The Ultimate Guide to Styling Eyebrows

How often have you trimmed, plucked, stenciled, waxed, or penciled your brows yourself or had them done by someone else? When you’re in a salon, allowing a stranger to make your decisions for you, or at home, standing in front of a mirror, it isn’t easy to control the outcome of these procedures. Whether you let a professional do it or do it yourself, this ultimate guide to brow styling will give you complete control.

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Types of Eyebrows


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The way you style your brows can impact how you look because it gives you a new persona. So, before learning how to draw brows, we recommend that you first decide on the ideal brow style for your face. There are a variety of eyebrow styles to choose from.

Arched Brows

The traditional look of arched brows is ideal if you want to make a statement when you go into a place. Lower and delicate arched brows have become popular in recent years.

Curved Brows

Curved brows will give you a more youthful appearance. It’s also good for most people because it has a form comparable to natural brows.

Straight Korean Brows

Before the trend moved to rounder and flat brows, you might have seen this style on your favorite K-pop stars. However, straight Korean brows are not for everyone since it relies on your features. You can pull off this look if you have an oval or long face.

How to Choose the Right Eyebrow Shape for You

a photo of a woman’s eyes and brows

Round-shaped Face

If you have a round face, choose high arched brows to lengthen it and give the appearance of a thinner jawline.

Oval-shaped Face

People with the oval face should choose a brow style that complements their characteristics. However, it is suggested that you choose delicate angled brows.

Square-shaped Face

The forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are all the same width in a square face with angular features. To extend the face and emphasize your eyes and your brows, go for full, flat brows with a delicate raised arch.

Heart-shaped Face

A wide forehead and a pointed chin are two features that distinguish a heart-shaped face. Choose rounded and delicate brows to soften and balance the facial features.

Diamond-shaped Face

If your face is diamond-shaped, you have a narrow chin, wide cheeks, and a thin forehead. Curved brows will soften and balance the face characteristics as a result.

Long-shaped Face

Choose long, flat brows or flat curving brows with a slightly elevated arch and longer tails to give your face more width.

Techniques for Shaping Your Eyebrows


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Waxing is a terrific technique to attain those tidy brows without the pain of threading. If you’re confident enough, you can do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. A waxed brow will have sharp and clear lines, as well as a defined appearance.

Waxing your brows will endure far longer than threading or plucking them. If your brow grows back, it will be softer and thinner. Waxing, however, should be avoided if you have sensitive skin, and keep in mind that your brows will have a red ring around them once they’ve been waxed.


Threading is recommended for those who want their brows to be arched sharply. This hair removal technique uses a piece of thread to remove hair in straight lines. 

Compared to waxing or plucking, the results are considerably cleaner and remain much longer. Threading gives you a more defined brow and a much more natural-looking finish.

Microblading and Eyebrow Tattoo

These procedures may be necessary when you have naturally sparse or uneven brows and are tired of filling in the gaps with cosmetics every day.

An eyebrow tattoo will take the place of eyebrow cosmetics for the rest of your life, replacing any lost hairs. The procedure entails having your preferred brow shape tattooed in your natural color.

A brow tattoo isn’t as long-lasting as a body tattoo. Because the brow tattoo utilizes less concentrated ink and doesn’t reach as deep, it doesn’t last as long. Because the effect fades over time and finally vanishes, you’ll either require a touch-up every 12-18 months or wait for it to go completely.

Micro-pigmentation, which is done with a machine, and microblading, done by hand, are the two methods for getting brow tattoos. Both will give you a natural-looking brow, but microblading will give you a brow with thinner, wispier hairs that may appear bigger. Your artist should be sketching on individual hairs in all techniques, so don’t settle for anything less.

The procedure can be unpleasant, but it is tolerable, and you can request a numbing lotion that is not often offered for ordinary tattoos.

Brow tattoos take about a week to heal fully, and there may be some scabbing and itching during that time. You’ll also need to secure the area, which means you won’t be able to do things like go to the gym or swim.


a person plucking a woman’s eyebrow

For individuals with sensitive skin, this is the best option. This is a method that you may accomplish at home by following the natural curve of your brows. Carefully pluck just the hairs that lie below or above the brow line. Over-plucking causes brows to appear thin.

Eyebrow Tinting

Tinting works similarly to hair coloring and can last anywhere from four to eight weeks, depending on how you care for your brows. However, regular gym activities and sweat will reduce the tint’s longevity.

When the brow has retained its thickness, but the pigment of the brow hairs is fading, either naturally or as a result of damage, brow tinting is performed. It’s better than a pencil since it doesn’t look like you’re wearing makeup. Instead, you’ll have more natural-looking, uniformly pigmented brows that appear fuller and can help you look younger.

Eyebrow Extensions

Individual hairs are either bonded directly to your skin or inserted into existing hairs to create brow extensions. A specialist performs this treatment and can take many hours due to its delicate nature.

Eyebrow extensions can last around a few days to a few weeks, depending on your activity level. Hairs bonded to your skin fall out fastest, with hairs linked to your hairs surviving longer.

You should avoid rubbing your brows or sleeping on them the day of application and overnight. There are always some sacrifices made for the sake of beauty!

Eyebrow Transplants

Anyone who prefers a more permanent solution that results in eyebrow hair growth might consider a transplant.

Experts use donor hair from your head to fill in the gaps between your brows. Because the hair comes from the patient’s head, the procedure helps to create a natural and authentic look.

Because the specialist must pay particular attention to the curve, angle, and arch of all the hairs, transplanting takes roughly six hours. Depending on the desired outcomes, the doctor can transplant anywhere from 50 to 300 grafts each brow.

Make Your Eyebrows More Defined


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It’s time to define your brows now that you’ve groomed them. You can accomplish this in several methods using the guide below.

Using a Pencil

If you choose to use a pencil, choose a lighter color than your natural brow color. Begin by filling in the gaps between your brows with tiny, hair-like lines as if you were coloring them in. Choose a fine pencil to mimic the fine hairs; remember, you’re not fully reshaping your brows; you’re simply finishing them off to make them look a lot neater.

Using a Gel Liner

If your brows are frizzy or unruly, eyebrow gel is an excellent solution. There are colored gels with brushes that are ideal for combing through brows and instantly defining them.

Using Powder

Select a powder a shade lighter than your brow color once more. Create a pleasing brow shape with an angled brush and evenly distribute the powder through the hairs. Round off with a clear brow gel to keep your brows in place all day.

How to Draw Perfect Eyebrows

a woman drawing another woman’s eyebrow

Prep Your Face 

First and foremost, moisturize your face to ensure that it is hydrated and supple. Before drawing your brows, use a foundation, makeup primer, and concealer if you’re going for a full-face makeup look. After that, dust your brows with translucent powder to set the items you applied earlier and remove any extra dust with a brush.

Plot and Shape

To define the start and end of your brows, use a makeup brush or an eyebrow pencil. The quickest technique to determine the main points of your brows is to place the eyebrow pencil on the side of your nose, line it up with the brow, and make a dot where the pencil contacts the brow.

Then, with the eyebrow pencil angled toward the pupils, make a dot to outline the highest point of your brows. Next, lay the eyebrow pencil at a 45-degree angle from the side of the nose and the outer corner of the eyes to mark the end of the brows. Finally, connect the dots to create an ideal brow shape.

Complete the Brows

Brush your hair upwards with a spoolie, and if you have any additional lengths, trim them. Additionally, tweeze any hairs that fall outside the brow line. After that, fill in the brows with flicking strokes and use brow powder or eyebrow pencil to cover the sparse areas. After that, use a spoolie to blend the brows evenly.

Close the Deal

Next, use a brush to apply concealer to the brows’ outline, and finish the look by highlighting the arch of the brows with a highlighting pencil. You’re all prepared to go!

How to Make Your Eyebrows Look Perfect


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To Pluck or Not to Pluck?

Overplucking your brows is a no-no and not a good way to shape your brows. Tweeze any hairs that are further away from the brow line instead. Although we adore tweezers, overplucking the brows can be a complete disaster; therefore, it’s sometimes best to leave it to the pros to comb your brows.

Choose the Best Eyebrow Product

Well, it’s easier said than done, but bear in mind the type of look you desire or even the aim of the product. For example, a brow gel would be ideal if you only want to shape your brows subtly. Aside from that, you must select a product that matches or complements your hair color, and you can do so by going a shade lighter or darker.

Make a Flicking Motion With Your Hand

To ensure that the little hair brows are replicated, use flicking strokes when filling the brows. Make sure to fill the brows in the same direction as the hair grows. Furthermore, brushing your brows before filling them is essential so that you can identify any spots or sparse areas that require more touch-up.

Blend It to Perfection

It’s not only about filling and sculpting your brows to make them look great; blending is as vital. You should avoid any demarcating lines because they can appear artificial and harsh. So, use an eyebrow pencil to fill in the brows and a spoolie to diffuse and blend the color to perfection.

Go for Concealer Below the Brows

To naturally enhance your brows, we recommend using concealer. Although some people love highlighter, it can draw too much attention to the brows’ arches.

Avoid Overextending the Tails

a close-up of a woman’s eye and brow with flowers under her eye

Overextending lines on the tails provide a droopy, sorrowful appearance. So, when does it become too much, you might wonder. Take a brow pencil and line it diagonally at the nostril, ensuring that it lines up with the side of your eye.

Groom and Shape the Brows

This is the most crucial step before filling or having your brows done. You can tweeze any stray hairs or schedule an appointment with a professional if you’re too lazy.

Avoid Pointy Arches

Perfectly arched brows are a girl’s fantasy, but if they’re drawn excessively pointed, they might give off a perplexed or astonishing appearance. So, if you don’t want to overdo the arches, here’s a tip to keep in mind.

Holding a brow pencil against your nostril, align it at the middle of your eyes, and it will point to where you should draw the arch. After that, brush the brows downward with a spoolie and apply a brow product to create a peak at the natural arch. Use a spoolie to brush the brows for a natural effect to finish.

Apply It From the Center

Always begin darkening from the center of your brows rather than the outside, as this can result in an intense and unnatural effect. The trick is to begin at the arch and work your way to the inner border of your brows; this way, you’ll use the least amount of product at the beginning of your brows, making it look more natural. After that, apply it to the brows’ tails.

Make Use of a Brow Stencil

When it comes to developing properly defined eyebrows, an eyebrow stencil comes in helpful. You can purchase any eyebrow stencil to avoid darkening and shaping outside the natural brow line.

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