Guide to Wearing and Styling Plaid

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There is no such pattern that is as pronounced as a plaid. Plaid is a staple and chic outfit style among countless thousands of fashionistas, and it continues to rock the world of patterned outfits. You can even wear plaid while creating a bohemian fashion look. However, there are some tips to … Read more

Guide to Wearing and Styling Cashmere

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The luxurious connotations of cashmere predate to Victorian days when the British began exporting it back home and to America and the rest of Europe. We may not appreciate its sense of opulence and luxury today, but it was unmistakably associated with the aristocracy and ruling classes back then. Of course, Queen … Read more

Sofia Vergara Style and Fashion Looks

Sofía Vergara at the “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” premiere in Hollywood

Sofia Vergara, the embodiment of grace and confidence, has provided us with a treasure of fashion inspiration over the years. She always steals the show with her elevated outfit choices, whether she’s strutting through the airport or graciously gliding down the red carpet. The goddess of L.A. glam never stops astonishing us … Read more

Monica Bellucci Fashion Style and Looks

Monica Bellucci photographed by Eric Nehr

Monica Bellucci, who resembles a screen siren, only appears once in a lifetime. Bellucci tore onto the Italian film scene in the early 1990s with her bellissima looks (she previously modeled for Dolce & Gabbana and French Elle) and special sex appeal, following Michelangelo’s footsteps Antonioni’s brooding bombshells and Frederico Fellini’s femme … Read more

The Guide to Wearing Ankle Bracelets

a woman in a dress sitting on a mossy rock with an ankle bracelet on her left ankle

Anklets are delicate bands of stone, metal, or fabric sported on the ankle in formal and informal settings. Anklets are normally 9-10 inches long and available in many styles: beaded, sterling silver, freshwater pearl, stretchy corded elastic, gold, and woven. Anklets are a flexible item that you may use for a wide … Read more

The Guide to Styling Eyelashes

a woman wearing white and black floral headscarf inside a car with defined eyelashes

Every day, we get up and go about our daily routine, ready for the long day ahead. Style the hair, cleanse the skin, and put on makeup.  Similar to styling your eyebrows, we all secretly want the ideal, fluttery ones when it comes to eyelashes. Still, we eventually wind up with terrible … Read more

The Guide to Shapewear

a woman wearing white shapewear while holding a measuring tape

Imagine heading into your favorite clothing store, selecting the most figure-hugging dress you can find (here’s a detailed dress guide that can help), and knowing it will look fantastic on you. Sounds like a pipe dream, doesn’t it? Then it’s time you learned of the body-sculpting power of modern shapewear. Forget about … Read more

Tips for Wearing Black and White Outfits

a woman wearing a black and white outfit while leaning on a pillar

In terms of timeless fashion pieces, black and white are such a classic mix that you can never go astray with this color combination. A black and white ensemble is the universal solution to any wardrobe quandary. And it’s so true that we can’t dispute that this pair is a versatile combination … Read more

What Is Southwest and Aztec Style?

a woman wearing a colorful top with her arms raised

The American southwest has long served as a source of inspiration. There are vibrant art communities, historic small towns, stunning national parks, historic roads, breathtaking scenery, and everything in between. It’s no wonder that creative communities have gravitated toward this part of the country throughout the years, particularly when it comes to … Read more

What Are Smokey Eyes?

a woman under blue light with smokey eye makeup

Certain items have a built-in sex appeal, such as the iconic red lipstick, little black dress, and sensual and sexy smokey eye makeup. In this article, we’ll peruse the fundamentals of smokey eye makeup, including a guide for beginners and different smokey eye makeups to try. What Is Smokey Eye Makeup?   … Read more

Understanding the Incredible Kardashian Empire

the Kardashian Sisters at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2010

The Kardashian family, commonly known as the Kardashian–Jenner family, is a well-known American family in reality television, entertainment, fashion design, and commerce. Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian founded it, and it is made up of their children Kourtney, Khloé, Kim, and Rob Kardashian, along with their grandchildren. Kris Jenner married Caitlyn Jenner … Read more

What Is French Chic?

a woman wearing a white top, a coat, and a beret hat

If one group knows how to dress well, it is the French. For a good reason, France is renowned as one of the world’s most powerful fashion epicenters, home to Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Hermès. No other nationality is as effortlessly chic as the French, and we can certainly learn some style … Read more

What Is Bohemian Fashion?

Snejana Onopka on the runway for Anna Sui in November 2011

Bohemian fashion, often known as “boho chic” or “boho,” is characterized by loose and flowing natural fabrics, trends, and earthy patterns and colors. The design gained popularity in the 60s and 70s, but its roots go back much longer, so there’s a long history to draw inspiration from. Boho style promotes comfort … Read more

What Are the Benefits of Fiber in Your Diet?

High Fiber Foods.

Fiber is an essential part of your diet, and its importance cannot be overemphasized. We have all heard that we should eat plenty of fiber but before diving deep into the benefits of consuming fiber, let’s try to understand what exactly dietary fiber is and its role in our body so we … Read more

Obsessed With Using Sequins for Style

a woman wearing a sequined dress holding a glass of alcohol

Sequins were never worn casually. Designers have used spangled robes since the Bronze Age, as they were discovered in Tutankhamun’s tomb, and they have long been associated with revelry and wealth. It’s no coincidence that the term “sequin” is derived from zecchino, referring to Venetian gold coins in the 13th century. Sequins … Read more

Obsessed With Using Leopard Patterns for Style

a woman wearing a leopard-printed shirt with eyes closed and holding a plant near her face

Style is unquestionably a means of expressing oneself. While some may believe that wearing leopard print gives off Tarzan or safari connotations, we genuinely believe that leopard print can be worn gracefully and even professionally. You may wear leopard as a neutral with almost any print, color, or pattern—its warm, neutral tones … Read more

Plan a Fantastic Trip to Peru and the Historical Incan Empire

Machu Picchu, Peru

Peru is home to many archaeological and cultural sites, many of which are surrounded by spectacular natural beauty and will undoubtedly exceed your expectations. Then there’s the food: many consider Peru’s gastronomic scene to be among the best in the world. Whether you’re in Peru for a week, two weeks, or longer, … Read more

Tips for Wearing the Color Orange

a woman wearing a yellow sundress and a hat at the beach

Many people believe orange to be a difficult color to wear, and it isn’t the first color that comes to mind when we open our wardrobe. Surprisingly, if you follow a few simple tips for wearing orange, it can be a highly flattering hue for most skin tones since it quickly gives … Read more

Tips for Wearing the Color Purple

a woman wearing a purple trench coat with a polka-dotted scarf

Purple could be a color worth considering if you are tired of all the alternatives in your wardrobe and would like to add some novel yet wise selections to it. Many people opt for the unusual purple color since it makes a strong and attractive fashion statement. While purple can be divisive, … Read more

Guide to Wedges and Platform Shoes

legs of a woman wearing pink jute wedges

Wedge and platform shoes are highly comfortable solutions for your regular life activities. They are one of the most popular shoe designs to boost height, add beauty, and complement all clothing. Wedges and platforms are both types of shoes, with the only difference being the heel design. The height of the wedge … Read more

Ideas for Going Down Under to Australia

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Australia is among the world’s most urbanized and developed countries. It’s a location worth visiting because of its stunning beaches, diverse fauna, lush national parks, and bustling cities. When visiting Australia, there are many incredible experiences that it can be difficult to know where to begin. There’s something for each one, whether … Read more

What Is Punk Style?

the side view of a woman under a pink and blue light and her reflection in the mirror

By fashion, we mean a sense of style that can change over a decade or a century, but it always keeps the feeling of beauty at the forefront. Each significant fashion era can be wholly different or retain elements from earlier trends. Still, fashion is always associated with two common elements: luxury … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to the Many Styles of Ripped Jeans

a woman wearing ripped jeans sitting on stairs with one hand covering a part of her face

The distressed denim trend, also known as ripped jeans, has been popular for years since punk bands and grunge musicians rose to prominence. They sprang to prominence during the heavy metal era in the late 1980s and have been popular ever since. Distressed denim jeans are a trendy way to wear otherwise … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Sunglasses

a woman wearing black sunglasses and a white top

As the sunny season approaches, it’s time to select one of your most essential items — a trendy pair of sunglasses! They’re a wardrobe staple that may be worn all year long and can become a part of your defining look. So, we’ve created an ultimate guide to sunglasses that includes the … Read more

What Is Military Style Fashion?

Beautiful woman with brown hair in fashion military clothing

Fashion is an odd thing. It always resembles the person’s personality, the present political and social situation of society, and even their current mood. Like any other fashion style, military fashion arose out of a need or a reflection, resulting in a broad movement of styles and trends. So, now we’ll discover … Read more

The Guide to History and the Style of Vans

Vans logo

Vans is one of the most well-known brands globally, known for its rebellious spirit and minimalist adaptability. Many exclaim imitation is the highest form of flattery, and Vans have been copied but never surpassed in durability, comfort, and style. The design has stayed virtually constant since its inception in the 1960s, demonstrating … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Necklaces for Women

a grayscale photo of a woman in side-view wearing a necklace

The perfect necklace will complement any clothing and make you feel gorgeous anytime you wear it. Necklaces are typically comprised of a pendant and chain, though standalone chains are sometimes favored. If you’re seeking to invest in some lovely new necklace styles, you might be thinking about which ones to get. The … Read more