Style Guide to Loafers for Women

Close-up photo of fashionable women in orange sweater and beige dress holding in hands checkered coat and beige suede shoes

The loafer has always been about style and function since its inception in the 1900s. Loafers are slip-on shoes with no laces, typically made of suede or leather materials. They were originally designed for men’s wear but later found their way into the hearts of women as well. This versatile shoe is … Read more

Style Guide to Wearing Leather Mini Skirts and Dresses

Woman holding many colorful bags. Shopping. Fashion image.

Once associated with the cold weather months alone, leather has become a year-round staple in our wardrobe in recent seasons, despite being a perennial favorite in terms of hero pieces and stylish outfits. We’re now entering a leather-centric season with iconic leather pieces like dresses and mini skirts, which means investing in … Read more

Style Guide to Loafers for Men

Men fashion black shoes leather

Loafers are the epitome of refined, classic footwear for various reasons and are by far the most stylish shoes of our time. Loafers are a wardrobe staple that you can dress down or up and look excellent in various materials. You shouldn’t lament investing in this shoe because it is minimalistic and … Read more

Learn More About Male Model Dennis Oh

Dennis Oh wearing a fashionable outfit holding a folder that matches his outfit and sitting on a boulder

Dennis Joseph O’Neil, known as Dennis Oh, is an American model and actor. He began his career in the entertainment industry as a model and rose to international prominence after appearing in the MBC miniseries Sweet Spy in 2005. Dennis Oh is still working as an actor and model in South Korea … Read more

What is Sandalwood Cologne for Men, and Should I Wear It?


Do you know what sandalwood cologne is, and how does it smell? Let us tell you, sandalwood is a fundamental ingredient widely used in men’s perfumes and colognes, and you can instantly recognize it if you know how it smells. Its distinctly exotic, creamy, warm, smooth, and sweet scent differs from other … Read more

What are the types and styles of beanie hats?

handmade knitted wool hats are sold at the street market

Did you know that beanie hats have been around since the Bronze Age? Keeping warm has been a human necessity since the dawn of time. The hat started as an essential accessory to stay healthy and alive. Over time, the hat has become a new fashion accessory. One of the first hats … Read more

What are the different styles of diamond stud earrings?

Diamond stud earrings

The diamond stud earrings became a fashion trend in the late 19th century, and because they are both classic and versatile, they make a perfect gift even to yourself. Although you may think choosing the perfect pair of diamond stud earrings is as simple as buying other jewelry from your local jeweler, … Read more

How to Use Velcro Rollers Without Damaging Your Tresses


Velcro rollers are often overlooked as an option for hair curling, but it shouldn’t be. Do Velcro rollers damage hair? It might seem like a less professional alternative to curling your hair, but it can save your tresses from heat damage. The humble hair styling tool can easily create voluminous curls or … Read more

Will Sponge Rollers Damage Your Hair


For those with fine or damaged hair, styling is a challenge. Heat is the last thing you want to use on your hair, but if it’s not curled, straightened up, or blow-dried, it tends to look a little rough and wild. We all know that using heating tools for drying, curling, or … Read more

Soft Rollers You Can Sleep in for Beautiful Curls in the Morning


With the popularity of curling irons that instantly create gorgeous curls using heat, hair rollers have been on the back burner for a while. However, there are a lot of reasons to bring them back. We consider time and convenience when making styling decisions, but we need to slow down and think … Read more

Using Rollers in Shorter Hair


Using a roller to curl your hair is a safer alternative to curling irons for styling and curling hair. Some are designed to be slept in, so you can wake up with pretty curls, saving you time in the morning and eliminating the risk of damage to your hair. You can also … Read more

What is Organic Fashion?

Organic clothes, t-shirts hanging on wooden hangers with green forest, nature in background.

Everybody loves fashion; we all love to wear fun outfits and glamorous accessories because it helps us show our individuality and mood. Feel like shopping for new clothes? When choosing your clothes, do you ever consider the impact of the materials you wear? Not just to the economy but to the environment … Read more

What Is Bronzer?

luxury smooth BROWN liquid background

No one wants to look dull; using a bronzer adds warmth and color to your face. Although it is unnecessary to use bronzer, it helps give the skin a warm glow. Many celebrities like Beyonce, J. Lo, Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna love using bronzer. What is a Bronzer? As the name suggests, … Read more

Guide to Wearing Stripes

Trendy model on pink

Stripes bring a sense of summer, becoming all-time favorites owing to the numerous ways you can wear them. Stripes are a wardrobe staple for every woman, regardless of whether her style is feminine, classic, eclectic, minimal, or a mix of these. Every season, timeless iterations such as the nautical, Breton stripe, and … Read more

What Is Safari Fashion?

Portrait of Beautiful Female Adventurer Posing and Looking at Camera. Stylish Great Archaeologist Standing with Ancient Civilization, Fossil Remains Archeological Site, Forgotten City in Background

It’s a jungle out there, and you’ll need to be appropriately attired if you wish to stand out this season. Safari-inspired fashion has been popular since the early 1970s due to its practical nature, timeless elegance, and sexy details. Choosing the ideal safari attire is critical, and not just for selfies. Safaris … Read more

Everything You Should Know About Shorts

Fashionable woman with stylish black and white clutch

Shorts were once thought to be rather risqué or inappropriate attire for women. Not to mention that the ladies fashionable (and quite daring) enough to wear it had to serve a penalty under the law. Thankfully, times have changed. Shorts are now a popular piece of clothing for both ladies and gentlemen. … Read more

What is Mineral Makeup?

Makeup powder and brushes on white wood flat lay

The mineral makeup approach is trendy nowadays. As more and more people opt to switch from traditional commercially produced makeup, many people are curious.  With the growing interest in safe, natural, and organic products, people also switch to mineral makeup, thinking that mineral means natural. If you are also wondering, “What is … Read more

Fun Ideas for a Barbados Beach Vacation

A beach in Barbados

Just the word “Barbados” triggers images of coconut trees, azure waters, white-sand beaches, tropical drinks, and bright sunshine – all in all, a paradise. The island is home to tranquil stretches of sand and beautiful scenery. It’s the perfect destination for a fun family vacation, romantic getaways, water sports adventures, and out-of-town … Read more

Tips on Wearing Faux Fur

Portrait stylish smiling woman with shopping bags wearing blue faux fur coat, black round hat and sunglasses posing over red wall background

Faux fur vests and jackets make great statement pieces, and with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham wearing fur regularly, it’s no surprise. It’s warm, comfortable, and ideal for transitioning an outfit from daylight to evening – but to get it perfect, avoid gaudy prints and novelty items in favor of … Read more

Tips on Wearing and Styling Florals

Full body photo of nice lady ready for prom night wear cute dress isolated pink background

Floral prints are among the trends that have been popular for years, just like stripes! It can be timeless and feminine and is a summer wardrobe staple for most people. They come in a huge array of variations and colors that you will never tire of. If you’re looking for new clothes, … Read more

Tips for Wearing Lace as Part of Your Fashion Wardrobe

Beautiful stylish girl in vintage lace blouse with ornament posing

Lace as we know it dates back to the sixteenth century, though fine nets have been swishing around for centuries before that. Bobbins or needles spun silky threads in dreamy colors to adorn the day’s fashionable outfits. We’ve been looking for new ways to wear lace ever since. As beautiful as it … Read more

Learn About the Many Styles and History of Lirika Matoshi

Lirika Matoshi in a white shirt posing in front of a white pillar with a plant at the background

After moving to NYC in 2016, Lirika Matoshi debuted her namesake line of hand-crafted accessories at 20. The Kosovo native first gained popularity on Etsy for her choker necklaces before moving on to glittery dresses, hand-embellished tights and socks, and intricate crystal-covered blouses—all of which she created without any formal fashion school … Read more

Guide to Wearing the Classic Little Black Dress (LBD)

Gorgeous elegant sensual blonde woman wearing fashion black dress

The tiny black dress is the only piece of clothing that never goes out of style (LBD). This composition is not only popular now, but will continue to be so in the future. No lady’s wardrobe is complete without the little black dress, but what’s the secret to the timeless appeal of … Read more

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Woman organizing fall and winter warm clothing. Young woman folding sweaters on white bed. Folding laundrey.

Sustainable fashion is a term that’s been used a lot nowadays, as more and more people become aware of the negative environmental impact of our clothes. The word “sustainable” can be vague and confusing, so this article will help break down the confusion about that question. What does Sustainable Fashion Mean? Sustainable … Read more

Tips for Wearing Corsets

woman wearing black corset

Worn as a figure-shaping, bust-lifting, and dress-supporting undergarment – corsets were worn by women for hundreds of years. No other piece of lingerie captures the imagination, just like the corset. Though in terms of functionality, it was replaced by bras a century ago, its sinuous lines still capture the attention. Many are … Read more

Having Fashion Fun With Ballerina Skirts!

Beautiful Ice Queen in Winter Wonderland

Ballerina skirts, also known as tulle skirts, are a lot of fun to style and wear. Tulle skirts are so versatile that you can wear them in various ways to suit any occasion. We’ve created several tulle skirt outfits that you can wear to work, on a casual weekend, or even to … Read more

Interesting Facts about the Fashion Industry

Interesting Facts about the Fashion Industry

1. 80 billion new clothes are purchased every year, an increase of 400% over the last twenty years  The fashion industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past two decades. In fact, 80 billion new pieces of clothing are consumed every year. That’s an increase of over 400%! [1] The … Read more