Know Your Pork Pies

a straw Pork Pie hat

Many women and men reinvent vintage hat styles to create new variations of fashion accessories. Panama hats, fedoras, and other similar designs that have been popular for decades are making a huge comeback. The Pork Pie hat is no different. Many people, however, are foreign to the Pork Pie hat design. These … Read more

Know Your Fedoras

Coffee on the go. Beautiful young woman holding coffee cup and smiling while walking along the street

Fedora hats were once very popular among fashionable women; they would not leave the house without one. Though this is a popular men’s accessory, many fashion designers and brands are also advocating Fedora hats for women due to the retro vibe and style trends. If you’re thinking about wearing hats to add … Read more

The Guide to Kangol Style for Women

Kangol beret, Woman wearing a beret

Modern fashion is constantly evolving, with numerous new styles appearing daily. Not only does men’s and women’s fashion vary frequently, but both are subject to rapid change. However, it is only because of traditionally influenced fashion that the foundation of modern fashion has been raised to the now unusually higher standards. The … Read more

Know Your Visors

Happy Shouting Girl

While we enjoy sunny days, there is one thing we cannot overlook: sun protection. Sunglasses and sunscreen lotions are essential for everyone, but so are hats that will keep you protected while you’re out and about. If you’re picturing boring caps and bulky hats, let us assure you that there are ways … Read more

Know Your Beanies

Smiling woman pulling down white woollen hat

The Duchess of Cambridge, Lady Gaga, and Serena van der Woodsen are just a few examples of women who know how to make a fashion statement with their headwear. Sure, most hair accessories and hats have practical purposes (and we’re all for shielding our skin from the sun), but they’re also a … Read more

Know Your Snapbacks

a woman in a black T-shirt, white stylish leather jacket, and black snapback posing near a gray building

The snapback cap is making a comeback. Though it hasn’t completely disappeared, there is a renewed fashion energy surrounding snapback hats. While snapbacks were popular in the 1990s with baggy jeans and oversized tees, you can now wear them with almost any outfit. All you should master is how to wear it … Read more

Know Your Trucker Hats

a woman in front of a tree wearing a white trucker hat

Trucker hats have been popular in the fashion world for a long time. They were initially popular with truck drivers before making their way into the fashion world. Netback hats and mesh caps are other names for them. Many people classify trucker hats as a subset of baseball caps. They look similar … Read more

Know Your Dad Hats

a cose up portrait of a senior man wearing dad hat and looking away

Yes, you read that correctly! Dad hats are back in style. The trend of the baseball cap’s more middle-aged has recently returned with a vengeance. Everyone, including their father, is dressed in baseball caps with various outfits. But why are dad hats so popular, and who got everybody back on board? We … Read more

What Are the Different Types of Hats?

a woman in a stylish outfit and hat looking at the camera and adjusting her wavy blond hair against a vivid yellow background

As hats have found popularity, terms such as gambler, fedora, safari, bowler, and others have gained currency. The issue is that people aren’t always sure which style they want, and we frequently hear people say they want this style when talking about another.  Consider this your primer on hat styles, so you … Read more

Know Your Baseball Caps

Pretty african girl portrait wearing baseball cap

They’re as timeless as jeans and T-shirts and as American as apple pie. Of course, we’re referring to baseball caps. The classic sportswear staple (like the tracksuit) is an important part of our cultural identity, transcending gender, time, profession, age, and sports. Young children, grown women and men, tennis and basketball players, … Read more