Learn about Male Model David Gandy

London 2012 Models

David Gandy’s Greek god-like figure and seductive eyes have made him the epitome of “handsome,” but there’s more to this model than meets the eye. In addition to his good looks, Gandy is endowed with a strong sense of initiative and a consistent commitment to philanthropy. He has used his success to … Read more

What Cartoons Are Fun to Watch When Derma Rolling?

What Cartoons Are Fun to Watch When Derma Rolling

Does your weekend binge-watching cause you to neglect your skincare routine? What you feel is entirely understandable. Nothing beats relaxing in your bed and binge-watching your favorite show.  However, if you want to be more efficient, you can watch TV while doing your skincare routine, like derma rolling. Hence, here is a compilation of … Read more

What are the Different Types of Makeup Used in Hollywood?


Most women regard makeup as an essential tool in their daily beauty arsenal, which they use to improve the way they look, conceal imperfections, add color, and make them feel more confident about themselves. Yet, these cosmetics devices transcend being a mere part of a lady’s armory. In Hollywood movies, there are … Read more

Learn About the History of Cartoons

Black man in glasses rendering 3D cartoon on a computer while working in home office

Everyone’s childhood has been inextricably linked with cartoons. By stimulating their minds with color, animation, and dialogue, they can keep kids’ attention. In addition to television, cartoons have the same ability in other media as well. The abundance of illustrations in children’s storybooks is due to this. For kids, cartoons serve as … Read more

Top 5 TV Shows of the 90s

From wholesome family sitcoms to subversive cartoons, many TV Shows surfaced under the radar and rose into cult fame in the 1990s. The 90s was a transformative period for many franchises and genres of the entertainment industry. Ratings were at an all-time high, with sitcoms having laugh-out-loud moments like Friends and Seinfeld … Read more

Top 5 TV Shows of the 80s


While the advent of our decade marked the start of multiple entertaining TV Shows, sometimes it is just as pleasant to look back at content breaking barriers that premiered decades ago. For instance, in the 1980s, several TV Shows surfaced depicting high-quality production and acting. Let us have a look at the … Read more

Famous Rings in Movies and TV


Among the many accessories and pieces of jewelry, rings are probably one of the most popular, especially inmovies and television shows. Rings can be everywhere in movies and TV shows. They are sometimes used as an added accessory, or occasionally, the story revolves around them. There are also rings that became popular … Read more

Famous Watches in Movies and TV


Movies and television shows are a form of art, and they can truly create a lasting impression on both individuals and the culture as a whole. It can be via their music, imagery, themes, or most enduringly, with their style. In fact, a lot of movies and television shows have influenced people … Read more

The Best Rock and Pop T-Shirts of the 80s

Music lovers have always had strong stardom for their favorite singers and bands. From following their style trends to putting up their posters everywhere around the room, we all have done crazy things to show our love for music. Many fans also show their inspiration by wearing clothes that have their rock … Read more

25 Classic Rock T-Shirts for Everyone


Classic rock is an exemplary genre for celebrating the past and listening to the music that has inspired the present. But aside from listening to the songs of your classic rock bands and artists, another way to show your love for them and celebrate their music is by wearing classic rock-inspired t-shirts. … Read more

25 Classic Rock Books You Must Have


When you’re a fan of bands, musicians, and artists, more than listening to their songs and music, there are times when you also want to know more about them. Sometimes you wonder how they lived their lives, how they were able to come up with the wonderful and popular hits, and more. … Read more

25 Classic Rock DVDs You Don’t Want to Miss


Before, rock movies and concerts can only be watched on VHS tapes or regular television. Most of the time, the pictures of those shows can be faded, and the sounds are filled with hisses and pops. But with the advancement of technology, we can now enjoy watching our favorite classic rock bands … Read more

25 Classic Rock Backpacks You’ll Want to Carry


People who love classic rock music have many ways of showcasing their love for their favorite bands and artists. Some have been keeping copies of albums, concert tickets, t-shirts, and posters. But aside from those things, you can now find many other things that you can use to express your love and … Read more

25 Classic Rock Posters for Enthusiasts


To show our support for our favorite bands and artists, we often buy items that relate to them. For example, if you love a particular rock band, you likely have a copy of their album that you play over and over or maybe a t-shirt with their logo on it that you … Read more