Tips for Picking a Boonie Hat

Boonie hat isolated on white background

The boonie hat has a long history in American military culture dating back to the early 1960s. Even though its varieties and forms have changed for more than 50 years, by examining the most prevalent examples, we may trace its development. One of the nicest types of hats to wear outside are … Read more

Know Your Graduation Hats

a woman graduate wearing a graduation hat, gown, and eyeglassesholding a diploma isolated a yellow background

There will be so much on your to-do list as graduation day approaches. Along with planning your high school or college graduation party, there are a few other details to consider before walking across the stage. You’ll need to order your graduation hat and gown after you’ve sent out your party invitations … Read more

Know Your Witch Hats

a woman in a witch costume and hat posing winking and posing in front of an orange background

A witch hat is a pop culture type of hat worn by witches, typically with a wide brim and a conical crown. The modern witch hat was popularized by The Wizard of Oz, a 1939 film in which the Wicked Witch of the West wore a typical witch hat. L. Frank Baum’s … Read more

Know Your Sailor Hats

a blonde woman wearing a white shirt and a sailor hat showing a thumb up and smiling

A sailor hat instantly conjures images of a naval officer or fisherman standing atop his seafaring vessel, gazing at the horizon in anticipation of a yet-to-be-reached destination. Although generally considered a practical aspect of a mariner’s uniform, the history, and transformation of the sailor hat through the ages, including its influence on … Read more

Know Your Party Hats

a woman wearing a party hat, holding many balloons, winking, and touching her head with hand as if posing for photo, isolated on a mint blue background

A party hat transports you back to your childhood when parties were something you looked forward to. Wear party hats if you need some help getting into the party mood! When you put one of these on, you’ll have instant party magic whether you celebrate with your friends, family, strangers, pets, or … Read more

Know Your Chef Hats

a female chef holding a spatula while wearing her standard uniform

Have you ever stayed in a typical high-end hotel or been fortunate enough to see inside a traditional-style restaurant’s kitchen? If so, you may have also noticed a chef sporting a tall, white hat. These chef hats (called toques or sometimes toques blanches) are an essential part of a typical chef’s uniform, … Read more

Know More About Hard Hats

a working man wearing a blue hard hat

There are different types of hats that people use in other places and on various occasions. And unlike your beanies or fedoras, a hard hat isn’t the typical hat you can wear outside on an average day.  A hard hat is a kind of helmet or protective head hat usually used in workplaces like construction and industrial … Read more

Know Your Sombreros

a cactus wearing a sombrero hat and party ribbons in the background

Like the beret hat for the French, the sombrero has long been associated with Mexico. Sombreros are straw or felt hats with a wide brim, usually upturned at the edges, and a high-pointed crown. For centuries, the sombrero has characterized the image of Mexicans in the entire world: from Veracruz musicians to … Read more

Know Your Fascinators

a pink fascinator with feathers and flowers on a box

By the 1970s, the term fascinator had largely fallen out of use, but by the early twenty-first century, it had made a comeback, albeit with a slightly different meaning. Fascinators are now used to classify a delicate and, to some extent, frivolous female head decoration. If you’re wondering how to choose a … Read more

Know Your Deerstalkers

a detective with a beard wearing a deerstalker cap and a plaid jacket looking at a fragment of a tree through a magnifying glass in the forest

The key to formula warm is to protect all of your skin. Rather than layering a vest, sweater, and jacket but leaving all of it bare from the shoulders up, target even coverage from head to toe. Hats not only add to your comfort in cold temperatures and protect your ears and … Read more

Know your Novelty Hats

Joker Hat

There are a lot of average hats available; they are dull, mass-produced, and unlikely to motivate us to start wearing them. Perhaps this explains why so few people these days wear hats. But there are also some fantastic hat varieties available. Yes, there are expensive designs, but stylish headgear that is cheaply … Read more

Know Your Bucket Hats

a woman with natural freckles and colorful makeup wearing a dress and a bucket hat , looking at the camera and posing in front of an orange studio background

Fashion is going back to the fabulous ’80s. And we’re bowing to the popular bucket hats! It’s time to figure out how to wear the bucket hat without looking dated. Get your hands on this fashion accessory. It will assist you in making the best style statement. Scroll down for some bucket … Read more

Know Your Boonie Hats

a bearded and long haired male tourist wearing a boonie hat looking sideways while standing against Tibetan prayer flags

An excellent hat will make the experience more enjoyable, whether escaping the harsh sun in the desert, avoiding downpours in the rainforest, or going on a weekend hike with your family. It reduces glare, keeps you cool, shields your neck and face from sunburn (check out these tips for treating a sunburn!), … Read more

Know Your Santa Hats

a woman with a curly long wavy brunette hair closing her eyes, pouting, and making a v-sign while wearing a santa hat isolated over a red background

The Santa hat is a traditional hat commonly worn at Christmas parties. It creates a festive atmosphere at parties. As a result, purchasing a hat or giving one to a loved one is a great idea. Without further ado, let’s learn more about this type of hat and select a high-quality one … Read more