Top Reasons to Visit Philippine Beaches

A beach offers every kind of experience. A night owl who is the life of the party might not have the same favorite beach as an avid surfer. Because there are so many beaches in the Philippines, each one offers different views, activities, and experiences from the others.

In this article, we will share the top reasons why you should consider visiting Philippine beaches.

1. Picturesque Scenery 

Look no further than Alona Beach on Panglao Island for soft, white sand and crystal-clear, turquoise waters; they are picture-perfect. The beach of your dreams is right here. In contrast to the high-rise hotels you might see in other countries, the backdrop created by the gently swaying palm trees is stunning. Spend the entire day sprawled out on the sand or engage in a variety of tropical pursuits, like world-class diving and snorkeling. Alona Beach is hard to beat, with the possible exception of the beaches in Palawan. Travel + Leisure named this island “The World’s Best Island,” and El Nido has won numerous international awards for best beach. This place should be on everyone’s “bucket list.”

2. Tranquility 

The beaches in the Philippines are so relaxed that you could go shopping, eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner while still having your feet in the sand. The majority of the bars and eateries offer tables on the sand or even bean bag chairs, the height of beachside comfort. You can sit back and relax while they bring you the beer; you are under no obligation to leave your seat to look at the ocean. You can stroll along the beachfront without having to worry about loud traffic because vehicles are not permitted there. You’ll end up staying in your swimsuit and sarong all day and night long.

3. Entertainment

Live music is played at the majority of eateries and bars along the beach, starting at dinnertime and continuing until the early hours of the morning. This is acoustic music, not loud, jarring music, that is the ideal accompaniment to a leisurely dinner while watching the sun set or to get you up and moving for a night of dancing. Other than the live music, there are also various other forms of entertainment available, such as fireworks displays, beach bonfires, and outdoor movie screenings.

4. Vibrant Night life 

Both locals and visitors are aware of the best party island in the Philippines: the white-sand island of Boracay, which also has a spectacular view of the sun setting and a thriving nightlife. This name is not unfamiliar to beachgoers. It consistently ranks first on lists of the top islands in the country and even the entire world. Due to the island’s heavy tourist influx and subsequent rapid commercialization, it quickly developed into the busier destination it is today. The Philippines offers a variety of activities, including clubbing and drinking cocktails while dipping your toes in the sand. All day long, there are inexpensive drinks during happy hour.

5. Marine Diversity 

Visitors can enjoy the nation’s waves as well as a true aquatic treat below the water’s surface. The Philippines has an incredibly rich biodiversity, including a wide range of marine species. In the country, popular diving spots include those in Batangas, Bohol, and Palawan. Visit Apo Island in Negros Oriental for breathtakingly close encounters with the marine life there. You can expect to see some of the strangest and most fascinating creatures in the world underwater, including nudibranchs, frogfish, colorful cuttlefish, mantis shrimp, pygmy seahorses, and many more. You can also expect to see turtles, dugongs, schooling reef fish like jacks, snapper, groupers, trevally, barracuda, fairy basslets, trigger fish, moray eels, and passing reef sharks because there is an abundance of marine life here.

6. Accommodations  

The archipelago also offers luxurious beach vacations for those who prefer them. Although budget-conscious backpackers adore the nation’s islands, they also have no shortage of more exclusive, upscale resorts. Visit the island of Palawan for the pinnacle of luxurious beach vacations. Beautiful El Nido is where you can find the Pangulasian, Miniloc, and Lagen Islands’ opulent lodgings. However, if you want the full A-list experience, take a private plane to the pristine island of Amanpulo and follow the lead of the stars (Brad Pitt and Beyonce, to be precise).

7. Delicious Local Cuisine 

One doesn’t need to check-in to posh beach hotels to be in foodie heaven. From Boracay to Puerto Galera, beaches in the Philippines offer a wide array of food choices such as local food (depending on what beach you’re on), Halo-halo, Chori burger, Scramble, Shakes, empanadas, grilled and fried food. Many of these dishes are not only scrumptious but also affordable for budget-conscious travelers.

8. Variety of Activities 

In addition to swimming, beachgoers in the Philippines can enjoy sunbathing, beachcombing, island hopping, ATV and buggy rides, cliff jumping, and banana boat rides. Additionally, they can partake in jet skiing, water sports such as beach volleyball, some surfing and snorkeling and many more.

9. Unspoiled Paradise 

While a lot of the country has been developed for tourism, other areas have remained undeveloped. Therefore, travelers who find appeal in finding underrated locations, undeveloped beaches, and hidden gems need not worry because the Philippines still has a ton of those. You can find these unspoiled natural paradise locations by searching the provinces of Cebu and Palawan for these beaches.

10. Shopping Opportunities 

Tourists can find unique items and souvenirs from local vendors, as well as one-of-a-kind artisanal crafts such as trinkets, handwoven baskets, handmade jewelry, and clothing made from natural materials found in the local area. There are also many markets and malls in urban areas that provide a variety of shopping opportunities for tourists after soaking up the sun.

Top Ten Beaches in the Philippines

The following are the top ten beaches in the Philippines that you ought to visit while on vacation:

1. White Beach, Boracay

One of the most famous tourist destinations in the Philippines is Boracay. It is a small island located 315 kilometers south of Manila in the province of Aklan and is renowned for its fine white sands and crystal-clear waters. It has more than 350 resorts and about 2,000 rooms to accommodate visitors, ranging from opulent hotels to modest inns. Aside from its white sand beach, Boracay is also known for its water sports activities such as snorkeling, jet skiing, and sailing. It is also popular among locals and tourists alike for its lively nightlife, delicious food, and vibrant culture. 

White Beach, Boracay

2. Buena Suerte Beach, El Nido

One of the most picturesque beaches in the Philippines and in the world, is Buena Suerte Beach in El Nido on the island of Palawan. It requires a flight to get here, but since the entire country is made up of islands, you will require flights to most of the items on your agenda.

The main attraction of Buena Suerte is the magical sands that turn a hypnotic peach or coral color at dusk. The sand is made up of fine, dust-like granules that line the clear water and support a diverse ecosystem.

Buena Suerte Beach, El Nido

3. White Beach, Puerto Galera

Of the 32 beaches in Puerto Galera, White Beach is the most visited, particularly by visitors from the Philippines. Swimming, snorkeling, lounging, strolling, playing volleyball, riding jet skis, kayaking and sunbathing are all great activities you can do on this long stretch of white sand and in the clear waters surrounding it. Numerous concerts and festivals that are put on by well-known companies like San Miguel, Smart, and Globe also take place there. Moreover, numerous restaurants, bars and accommodation options line the beach so there is plenty of opportunity to explore and try new things.

White Beach, Puerto Galera

4. Alona Beach, Panglao Island

Alona Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines. It is located on the small island of Panglao, which is connected to the larger island of Bohol by two bridges across the water. There are many excellent dive sites in the nearby waters. Panglao is much more tranquil than Boracay and has a more family-friendly outlook, despite the fact that there are many fantastic resorts, beach bars, and shops nearby. The island has a very relaxed atmosphere, and many snorkelers and scuba divers visit Alona Beach for the abundance of marine life that can be found there, such as dolphins and whales.

Alona Beach, Panglao Island

5. Pearl Farm Beach, Samal Island

There are resorts with private beachfronts on Samal Island in Davao City, but Pearl Farm Beach is one of the most popular due to the area’s reefs and deep blue water. Pearl Farm Beach attracts thrill-seekers who want to partake in kayaking, snorkeling, paddleboarding, and even flyboarding, but it’s also serene enough to just lounge on the sand and feel the breeze. Despite the fact that the island is home to more than 70 resorts, many tourists opt to stay at Pearl Farm Beach Resort because of the modern accommodations, private beach, and expansive resort area.

 6. Kayangan Lake, Coron Island

This beach, which is on the island of Coron in Palawan, offers the most varied aquatic experience, including swimming, scenery, and cliff diving.

Coron is a popular island for shipwreck diving and viewing marine life and its coral gardens, but Kayangan Lake is a tranquil base and a good place to mix-up the activity with relaxation. The clear water and views are nothing short of astounding and are ideal for swimming and snorkeling, although it can get crowded in the peak tourist seasons.

Kayangan Lake, Coron Island

7. Saud Beach, Pagudpud

The island of Luzon stands out from the rest of the country in terms of beaches due to its perfect beach, clear water, and shoreline lined with coconut trees. Saud Beach offers a less crowded and more tranquil beach experience and has fewer coral and rock formations than other beaches in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, northwest of Luzon. Family time is best spent at the beach. In this sparsely populated region, you’ll discover that lodging costs are lower.


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 8. Mahabang Buhangin Beach, Calagua Islands

There are some beautiful beaches on the Caluagua Islands, but Mahabang Buhangin Beach is one of the best. It has gained popularity as a tourist destination in recent years as word of its appealing qualities spreads. One of its draws is how far away it is from any major population centers, so getting there requires some effort. It might be difficult to get there, but once you do, you will be rewarded with stunning sea views, a virtually empty beach, and some of the most exquisite sand anywhere.


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 9. Bounty Beach, Cebu

Lying along the southern coast of Malapascua Island and extending for quite some distance up its east coast, Bounty Beach is yet another one of the Philippines’ awe-inspiring beaches. While many people come to enjoy the picturesque shoreline and the island’s laidback way of life, Malapascua is known for its fantastic dive sites.

Just as many visitors come to explore its underwater delights. Its colorful coral gardens are teeming with life; you can see all types of sharks in the surrounding waters, as well as sea turtles, manta rays, and shoals of fish.


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 10. Hidden Beach, Palawan

Hidden Beach, another of El Nido’s magnificent beaches, gets its name from the fact that it is hidden from view between two enormous limestone formations; this helps to explain how it has maintained its immaculate appearance. The beach is delightfully undeveloped and untouched because of its remote location on Matinloc Island and the difficulty of accessing it. The beach is stunning to look at, and the towering rocks serve as an impressive backdrop. Visitors can enjoy Hidden Beach in peace, seemingly a million miles from the outside world, as they form a ring around the white sands and turquoise water. Due to the abundance of marine life nearby, it also makes a fantastic location for snorkeling.