The Ultimate Guide To Trench Coats

Trench jackets aren’t just for the boys anymore! This iconic men’s outerwear style has made its way into the realm of women’s clothing and is here to stay.

Trench coats are stunning on women, adding an aura of refinement and class to their appearance. You’ll reach for yours again and again because it’s a classic design that has stood the test of time! Learn how to wear a trench coat with us as we take you through this ultimate guide.

Aside from trench coats, women also love bomber jackets, so here’s our guide to wearing them.

What is a Trench Coat?

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The military first wore trench coats because of their comfortable and useful style. Soldiers adored the tough, water-resistant gabardine cotton fabric that shielded them from the elements. Trench coats are known for their double-breasted shapes, wide lapels, belts, and military embellishments like storm flaps and pockets, epaulets, and a back vent for ease of movement, in addition to the fabric (developed by Thomas Burberry).

Trench coats were first worn by women after World War II when there was an excess of military equipment. Hollywood actresses such as Marlene Dietrich, Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Munroe, and Audrey Hepburn popularized them; who can forget the closing moment in Breakfast At Tiffany’s, where Hepburn’s Holly Golightly kisses in a rainstorm while wearing nothing but a trench coat?

Since then, the style has remained popular. Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss, and Alexa Chung are just a few of the modern British style celebrities spotted wearing this classic historical style (although its popularity reaches far beyond the UK). It’s the ideal blend of practicality and style, especially as an autumn and spring transitional coat. The trench coat has unquestionably become a fashion essential, so if you don’t already own one, you should!

Trench Coat Styles

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Like any other piece of apparel that has been around for decades, the trench coat has developed over time. This is particularly true when the design is replicated for the other gender.

The trench coat is now available in various styles, ranging from single-breasted to colorfully patterned silk. It’s up to you to determine which trench coat is ideal for you, but we’ll do everything we can to assist!

Trench coats come in so many styles that there is bound to be one that fits your body shape. Let’s look at how each trench coat length responds to each need.

Short Trench Coat

This trench coat has a length that ranges from just below the hip to mid-thigh. Short trench coats are an excellent choice for small people because they don’t shorten or bulk out the legs (make sure you wear them with slender bottoms).

However, if you’re voluptuous and tiny, aim for a lengthier length. Too-short coats can make you seem wider than you are. Tall ladies should avoid short trench coats since they may appear to be missing cloth.

Medium Trench Coat

Trench coats for women that are around knee length are the most frequent. This is a wonderful choice because it flatters most body shapes, including average height, slender, tall, and curvy. This style may be preferable over a short trench coat for small and voluptuous women.

Full-length Trench Coat

a woman wearing a full-length trench coat walking

Trench coats are available in various lengths, ranging from below the knee to ankle. The most dramatic style is long trench coats, but you’d be amazed how many people can pull it off! It only takes a little faith.

Full-length trench coats are ideal for tall ladies, but shorter women should not be afraid to wear them. Petite people can benefit from long coats since they produce a long line that lengthens the legs. Just make sure you go for full-length (at least to the ankle) rather than below the knee, as the latter will cut off your legs in an unusual location.

Stick to a light fabric and wear high-waisted bottoms underneath to achieve the leg-lengthening effect. A dress or a little skirt may also suffice.

Military Trench Coat

Storm flaps, double-breasted frontal, large lapels, wrist cuffs, and even rank-pulling regimental-style logo can all be used to emphasize the officer-and-gentleman stylings of the trench coat, which originated as a military mainstay. The design will stand out in any passing-out procession (in the graduation sense, rather than the fainting sense).

Trench Coat Colors and Fabric


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Trench coats of today come in a variety of colors and fabrics. Every hue is available, from traditional camel to vibrant pink. The textiles also differ greatly: winter cover-ups are made of wool and leather, while spring and summer cover-ups are made of breezy silk.

It’s entirely up to you to pick something functional or something that makes a statement. Remember that the classic cotton gabardine version in a neutral hue like camel, navy, grey, or black is more timeless and easy to wear, but go for it if you prefer statement pieces.

Trench Coats: Double Breasted vs. Single Breasted

Because this is the typical trench coat cut, most of them will be double-breasted (the extra fabric adds warmth and protection). However, single-breasted or buttonless designs are available for women.

The double-breasted silhouette is problematic since it made men’s torsos appear wider. As a result, your chest may appear larger than it is, which may or may not be a good thing. If you don’t fancy your chest looking too large, go for a buttonless or single-breasted option.

Styling a Trench Coat in Many Ways


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Trench coats are an incredibly versatile piece of clothing. They look wonderful in both informal and formal settings, and they can resist a variety of weather conditions. In the thick of winter (unless you live somewhere really temperate), you might want to opt for something heavier, but in the fall and spring, it’s a great layering piece.

So, you want to know when you should wear a trench coat? The solution is simple. If the weather permits, it can be worn at any time.

Casual Trench Coats

Trench coats look excellent with jeans and a t-shirt or sweater (check out our ultimate guide to sweaters!). It’s a favorite among fashion bloggers and off-duty models, so give it a try on your next day off! You may also experiment with your top by wearing a denim shirt or a little unbuttoned blouse to twist the appearance of the Canadian tuxedo style.

Wear a hoodie or sweatshirt if you want to seem more casual. Your shoes can also drastically alter the look of your ensemble: keep it casual with sneakers, or dress it up with loafers, pumps, ballerina flats, or ankle boots. Instead of jeans, you may wear a basic cotton or sweater dress underneath.

Trench Coats for Work

It can be difficult to find outerwear that meets your office’s business formal dress requirements. The trench coat is out! It goes well with blouses and pencil skirts, sheath dresses, and even pantsuits.

Whatever length trench coat you choose, you can rest assured that it will comfortably conceal your blazer. Plus, with your trench coat and glossy heels, you’ll look like an Old Hollywood star as you leave the workplace.

Formal Environments

A lot of outerwear doesn’t look nice with formal clothing like cocktail dresses and evening gowns, just like it doesn’t look good with office clothes. If a fur coat is excessive for you, layer your dress with a trench coat (you’ll get more use out of it anyway!). At your next cocktail party, wedding, or gala, it’ll keep you warm while still protecting your dress.

Trench Coats: How to Wear Them

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Wearing a Trench Coat if You’re Short

According to fashion traditionalists, you can’t wear a long trench coat if you’re short. However, a new decade brings a new contempt for fashion rules.

Don’t be terrified of trench coats if you’re on the shorter side. Due to the long lines’ tendency to stretch the leg, trench coats can be particularly attractive on shorter frames. Just be careful not to choose a too-long coat; otherwise, it may be too much for your body.

For tiny frames, a medium-length trench coat is the safest, most reliable solution. It will go with almost any outfit, from slacks to tiny skirts.

When selecting a petite coat for a petite frame, keep in mind what you’ll be wearing underneath. To provide the illusion of additional leg length, wear high-waisted bottoms underneath. For a well-balanced silhouette, pair this top with a french tuck or something cropped.

Wearing a Trench Coat in the Spring

The trench coat is a must-have for spring. It’s light, comfortable to wear, and has a particular something about it.

Consider draped over your shoulders for a casual and relaxed look when wearing a trench coat in the spring. Roll up your trench coat’s sleeves and mix it with a bold pair of sneakers and a cross-body purse for a street-style nod.

Wear your trench coat with a floral midi dress or skirt for a more feminine effect in the spring. For a less stiff method, loosely tie the belt behind your back. This will also let the fresh wind in while showcasing your well-planned wardrobe.

Wearing a Trench Coat in the Summer

Find a trench coat in a neutral hue that will work for all seasons if you want to wear it in the summer. Trench coats in beige, camel, or light grey are better than black and navy. This will aid in reflecting the sun and keep you cool in the summer.

Also, think about the cloth you’re going to wear. Trench coats made of the classic showerproof fabric for which this garment is known are preferred over heavier fabrics.

Wear a trench coat with your regular semi-smart casual attire in the summer. Flowy shirts, light-wash jeans, and crisp white sneakers are all on the menu. Summer tunics and dresses in a bohemian design are other options.

Given its length, the trench coat will go with almost every summer attire, except for shorts. We recommend a cropped jacket for a shorter jacket in the summer to maintain a balanced silhouette that does not overwhelm you.

Putting a Trench Coat Over a Dress


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The event and the dress itself will determine how to style a dress with a trench coat. After all, a trench coat is likely the only outerwear that will go with your business attire.

If your employer has a business-formal dress requirement, invest in a few shift dresses in different lengths (mini or midi) and a trench coat for the perfect work wardrobe capsule. Stick to neutral tones like beige or black to be safe; this way, you can be sure it will go with whatever color dress underneath.

If you’ve been an “all black everyday” color palette adherent for a long time, why not mix it up with your trench coat color? Choose from various classy, stormy tones, including forest green and navy, which are ideal for adding color to your ensemble without being distracting.

When faced with a formal event, we frequently discover few options for outerwear that complement formal gowns. The trench coat comes into play here.

Trench coats are ideal for cocktail dresses and evening gowns for formal occasions. Given its fabrics and capacity to be worn multiple times, it’s a terrific, ecological alternative to the typical fur coat that you may match with a party dress.

Wearing a Trench Coat With Jeans

Trench coats have the inherent capacity to allow you to wear them casually while still looking elegant, thanks to their smart silhouette. Prioritize denim shapes that won’t detract from the flowing character of a trench coat for a well-balanced combo. Instead of bootcut or flares, think straight leg, slim, and mom jeans.

Pair your trench coat with well-fitted skinny jeans, a Breton striped t-shirt, and pointed heels for the ultimate no-thoughts combination that yet looks Parisian chic.

Wearing jeans with a trench coat creates a fashionable yet safe foundation for being more daring with your footwear. Have you got a pair of sneakers or boots that you’re afraid to wear? To add personality to an otherwise traditional look, combine them with a neutral-toned trench coat and a tried-and-true pair of mom jeans.

Despite the trench coat’s patriarchal origins, there are numerous ways for women to wear them and incorporate them into their daily attire. Given its versatility to dress up or down, a trench coat is an excellent outerwear choice to add to a capsule wardrobe for ladies wishing to live a more simple lifestyle.

Given the trench coat’s adaptability, it’s crucial to invest in a classic item that will last you a long time. Prioritize well-crafted products manufactured by expert craftsmen over fast-fashion items. Purchasing a trench coat lets you enjoy the rich, showerproof materials and functional paneling that the historical garment was previously known for, rather than purchasing one that may only last you one commute during a severe downpour.