Guide to Wearing Sandals

Sandals are the ideal shoe for those toasty, end-of-summer days, as they provide a soft sole for your feet to relax on while allowing them to experience the breeze for longer on those last extended light nights.

An extensive sandals collection will give your seasonally transitional ensembles a lingering taste of summer, allowing your feet to breathe in the excessive heat while still looking attractive with every outfit. Match your sandals with your favorite clothes to make the most of the warmer days and keep summer alive.

We’ve compiled a handy guide to answer all of your sandal-related questions, so you can start wearing your favorite sandals with any outfit!

Common Types of Sandals

Everyday Flats

Everyday flats are a sort of sandal that you can wear in a variety of situations. These have a very thin sole—less than an inch—and have very little to no heel elevation.

A thong sandal may or may not be present. They do, however, feature more straps than flip flops, with one at the heel and potentially one or two more that cover the top of the foot.


a pair of flip-flops on sand, a starfish, a hat

Flip-flops are widely available and popular all over the world. They’re low-cost but really useful! Aside from the “basic” rubber and plastic, flip-flops exist in various forms and materials.

They are available in various styles, ranging from simple to complex. You can also find the flip-flop motif in various sandal styles, such as the wedge. In general, flip-flops are thought to be extremely adaptable sandals.


Slides normally feature a single wide strap or many narrower straps across the bridge of the foot behind your toe area. Slides are similar to flip-flops, but they have a strap rather than a thong. They must be a good fit because there is nothing to keep them on at the heel!

You can also wear slides with other sandal types; men and women wear a lot of them pretty casually. The informal attire could be because athletic shoe companies manufacture many slides.

Slides (typically with wedge soles or higher heels) can also be worn as “office casual” footwear and go with almost any attire. Some slides are downright fancy, with rows of spaghetti straps crisscrossing the footbridge.

Sports Sandals

The toughest sandals are sports sandals. They usually have cushioned soles, are waterproof, and feature many adjustable straps for a custom fit.

Sports sandals are ideal for running, walking, and beach activities. They’re also useful for errands that necessitate a lot of walking.

Dressy Flats

The soles of these flats are usually very thin, and the straps are either spaghetti or more ornamental. Some include ornamental metal buckles or connecting rings. Dressy flats are available in various hues, but the most formal is white, black patent, or metallic.

These are typically paired with formal pants, but they can also be worn with dresses or skirts, especially in the summer.

Gladiator Sandals

This is the epitome of a flashback! Gladiator sandals were first worn by genuine gladiators in Ancient Rome (not Joaquin Phoenix or Russell Crowe, except on the set).

Every few decades or so, this highly retro sandal fashion reappears in some new incarnation. They were very popular in the 1960s and have remained so in recent years.

It’s difficult to say whether gladiator sandals are more casual or elegant. No matter what the event, they make a statement!

Dressy High-Heeled Sandals


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High-end fashion designers, including Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Stuart Weitzman, Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana, and Manolo Blahnik, admire this style. High-heeled shoes are frequently seen on the runway. May we also introduce you to Jeffrey Campbell shoes to further your choices.

Casual Mid-Heeled Sandals

This style of sandal is one of our favorites. It’s quite comfortable and adaptable! You may wear it with jeans or dresses, and depending on the outfit, it’s appropriate for beach vacations or even afternoon weddings.

Mid-heeled sandals offer a lot of stylistic flexibility for women, particularly older women who can’t or won’t wear very high heels. These, like wedge sandals, offer a lot of office casual appeal. You can wander around at work without breaking your neck, as Grandma would say.

Wedge Sandals

Wedge sandals are an excellent choice for workplace casual footwear because they are dressy enough. Their wedge soles are either a single height (like a platform shoe) or tapered from the back to the front (like traditional heeled shoes).

Individuals may be concerned that ladies wearing wedge sandals will “break their necks.” In reality, they’re a really solid shoe that’s also very comfy to wear (unlike high heels).

They have a broader base and a stronger overall balancing foundation than they appear!

Is it Possible to Wear Sandals All Year?


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When you think of sandals, summer always comes to mind, yet we all know how fickle summer weather can be. Even as we approach the autumn months, you’ll find yourself going for your favorite pair of sandals on numerous occasions — and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Sandals are an excellent choice for any time of year, and with any pair, you no longer have to choose between looking gorgeous and feeling comfortable since each pair provides both.

Here are some outfit ideas to go with your sandals if you’re not sure what to wear.

How to Wear Sandals With Various Outfits


When you pair your favorite dress with sandals, you’ll have a timeless look that doesn’t go out of style. On those warmer days, you may pair a pair of toe post sandals with an a-line, loose skater dress, or even a longer midi dress to create an effortless style that is great for the day’s activities.

Put together a stress-free wardrobe that will have you striding confidently throughout the day; let your feet breathe as they would be supported in each stride, ensuring optimum comfort all day.


To create the ideal day-to-night wardrobe, wear your wedge sandals with your beloved pair of jeans. Create a timeless ensemble by pairing your favorite denim with a white t-shirt or button shirt and finishing with a pair of wedge sandals, whether your staple denim is Mom, blue, black, or skinny. Match neutral wedges with denim to transition from season to season, and you’ll be ready for whatever the day throws at you.


Even with heeled shoes, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort to feel and look good. Pair your beloved pair of leggings with a pair of heeled sandals, whether they’re pattern printed, basic black, or a fashionably leather-look, and you’ll have the most unbelievably comfy ensemble you can wear to any event. When you’re comfy from head to toe, you’ll look beautiful and be ready for anything — there’s no such thing as fashion mistakes when you look this great!

How To Wear Sandals Formally

If you have an upcoming occasion, whether a business meeting or a wedding, you may be curious if you can get away with wearing sandals with your clothing. Crowded public transportation, crowded offices, and critical meetings can all benefit from a little extra breathing room, and what better way to obtain it than with a pair of sandals?

A more toned-down, basic sandals design that won’t look out of place in formal settings is required. A fitted pant-suit with a pair of simple, heeled sandals can easily be worn to a special occasion, whether it’s for a social gathering or a work event. This style will exude sophistication, and people will be envious of your ability to combine ease and formality in one outfit.

Can You Wear Sandals With Socks?

feet wearing white long socks and grey sandals

If you had posed this question a few years ago, you would have received a resounding no. However, as time has passed, the fashion industry has embraced comfort, and wearing socks with sandals has evolved into a strong design statement that is now viewed favorably. Matching your sandals and socks today makes your appearance more current and fashionable.

Wear a pair of sheer, decorative socks with a pair of plain sandals to make an all-season pair of socks and sandals that will go with various outfits. If you want to create a more daring statement, pair your frilly socks with the appropriate pair of sandals, allowing the frill to complement the shoe and finish your fashionable ensemble in a bold, stylish style.

What Is the Best Way to Wear Sandals?

blue and white hiking sandals

Your sandals, like any other shoe, should cushion your feet and provide a stable, comfy sole that feels excellent with each stride. If any part of your toes or foot hangs over the edges of the sandal, it’s probably too small and will bring you a lot of discomforts.

Overall, your sandals should not move around much while you walk, should feel exactly right, and, if properly fitted, should feel like they are supporting your entire body. Stop putting those sandals in the back of the closet and instead use tips to extend their life and adorn them for all seasons.

With the option to pair sandals with several designs, there’s no reason not to pull them out of the closet for a stylish transition from summer to autumn that will have everyone envious! Keep your feet cool and your attire comfy without sacrificing your appearance!

Wearing Sandals: Dos and Don’ts

If done correctly, sandals can be attractive and even formal. However, there is a good method and a bad way to do things. Here are a few pointers for both men and women when it comes to open-air footwear for spring.


Invest in a decent pair of shoes composed of high-quality materials. Cheap rubber flip-flops are acceptable for the pool or the beach (while you’re at it, check out these tips for caring for your skin), but you should invest in a decent pair of sandals if you’re going somewhere else. They don’t have to be designer brands, but they should be constructed of high-quality materials like leather and provide the arch support your feet require when worn for long periods.

You should not wear them to work. Even if you have the most fashionable pair of sandals, there are some situations in which men cannot wear sandals, such as formal or professional settings. Although it may seem unfair that women’s dress rules are more relaxed when they wear open-toe shoes, you’ll look more put-together in a pair of boat shoes.

Sandals with socks are getting more popular. Wearing socks with sandals is a risky decision that not everyone will enjoy, but it’s a bold style that you can pull off if you do it confidently. Wear a pair of brightly colored knit socks with slides instead of sandals with a toe thong to add a splash of color to your outfit.

Don’t be afraid to pair them with a pair of long slacks. Sure, you’ll be wearing shorts most of the time when you’re wearing sandals. If you’re feeling brave, a pair of chinos or jeans with a quality pair of sandals will look excellent. Just make sure your trousers are cuffed, so your hem doesn’t slide.

Pay more attention to your feet. Wash your feet frequently and treat any athlete’s foot or toenail fungus that you may have. Keep your toenails short and your feet moisturized. Also, think about getting a pedicure.


With gladiator sandals, apply sunscreen. Yes, this suggestion is more specific than the others, but if you plan on wearing gladiator sandals for a long day in the sun, you’ll enjoy this advice: apply sunscreen liberally and reapply regularly. You don’t want those strange tan lines on your body!

If you’re wearing gladiator sandals, make sure you’re not wearing anything long—your skirt or shorts should end at the top of your thigh. Your hemline will otherwise be too near the very top of your sandals.

For formal occasions, wear stilettos. Why shouldn’t the thin-strapped, stiletto-heeled sandals of the 1990s make a comeback? This was a way to dress up open-toe shoes, and they were appropriate for both the office and a night out.

However, you shouldn’t wear stiletto shoes to an outdoor wedding or anywhere else where you’ll be strolling on grass. When you try to step on them, they will sink into the earth.

Wearing black isn’t a bad idea. Because sandals are open and breezy, you can get away with sporting them in the darkest of colors, which isn’t generally your go-to color for summer or spring. For certain occasions, it will even offer a touch of formality.

When it’s practical, opt for flat sandals. Make them work for you by wearing ultra-feminine clothing like a sundress to balance them out. Flat sandals are perfect for when your mobility is important, such as when you’re on vacation and walking along the boardwalk.

Tights can be worn as an accessory. You don’t have to be fully barelegged on days when the temperature is still a little cool, just like males can get away with wearing socks with sandals. Don’t be scared to pair your sandals with a vividly colored pair of tights. Darker tights are a better choice if the rest of your outfit is already bold.

Prevent the Dreaded Stinky Sandal

When your sandals get dingy, you can’t just throw them in the wash like you can with athletic shoes. We do, however, have a few suggestions for extending the life of your sandals.

You can wash your sandals with water and soap and hang them to dry if they are waterproof. Leather sandals, on the other hand, require extra caution. Once a month, gently wipe the straps and footbed with a moist towel.

Clean and remove filth with an old toothbrush once a season. Special leather treatments are also available at any shoe store.

Prepare to welcome summer to your feet by polishing your nails and buffing your heels. We’re sure they’ll appreciate it.