lines, pop art, vinyl, completely white, and plastic fabrics are the most distinguishing characteristics of those developments that we now see all over the fashion industry.

The “Courrèges effect” was all over the place. Yves Saint Laurent stated that this couturier’s example inspired him to produce less traditional clothing in 1965. Balenciaga himself shortened the rims of his shoes by 10 cm at the time, driven by his disciple’s inventive style and the irreversible change in contemporary fashion.

Mini skirts began as colorful and geometrically squared garments, but they became shorter and more transgressive as time passed. The tailor’s merit was that he took the time to consider the needs of the working lady, who demanded simplicity, comfort, and mobility. Indeed, the profession of seeking a manner of life and dressing made easier via design was wonderfully expressed in these new skirts, which were marked by a futuristic aspect.

The motto was to keep things simple to achieve maximum seductiveness and comfort.

the back of a woman standing in a field wearing a mini skirt

Celebrities such as Jackie Kennedy, Twiggy, and Brigitte Bardot began to wear the new item as if it were a uniform, and they became the face of his innovation, which signified the end of an age distinguished by conservationism and sexual modesty.

Designers such as Prada and Dolce & Gabbana created entire collections around the mini skirt in the 1990s, confirming its relevance and making it a symbol of the era.

Not everyone, however, was enthralled by this new and divisive clothing, which was defined by sartorial rationality. In reality, opponents saw the skirt as a symbol of the homogenization of the woman object rather than a sign of independence. Coco Chanel regarded the mini skirt as “simply terrible.”

It’s no surprise that the past keeps reappearing in the present: in fashion, courses have almost cyclical frequencies, and the inspiration from the 1960s that we’re discussing today is linked to the sensational awakening of the necessity for freedom in the way of dressing, a characteristic that reappears with more audacity and aggression than ever before.

Today’s mini skirt has a totally different meaning than it did in the past when it was a casual combination of generational strife, materialism, and taboo-breaking. The fact that this clothing is made of suede, denim, satin, leather, or lace signifies a status symbol and a fashion trend to be sought beyond any critical sense; it is no longer the garment that is essential, but the way it is worn because style is created by attitude.

Mini Skirts in Different Styles


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A-Line Mini Skirt

Crop shirts look excellent with a-line mini skirts, as they draw attention to your legs while making your waist appear smaller. This mini skirt goes well with flowery crop tops or tucked-in t-shirts, as well as matching heels.

Layered Mini Skirt

These are ideal for romantic dates! You may wear layered mini skirts with nearly anything, but they look especially good with heels and spaghetti strap tops.

Pleated Mini Skirt

Pleated skirts are appropriate for both semi-formal and formal events. It can, however, be worn to a casual daytime function. You may pair them with long-sleeved shirts or attractive blouses, and you can experiment with your footwear by pairing them with block heels or ballet flats.

Pencil Mini Skirt

Solid-colored pencil skirts are also appropriate for formal occasions. If you want to experiment with stripes or other patterns, you can always pair them with solid-colored full-sleeve shirts or plain-colored crop tops.

Wrap Mini Skirt

Wrap mini skirts are hot right now and are extremely fashionable! They’re ideal for a laid-back style and can be paired with just about anything. For a more laid-back vibe, opt for ballerina flats or sneakers.

Mini Skirts: How to Wear Them

a headless picture of a woman wearing a green mini skirt above leggings

Mini skirts are so versatile that you may wear them with various outfits and shoes. Having a variety of mini skirts might help you glam up your outfit. This guide will demonstrate how to style several mini skirt outfits. There’s a style for everyone, from fabric to denim.

Begin to think about these essentials and how they can complement your mini skirt.

Mini Skirt With Patterned Yellow Top

Summer is all about being fearless. The combination of a yellow shirt and a patterned mini skirt is vibrant and fresh. Remember to walk in your high heels.

Denim Mini Skirt and Strip Top

The mini skirt also looks great with a striped t-shirt, a summer must-have!

White Shirt and Mini Skirt With Color Blocks

If you’re wearing a white shirt on top, a vibrant bottom will help to emphasize the appearance and elongate your leg lines.

Boyfriend T-shirt and White Mini Skirt

Tucking an edge of a t-shirt into a mini skirt is really fashionable.

Pink Scalloped Skirt With Striped T-Shirt

With a mini skirt, how do you lengthen your leg lines? Tuck your t-shirt inside your skirt and put your high shoes on.

Black Mini Skirt and Tank Top

Every girl’s summer wardrobe should include black mini skirts. They’re still in style for the season, so look for them and combine them with a tank top.

Mini Skirt and Off-Shoulder Top


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You can make your outfit pale or light if you don’t want to wear bright colors. You can stand out by wearing a pair of fashionable heels.

White Mini Skirt and V-neck Top

If you’re going on vacation this summer, don’t forget to pack an item of casual clothing like this.

Pretty Mini Skirt and White Top

With a boyfriend top and a mini skirt, you may create a casual style. To achieve a laid-back look, you don’t need to tuck the t-shirt inside the skirt this time.

Grey and White Outfit

You can create a terrific appearance with a few staples!

For a fresh day, you might make a light combo. Don’t be concerned. You can add a bright jacket to your ensemble to make it stand out.

Pale Blue Mini Skirt With Deep Blue Tank Top

The color blue can be used to create a season-appropriate attire.

Green Mini Skirt and Light Top

Tank tops look well with mini skirts. You can boost your look by wearing a deep mini skirt with a light tank top.

Pink Mini Skirt and White Top

A light tank top and a light skirt are also ideal for a summer ensemble.

Suede Skirt and Green T-Shirt

With a few tiny tweaks, you can make your mini skirt look more lively. Tie the top in a knot and wear a lovely hat on a bright day.

Patterned Mini Skirt With Grey Tank Top

Mini skirts and tank tops are always a good choice for hot days.

Rules for Wearing a Mini Skirt

a girl wearing a mini skirt sitting on a metal railing

Mini lengths aren’t just for diminutive ladies or those under the age of 25—if you know how to wear them correctly, they can look polished and sophisticated on everyone. What exactly are those gimmicks, you might wonder? Here are some of our handpicked ways to wear a mini skirt stylishly.

Choose Skirts That Aren’t Too Tight or Too Flowy

What does this Goldilocks outfit look like in real life? Consider a slim-cut A-line. Too flouncy skirts (i.e., pleated or ruffled minis) can look excessively juvenile, while hip-hugging spandex or skin-tight pencil skirts are a little too sexual for day-to-day. For the perfect blend of loose and fitted, look for a mini in a somewhat structured fabric that glides away from the hips.

Don’t Make It Too Short

Your hem doesn’t have to be so high that it exposes your undergarments every time you sit down to gain the leg-lengthening effects of a mini, which is especially true for tall women. If you’re worried about displaying too much leg, look for skirts that hit approximately three inches above the knee. They’ll still appear fashionable without revealing too much skin.

Short Skirts and Long Jackets Go Together Perfectly

Cake, it turns out, knew exactly what they were talking about when they wrote “Short Skirt/Long Jacket.” The fusion of a trench coat or duster and a mini creates the sense of greater coverage without actually concealing your legs (after all, you chose a mini to show off your stems, right? ), making the outfit feel much more grown-up. You don’t have to pick a matching set to make this technique work.

It’s Always a Good Idea to Go Monochrome

Layering an off-white knit over an off-white skirt helps to lengthen your torso and keep your proportions in check despite a high hem, which is especially useful for tiny women.

Another great way to lengthen your figure? Choose boots in a hue of beige or brown near your skin tone (ideally with a low or flat heel). It will make you appear to have mile-long legs, regardless of your height.

Stick to Flat or Low-heeled Shoes


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High heels look great with a mini dress or skirt, but they’re just too much for a casual day outfit. Flat boots or shoes with a modest heel—no more than two inches—are not only more comfortable to walk in, but they also help to keep your proportions in control.

Try a Skirt Suit in a Neutral Color

A mini skirt and coordinating cropped jacket look enough like workwear to seem grown-up rather than immature, and tailoring is a surprising trend that’s popping up. This is especially true if you select dark gray, navy, or black. Wear flat loafers or flat knee-high leather boots to keep the professional feel continuing.

When in Doubt, Take the Sporty Route

Tennis skirts were very popular. They’re also quite easy to style—just throw on some white sneakers and layer on a cute crew-neck sweatshirt or athletic polo—and they look great on everyone. (For a more refined look, choose a skort with no pleats.)

Leave the Raw Hem Denim to the Youths

It is feasible to wear a denim mini as an adult, but only if the wash is dark and the detailing is precise and polished. Frayed hems, bleaching, and distressing at the pockets are all too reminiscent of high school (or at least the early 2000s) to be considered fashionable nowadays.

Keep Your Socks Short if You Want to Show Them Off

A nice option to add depth to your look is to have an ankle-height fishnet or brightly colored crew sock peek out from a pair of loafers or sneakers. On the other hand, higher socks look a lot like a school uniform when worn with a mini skirt. Unless you’re going to a Gilmore Girls costume party, keep your socks to a maximum of ankle height.

There are countless ways to wear a mini skirt outfit, and this guide will serve as an inspiration and encourage you to be more creative when it comes to how you dress these types of skirts. Short skirts are quite adaptable, and knowing how to match them is key to making the most of this trait. The most crucial things to remember are basic fashion guidelines.

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