Sandalwood Watches for Men and Women


Different species of sandalwood are used around the world for aromatherapy, eastern medicine, religious materials, and cosmetics. It is known for its calming and soothing properties, which comes from its aroma. Sandalwood can also be used as a material for watches for men and women. There are some of the sandalwood watches … Read more

The Best Earrings for Different Face Shapes


Earrings are one of the best accessories that can complement your natural beauty. They are also a great way to add some life to an outfit. When you go to jewelry stores or search online for earrings, there are endless options for you. They come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Some … Read more

Very Cool and Very Fashionable Ring Watches


Do you find it annoying to have to stop what you are doing in order to look at your watch to see what time it is? If you are writing or typing, it would be so much simpler to look down at your fingers to see the time. In such cases, determining … Read more

Trendy and Cool Watches


Trendy and cool watches are widely available today. Many of these are already loaded with enhanced functionality. Along with being convenient timepieces, watches are now considered as one of the most essential components of your daily outfit. The use of watches is also a nice way to create a good impression on … Read more

Tips for Adding a Brooch for Extra Glam Style


Most people remember their grandmother when they hear the word brooch. It’s one most versatile, yet underused accessory out there because many people think it’s out of fashion. But actually, it has made a comeback now and they are back in style. No longer it is a grandmother’s accessory! Wearing a brooch … Read more

Tiny and Dainty Jewelry for Everyday Use


Wearing a metallic piece of jewelry instantly adds a touch of glam and sophistication to your overall look. But if you’re the type of person who wants to go simple but still want to wear accessories, there are a lot of dainty jewelry choices for you. Statement jewelry may only be suitable … Read more

Cute Fruit-Inspired Jewelry


Growing up, your parents probably told you to eat more fruit because after all, it’s full of essential vitamins and minerals. But at some point during the ‘90s, wearing fruit became a cool trend in the ‘p0s. From banana pendants to strawberry earrings, that sweet trend added a youthful touch to an … Read more

What are the different styles of diamond stud earrings?

Diamond stud earrings

The diamond stud earrings became a fashion trend in the late 19th century, and because they are both classic and versatile, they make a perfect gift even to yourself. Although you may think choosing the perfect pair of diamond stud earrings is as simple as buying other jewelry from your local jeweler, … Read more

The Guide to Wearing Ankle Bracelets

a woman in a dress sitting on a mossy rock with an ankle bracelet on her left ankle

Anklets are delicate bands of stone, metal, or fabric sported on the ankle in formal and informal settings. Anklets are normally 9-10 inches long and available in many styles: beaded, sterling silver, freshwater pearl, stretchy corded elastic, gold, and woven. Anklets are a flexible item that you may use for a wide … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Necklaces for Women

a grayscale photo of a woman in side-view wearing a necklace

The perfect necklace will complement any clothing and make you feel gorgeous anytime you wear it. Necklaces are typically comprised of a pendant and chain, though standalone chains are sometimes favored. If you’re seeking to invest in some lovely new necklace styles, you might be thinking about which ones to get. The … Read more

Men’s Guide to Using Silver Fashion Jewelry

a man posing with his eyes closed and hand on his face showcasing his silver jewelry

Most guys find jewelry perplexing, and it’s simple to see why. Because of decades of limited market offerings, the word “man jewelry” has an ugly stigma attached to it. Unless a man desired to be defined by an assertive, bold piece of chain metal, the only options were a watch and a … Read more

Braided Bracelets for Men – a Styling Guide

Braided Bracelets for Men

Bracelets have been worn for millennia. Bracelets have gone a long way from their grass origins to their modern forms, and they stay one of the most popular pieces of jewelry. While many men tend not to wear jewelry other than their wedding rings and watch, an increasing number of men consider … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Fashion Accessories

Ultimate Guide to Fashion Accessories

Accessories are typically chosen to complete an ensemble and enhance the wearer’s appearance. The term was coined in the twentieth century and has since expressed a person’s personality and identity. Accessories exist in various colors, sizes, and styles and can be divided into those you wear and those you carry. Several elements, … Read more

Sandalwood Rings


Sandalwood is indigenous to India and Asia and is believed to have many healing properties for the body, mind and even the soul. Sandalwood is used in many applications and can be made into products such as food flavoring, fragrance, and essential oil. Besides these, sandalwood can also be made into accessories … Read more