Profile of Victoria Beckham a Music and Fashion Icon


Victoria Beckham, a former member of the iconic British girl group, capitalized on her moniker, Posh Spice, which is an understatement. Her ’90s bubblegum pop days are long gone. Beckham has appeared in five reality shows and official documentaries, including The Real Beckhams, Victoria’s Secrets, Victoria Beckham- A Mile In Their Shoes, … Read more

What are Tracksuits?

an athlete wearing a tracksuit at the track

A tracksuit is a two-piece outfit that consists of a jacket (typically with a front zipper) and pants. It was designed to be worn over competition gear (like running shorts and shirts or a swimsuit) and removed before a competition. The tracksuit is also called a warm-up suit, or “warm-ups,” because it … Read more

Tips for Caring for Your Skin While at the Beach or Pool

Some drinks and sunscreen by the beach

Swimming is no doubt one of the most fun forms of physical exercise. It’s relaxing, therapeutic, and being outdoors come with a lot of benefits . Spending a lazy summer vacation by the beach or pool is a great way to enjoy the sunny season and warm weather. But before you dive … Read more

Profile of Kate Moss a Fashion and Modeling Icon


Kate Moss carved out a place in the modeling profession with her diminutive stature and size zero body, which contrasted sharply with many of the voluptuous supermodels of the period. She promoted the idea of delicate beauty as well as the “waif” style. She is among the most well-known faces in the … Read more

Tips for Looking Fashionable at the Old Ballpark

a baseball on the field

Baseball is among the most exciting outdoor sports to watch. Thousands of people participate in this lifestyle that has been revered for decades. Furthermore, ballparks attract many young people who come to socialize with friends, cheer on their colleagues, friends, coworkers, favorite team, boyfriends, and other individuals. So it’s understandable that one … Read more

Who Doesn’t Love Cheese at a Party?

cheese platter

Everybody loves cheese, from soups to dessert; you can never go wrong with adding some cheese to it. This is why it is a perfect idea to serve it at your party, and however, if you’re going to be serving cheese to a party with over a hundred guests, you may have … Read more

Which Celebrities Love Cats?

The days of celebrities flaunting big diamond accessories, luxury automobiles, gold chains, and extravagant vacations are long gone. We’ve arrived in the modern-day, and all you need these days to cement your status as an A-lister is a cat. Celebrities have elevated the term “cat lady” from a stereotype to the epitome … Read more

What Made The Big Bang Theory So Popular?

horizontal version of The Big Bang Theory logo

The Big Bang Theory is a situation-comedic series featuring a group of California friends — nerdy scientists Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj, and their gorgeous waitress next-door neighbor Penny (who eventually became their friend). It follows them as they interact with geek culture, get into mischief, and fall in love. The show ran … Read more

What Are the Different Types of BBQ?

meat on a BBQ grill, coals

While arguments linger over which region produces the best barbeque, let’s be honest: most smoked meat is quite excellent. However, the way that meat is smoked differs from location to location. Each component of a barbecue—meat, wood, rub, cut, and sauce—contributes to totally diverse traditions. Here are the various styles of BBQ, … Read more

The Many Benefits of Being Outdoors and in Nature

meadow, grass, flowers, tree trunk, sunlight

Many individuals work indoors in front of computers and under fluorescent lights during the day, then come home to take in the glow of television screens at night. However, research reveals that it’s also crucial to make time to be outside, as it’s beneficial (if not essential) to human health. Nature is … Read more