The Guide to Wearing Ankle Bracelets

Anklets are delicate bands of stone, metal, or fabric sported on the ankle in formal and informal settings. Anklets are normally 9-10 inches long and available in many styles: beaded, sterling silver, freshwater pearl, stretchy corded elastic, gold, and woven.

Anklets are a flexible item that you may use for a wide array of applications. They are frequently combined with sandals, backless loafers, sliders, or flip-flops but can also be worn with boots or dress shoes. They can also be worn alone with jeans or to work with your beloved pair of heels.

Anklets have been worn for millennia and are frequently coupled with garments for a feminine appearance. There are so many distinct anklet types available that you may not even recognize some of them! Here’s your ultimate guide to ankle bracelets so you can choose the ideal one for you.

The Origins of Ankle Bracelets


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Ankle bracelets can be constructed from various materials, such as string, crystals, metal, and leather. Anklets were first worn throughout the Sumerian Civilizations in the Middle East and Ancient Egypt.

As a byproduct of archaeological digs, many ancient anklets made of stone, metal, and other natural materials were discovered in Sumerian tombs. According to certain reports, the type of anklet an individual wore during ancient times signified their social status. People who wore colorful anklets with precious stones were thought to be of a higher social class, while those who wore simpler designs belonged to the working class.

Anklets are also prevalent among Asian ladies, particularly in India. Married Indian women began to wear ankle bracelets, or pattilu, with hanging charms that made a sound when they moved. The objective of wearing this was to get their spouses’ attention.

In Indian culture, an anklet known as the ‘Chilanka’ or ‘Ghungroo’ is frequently used in traditional dances. These anklets are constructed of metallic bells that have been strung together. They ring while the user dances, allowing the audience to hear the intricate footwork.

Anklets are still very popular today and are worn not just by ladies but also by men in the contemporary world. They’re frequently worn for aesthetic reasons, but they’re still a significant item in traditional dancing in some cultures.

Types of Anklets

closeup of a young woman's bare feet with an ankle bracelet on roots
Closeup of a young woman’s bare feet on roots

There are hundreds of anklet options available on the market, whether you’re hunting for a simple anklet to match formal attire or a casual anklet. Here are a few common styles for you to consider:

Beaded Anklets

Beaded anklets are a fun and casual item to wear, especially in the summer. They come in various styles, ranging from teeny tiny beads to larger, chunkier bits. Stack a couple together or mix them with another type of anklet, such as leather or metal anklets, for a one-of-a-kind look.

Leather Anklets

Leather anklets are another great option for a more edgy style. These are appropriate for both men and women. Leather is timeless and can be worn with almost every outfit, including shorts, jeans, and skirts. Some leather anklets include a fastening that you can readily change to fit properly, which is useful.

String Anklets

String anklets are a basic yet attractive item ideal for individuals looking for a low-key addition that will not draw too much notice. A red nylon string anklet is a simple but appealing accessory to try.

Gold Anklets

A lovely gold anklet is a great option if you want something that appears luxurious but is also durable enough to wear daily. Because of its refined appearance, gold complements almost any outfit.

You can wear a gold anklet with a fancy dress or fold-up jeans. You might pick a simple anklet with few decorations or a more dramatic design with many dangling parts.

Silver Anklets

Silver anklets are appealing due to their bohemian style. Consider a basic silver anklet, one you can add various charms to express your individuality or make a statement; it will undoubtedly draw attention to your feet while also making them appear more lovely. Silver goes with everything, so silver jewelry is popular for everyday wear.

Barefoot Ankle Bracelets

Barefoot ankle bands are becoming popular, particularly as bridal beach footwear. These are ideal for long walks on the beach when you might not want to wear shoes or slippers but still want to dress up your feet. They also serve as a substitute for sandals and other footwear for barefoot performances such as dance recitals.

Tennis Anklet

Tennis anklets are made in the same form as the classic tennis bracelet, and they usually include multiple little stones set in a wide chain. They appear sophisticated and are ideal for a dressy look.

Cuff Anklet

Tennis bracelets are similar in design to cuff anklets however they are significantly wider. These are eye-catching statement items that will draw a lot of attention. They’re ideal for adding a modern touch to any outfit, and an added plus is that you may wear them to vary the style of your shoe straps.

Ankle Bracelets’ Symbolism

a woman barefoot and on tiptoes wearing anklets and toe rings
woman summer boho fashion style details on barefoot anklets and rings outdoor in grass

Anklets have different symbols in different civilizations. Some people wear them as talismans or good luck charms, although their significance is mainly determined by which foot they are worn on. Here are various meanings associated with anklet bracelets.

*Please keep in mind that these definitions may vary by area.

  • Sporting an anklet on the right foot indicates that the user is single and not in a relationship. In this instance, married people should avoid wearing anklets on their right foot because it will appear as though they are having an affair.
  • Anklets placed on the left ankle are frequently talismans or charms. They are thought to protect the wearer from disease and indicate that they are in a relationship or married.

Depending on the color of the ankle bracelet, it can represent various things. Here’s a quick rundown of the different anklet colors and what each means:

Black Anklets: for keeping secrets

White Anklet: purity, simplicity, and innocence

Blue Anklet: career success, intelligence, and talent

Green Anklet: tranquillity, good fortune, and balance

Pink Anklet: symbolizes love, marriage, togetherness, and passion

Red Anklet: good luck with games, competitions, and sports

Yellow Anklet: fortune, sociability, and energy

Anklets are now a prominent fashion accessory in the Western world. They are typically used for aesthetic reasons rather than to express specific meanings.

Wearing Ankle Bracelets

Before you start wearing your lovely anklet bracelets, make sure you know a few pointers on how to do so. This is the greatest method to get the most out of these lovely pieces of jewelry. Continue reading to find out all the stuff there is to know about donning anklet bracelets!

Choosing Between the Right and Left Ankle

One of the most common queries individuals tend to have about wearing anklet bracelets is which anklet to wear it on. This is a common question that individuals have about various jewelry pieces.

The wedding band, for example, is worn on the left hand to symbolize marriage. Single earrings worn on the left or right ear might indicate sexual preference at one point in time.

There is also some debate over the anklet bracelet. Anklets were also previously a groom’s present to the bride.

However, it makes little difference in today’s society which ankle you wear yours on. It is up to you to decide which one you like.

Anklet Positioning


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Once you’ve decided on whatever anklet you choose for your anklet bracelet, you need to pay close attention to the anklet’s placement. You should never wear your anklet over anything other than your bare flesh. This also applies to pantyhose.

Wear your anklet solely on your bare legs. You can, however, wear your anklet underneath a pair of jeans or any other pants. You’re doing it properly as long as you don’t put the bracelet on top of your jeans.

Some people like to wear the band loosely around their ankles, resting lightly on the tops of their feet. Others want a more snug fit and have it wrapped around their ankles. Finally, the decision is yours.

Wearing Beaded Anklets

Beaded anklets are an excellent choice. Remember that there is a place and a time for every type of anklet. If you choose to wear a beaded anklet, consider matching it with a pair of casual flip-flops.

Beaded anklets are the ideal accent for your casual ensembles or a day at the beach or pool.

Wearing Charm Anklets

You can wear charm anklets in a variety of ways. You may wear these ankle bracelets with almost any outfit you can think of. Remember whether the bracelet is silver or gold, as this may make a difference when choosing the appropriate attire and occasion.

Charm bracelets alone, on the other hand, are becoming increasingly trendy. Charm anklets with teardrop pendants, feathers, and other embellishments are available. Choose one that fits your personality, and you’re ready to go!

Wearing Silver Anklets

close-up photo of a woman wearing a dress' feet with an anklet

Silver anklets are a nice option for younger women. A sterling silver ankle bracelet would be appropriate for a more casual environment, while gold would be appropriate for a more formal one. This is the greatest option for adolescents or young girls.

These look great with summer sandals. Choose a lovely pair of flat sandals or a pair with a heel.

Wearing Gold Anklets

Anklets made of gold are the ideal accessory for older women. They are typically worn for more formal occasions and settings. This is because gold is typically regarded as a costly jewelry material.

Add diamonds, rare stones, or even rubies to make the anklet much more elegant.

Double Anklets

Consider stacking your anklets on the same ankle to mix things up a bit. This is a simple way to give your anklet some personality. The best method to accomplish this is to wear thin anklets instead of thick ones.

If your anklets are thin enough, you could even wear multiple anklets that overlap each other.

Match the Anklet With Your Footwear and Clothes

If you want to achieve a unified style, your anklet should match your shoes, so pair them carefully. Anklets look great with summer shoes like flip-flops, backless loafers, or sliders.

Instead, wear your anklet with a pair of jeans and a crop top or a casual summer dress for a beautiful look. What you wear must make you feel and look nice.

Common Anklet Guidelines


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Remember to keep it casual when wearing an anklet unless it’s a gold anklet. While sporting an anklet, make sure your toes and feet are properly manicured. Because wearing an anklet draws focus to these areas, you’ll want to have beautiful feet to show off.

You should also think about wearing your ankle bracelets only when you’re not working. Anklets, even if gold, maybe too casual to wear to work, based on where you work. Consider these few pointers when determining whether to wear an anklet and what clothing style to pair it with.

Men Can Also Wear Anklets

Yes, men, like women, can wear anklets if they desire. However, it is essential to note that a guy wearing jewelry on his body’s left side is considered homosexual (wedding bands are an exception) in many cultures. It’s wholly up to you, and you can wear an anklet on both legs, regardless of what others think.

Avoid Wearing Ankle Bracelets in South Asian Countries

If you consider a trip to a South Asian country, particularly India, it is best to avoid wearing anklets. Because anklets are an important component of Hindu culture, it is often considered disrespectful to wear an anklet if you are unaware of its significance.

In some cultures, anklets have major importance, while in others, they are worn as beautiful and unusual ornaments that enable you to enhance your fashion style. They come in various designs and styles, so you can have fun increasing your collection and playing with them by incorporating them into your jewelry stash.

Anklets are like necklaces for ankles, and speaking of necklaces, we also have a comprehensive guide to women’s necklaces so you can add more accessories to your stash.