Ultimate Guide to High Heels

legs of someone wearing heels inside a yellow bathtub, a wall full of yellow rubber ducks

High heels are more than just a style of footwear. The famous shoe style is a means for many women to express authority, femininity, and even sexuality. There’s an undeniable draw to the sentiments that come with wearing heels. It’s only natural that women’s heels have remained popular for decades, from kitten … Read more

What is Street Fashion?

Street Fashion

Street fashion is supposed to have arisen from the streets, rather than being groomed by designers in front of directors and models on Parisian runways. It is said to have grassroots foundations in the most recent decade’s youth culture. This type of fashion does not refer to a single style of clothing … Read more

How to Look Great in a Bikini

a pink bikini on white sand, a shell

Many women want to look nice in a bikini, whether they want to suit up for a party or are attempting to be ready for bikini season. Bikinis might be scary to wear, especially since most people spend their time fully dressed. There are ways to look your best in your bikini … Read more

How to Determine Real Versus Fake Handbags and Shoes?

High heel shoes and a tangerine purse. 

One of the biggest problems being faced by modern-day shoppers is that they are not able to get the original products. Many people claim to sell original products but they are just a copy. However, these copies and counterfeits are so precisely designed that determining which one is real and which one … Read more

Guide to Denim Jeans

two people wearing denim jeans side by side and holding hands

Denim jeans are a real wardrobe staple for men, women, and children; they’re a daily essential that you can dress down or up subject to your needs. Denim initially rose to prominence during the development of teenage culture in the 50s, and it has remained a staple in every closet since. Each … Read more

Guide to Wearing Sandals

a woman walking on sand and holding her sandals

Sandals are the ideal shoe for those toasty, end-of-summer days, as they provide a soft sole for your feet to relax on while allowing them to experience the breeze for longer on those last extended light nights. An extensive sandals collection will give your seasonally transitional ensembles a lingering taste of summer, … Read more

What Are Harem Pants?

A 19th-century Algerian woman wearing the traditional pants which inspired 'harem pants'

One of the best time trackers for history lovers is to observe fashion. Whether it is everyday fashion or the chic ramp look, fashion takes inspiration from the ongoing time and era. You can see trends surfacing again after being a hit for a long time; whereas, some trends can never make … Read more

Tips for Wearing Scarves

Girl with a white scarf. 

Dresses, jackets, or even over-coats change as new fashion trends enter but one thing that remains a staple in the world of accessories are “scarves”.  For centuries, they have been considered an integral part of women’s clothing. However, in today’s world men are also fashioning their turtle-neck shirts with cozy draped scarves. … Read more

Take a Magical Trip to Tibet

Tibet Culture.

Tibet is named the Roof of the World with an average elevation of 4,900 meters. It is located in the northern plateau of the Himalayas, which is considered heaven on earth. This mysterious and exotic part of the planet is a place that many travelers yearn for. Tibet is filled with ancient … Read more

How to Fight Shoe Odors?


Feet care is one of the most important aspects of personal grooming and care. While most people are focused on the exterior aspects of their outfit, the internal aspects matter equally. You can wear a good shirt, high-quality jeans, and some top-class sneakers but if you have a problem with shoe odor, … Read more