Sandalwood Incense: A Tradition of Healing and Divinity

Everyone exercises their brain constantly. Nothing can function if people don’t think. As a consequence of overstimulation and overwork, your current state of mind may spell agitation and stress. Do you feel less focused and more stressed nowadays? Do you feel that you’re always exhausted, even after long naps? Perhaps having a … Read more

How to Make Sandalwood Essential Oil Blends

A cozy composition with an aroma diffuser and candlers in a home interior

There is no question that of all the essential oils, sandalwood oil is the most beneficial to the body and mind. It has a wide range of medicinal applications and can provide the necessary treatment when blended with other essential oils. It helps one think more clearly and retain more information in … Read more

Juicer Buyer Guide

different types of juicers

Juicing is a great and efficient way to extract nutrients from fruits and veggies. Consuming the juice of fruits and veggies not only adds essential nutrients to your diet but also helps the body absorb more nutrients! Though plenty of juice bars out there cater to people who want to try different … Read more

Guide to Yoga Mats

a tumblr and weights on a pink yoga mat

In contrast to many other forms of physical exercise, yoga calls for comparatively few gear. While most yoga studios have the basics available, investing in a yoga mat can make your practice much more satisfying. The original yoga mat was a far cry from the mats of today. Fifteen years ago, your … Read more

Tips for Treating a Sunburn

man whose body is buried in sun with sunburned skin on face

Vacationing at a beach in the tropics or engaging in other outdoor activities might be a fantastic way to relax, enjoy, and pass the time. But as the age-old adage goes: too much of anything is bad, which also applies to spending time under the sun. Spending too much time directly under … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Protecting your Feet at the Beach

cropped photo of a woman walking on sand on the shore leaving footprints on the sand

Are you always excited about the summer season to come? Perhaps, you may have already prepared an itinerary for your next beach getaway trip.  As part of your preparation, not only are your new bikinis and clothes packed. You’ve also included sunglasses and sunscreen for your eye and skin protection. But what … Read more

Powerful Benefits of Vitamin E Capsules

Medication capsules inside and outside a plastic medicine box 

How much do you know about Vitamin E? Vitamin E can help improve the blood flow rate in your body, which can bring about many significant advantages as well. In addition, your immune system also gets stronger, and you can see more positive effects on your body.  With continuous and regular consumption … Read more

How to Avoid Getting a Suntan in Summer and the Best Sunscreen Lotions

a girl with her head on a donut floatee lying by the swimming pool

It’s summertime, and you can finally take that extended holiday you’ve been planning; picture yourself strolling along deserted beaches while basking in the summer sun. There is nothing quite like heading to the beach after sunbathing. However, the thrill of getting a tan wears off quickly once you get home from a … Read more

Remedies to Avoid Dry Skin in Winter

portrait of a young woman outside in winter

The cold may never bother you when the winter season comes, but it will surely bother your skin. It’s no secret that the season’s low temperature and the dry air weather can wreak havoc on your skin, leaving it dry, rough, and itchy.  Even when your whole body is covered with thick … Read more

Keep Cool and Carry On – Eczema Prevention Tips for the Summertime

Woman scratching arm because it stings

If you have eczema, you know that as warmer weather arrives, flare-ups are more prevalent. Because the odds are stacked against you, breakouts like this typically manifest in conspicuous places, like the face. The appearance of eczema is not anything to be embarrassed about, but it doesn’t make it any less unsightly. … Read more

Tips for Picking a Facial Sun Cream

Studio shot of an attractive young woman posing with moisturizer on her face

Many individuals like going to the beach or hanging out in their backyards. As summer approaches, the sun’s rays will be stronger, making it more critical than ever to protect your face with good facial sun cream or sunscreen. Regardless of age, protecting your face from the sun with sun cream is … Read more

What are the benefits of scented candles?

Christmas table decoration

Many of us have been burning scented candles because of their soothing effect. Candles are a tradition in many cultures, not just as decoration but for various use. They are usually used to set the mood, create a nice ambiance, and relax. But are there real benefits to burning them? It turns … Read more

What Are the Benefits of Fiber in Your Diet?

High Fiber Foods.

Fiber is an essential part of your diet, and its importance cannot be overemphasized. We have all heard that we should eat plenty of fiber but before diving deep into the benefits of consuming fiber, let’s try to understand what exactly dietary fiber is and its role in our body so we … Read more