Reasons To Wear Beach Scarf


On some days, your hair feels stunning, pristine, and lovely enough to serve as the face of a hair-care advertisement. Occasionally, not so much. You simply can’t be bothered to deal with it because it’s dirty, frizzy, or appears to have grown a new cowlick. A headscarf can be useful whether you’re … Read more

Can You Wear a Swim Headscarf While Swimming?

Pin up styled blonde in sunglasses holding umbrella and have fun in the swimming pool

In religions like the Muslim and Judeo-Christian faiths, headscarves are commonly worn. Orthodox Jewish women also wore headscarves to conceal their hair as a symbol of modesty. Wearing a headscarf was considered conventional for Christian women throughout Africa, Europe, and the Mediterranean before the 18th century. It is still practiced in various … Read more

What Is the Best Scarf Size for a Head Wrap?


Whether you’re new to head wrapping or a seasoned pro, you may be wanting to know: does the length of the head wrap matter? We’re here to dispel some head wrap myths and explain why the length of your head wrap may (or may not) matter based on your preferences and hair … Read more

Different Ways to Tie a Beach Headband Scarf


A headscarf is the supreme beauty savior for as many motives as there are ways to wear one. Do beach hair scarves protect your hair? Yes, a scarf not only protects your scalp from UV rays and masks a poor hair day, but it also incorporates a trendy touch to your style. … Read more

How to Choose the Best Overnight Roller for your Hair

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A highly common method of curling hair without using heat is with overnight hair rollers. You can wear them for a short while or for several hours. However, leaving hair rollers in overnight produces the greatest curls. Any roller cannot be worn overnight due to the possibility of damage. You need comfortable, … Read more

Amazing Ways to Volumize your Hair

Wavy Hairstyle Model. Brunette Woman with Shiny Smooth Hair Curls and Face Natural Make up over Beige Background. Women Long Curly Hairdo

It could be delicate to attempt to give fine, thin hair the volume and style you ask for after leaving the house each morning. However, you might feel that it looks plain and undetermined. If your hair does not have any volume. The volume itself can be a haircut. Try to cleave … Read more

Understanding Derma Rolling for Hair Loss

Hair loss, Hair loss problem

While males may be more likely to experience baldness, alopecia, or thinning hair, females can also experience these conditions. In actuality, hair loss in women occurs much more frequently than most people know. Genetics, aging, hormones, stress, drugs, food, and a variety of other variables can all contribute to receding hair. For … Read more

Hair Curlers Have Changed Over the Years

Women Showing Off Hairdos

Due of the versatility they offer, hair curlers are popular appliances. Using this tool, you may create a variety of looks. In addition, you can use it to give volume to your hair. Due to these benefits, ladies have utilized this styling technique since antiquity. The range of styles that may be … Read more

Tips on What to Look for in a Curling Iron

a hairstylist curling a woman’s hair

Are you having problems choosing the correct curling iron for you? Curling irons differ in size depending on the curls you want, so choose one that matches the size of the curls you want. While curl size is a personal decision, the texture of your hair should also be considered, as some … Read more

What Are the Different Types of Hair Extensions?

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Magazine adverts, hair commercials, and salon Instagram profiles feature long, lush locks, making us wish we had Rapunzel-like strands. Fortunately, several types of hair extensions now allow us to achieve our “long hair ambitions” and improve hair fullness without waiting months for it to grow. Let us expose you to all hair … Read more

Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyles of the 2010s

Rihanna performing during the Loud Tour in 2011

Hairstyles that were once in and then out—mullets, for example—seem to be making a comeback in a big manner. With all of the current passion for the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s hairstyles, the once-cool looks of the previous decade have faded from our collective consciousness.  But, who knows, maybe our fave haircuts … Read more

Tips for Hydrating Your Hair

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In the summer, you blame the heat and the light for your dry hair; in the winter, you suspect the cold and wind for robbing your hair of its moisture. Those things play a significant role when it comes to your dry hair. But there’s still much to learn about dry hair, … Read more

Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyles of the 2000s

Christina Aguilera in the red carpet of the Video Music Awards 2006

Celebrity beauty looks dominated the trends in the ’00s, as they have done in the past. However, there were plenty of celebrity hairstyles that everyone wanted in the 2000s, aside from the icy makeup and temporary tattoos that we could all see were going nowhere. These were the hairstyles that we all … Read more