How to Choose the Best Overnight Rollers for Your Hair

Overnight hair rollers are a very popular way to curl your hair, especially without using heat on them. You can wear them for a few minutes, or a few hours. However, the best curls from hair rollers are achieved by wearing them overnight. You can’t wear just any roller overnight, because the roller might cause breakage. You need something easy to sleep in, and effective. Keep reading, to find the best overnight rollers for your hair. 

What Are the Uses of Overnight Rollers?

Overnight rollers are extremely popular with the hairstyling community and normal women all over the world. The main reason for this is that they provide long-lasting curls without the damage that comes from using a curling iron. Overnight rollers also help save time. You can just wear these rollers to bed, and wake up with beautiful curls. You don’t have to worry about doing your hair last minute. Moreover, they bring lasting and more natural curls compared to a curling iron.

People prefer overnight rollers because their curls not only last longer but look better too. Overnight rollers also prevent frizz and make your hair look shinier because they trap moisture in the scalp. Not only this, overnight rollers are extremely beneficial if you have damaged hair. They are gentle on the hair. Even women with rebounded, dyed and bleached hair can use hair rollers while curling irons cause burning and frizz. 

Overnight hair rollers also provide more volume. This is because hair rollers are set closer to the scalp, whereas curling irons have to be stopped at some distance as they can burn the scalp. Overnight hair rollers are also cheaper than a curling iron. On top of that, they help save you money on the electricity bill. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Overnight Rollers


When it comes to overnight wearing, foam rollers will always be a favorite. Foam rollers are made up of a clip that holds the hair in place, and the foam that the hair is wrapped on.  The thick layer of foam helps provide a relaxing sleep. Tossing and turning during the night, causes breakage and tangling in the hair. Foam rollers help prevent that as they detangle easily. Foam rollers also prevent frizz and over dryness of the hair. 

They can be used in both wet and dry hair, however, it is recommended to make sure your hair is completely dry. Simply wrap your hair over the foam of the roller, and secure it in place with the clip. It is advisable to make sure your rollers stay in place but are loose so they don’t pull at the strands. This will cause the hair to break and may cause a receding hairline. 

In the morning, carefully unwind these rollers to reveal your curls. 

Another very good option for a comfortable rolling method is using Flexi rods. Flexi rods also take it a step further than foam rollers, when it comes to comfort. Foam rollers only have a foam covering over the plastic, but Flexi rods are made of foam. Not only that, Flexi rods don’t need clips or bobby pins to hold them in place. This saves you the trouble of metal poking you in your sleep. 

There are a lot of different lengths of Flexi rods available in the market. You should choose your Flexi rods according to the length of your hair. The diameter of the rods is also important. If you want tightly coiled curls for more volume, you should go with slimmer rods. If your hair is very voluminous and you just want some waves, thick rods would be perfect. 


Preventing Hair Damage

When choosing a roller for curling your hair overnight, you need to think of the after-effects too. While overusing any hair roller will result in damage, some rollers can have even more serious effects. 

For a very long time, Velcro rollers were known for providing women with the best, long-lasting overnight curls. However, according to hair specialists, Velcro rollers can be bad for your hair because they are made of a hard-wire roller, wrapped with a Velcro that clings to your hair. The grip of the Velcro, combined with the hard-wiring, can do a lot of damage to your hair, especially if you toss and turn them all night.  

Not only this, if you sleep on a cotton pillowcase, Velcro rollers can make your hair lose moisture. Dry hair breaks very easily. Foam rollers and Flexi rods, on the other hand, retain moisture. 

Even Flexi rods and foam rollers have a substitute. While tightly coiling your hair on a piece of foam may seem like the only option available, there are safer alternatives out there. There are foam rollers and Flexi rods that are coming covered in silk and other soft fabrics. The layer of this fabric prevents friction between the rubber and hair and stops dryness and breaking. These might be a little more expensive, but your hair will thank you. 

Here are various ways to sleep with hair rollers and not break your hair – How to Sleep in Hair Rollers Without Eventually Breaking Your Hair Off?


Your Hair Type

Not every hair type gets the best results with every roller. You need to choose what will suit your hair. The easiest thing to do is to go with foam rollers. They are the most inclusive option out there and give good results with all types of hair. If you have very coiled hair that shrinks a lot, Flexi rods are perfect. They stretch the strands and make your hair look smoother, straighter, and longer. 

The biggest advantage of Flexi rods is that they work on all hair types. Straight, wavy, frizzy, and curly, every hair type can use a Flexi rod.  Foam rollers are perfect for women with thin hair, as they give a very voluminous look. Keep in mind that you would need longer rollers in case you have longer hair.


Your Style of Choice 

Your choice of an overnight roller should also vary with the look you’re trying to achieve. Flexi rods are perfect for tight curls like corkscrew curls. Foam rollers, on the other hand, are good for beach waves, and other loose looks. Flexi rods also give you more styling options. They can twist in any way, while foam rollers usually provide only one type of curl.

The Desired Life of Curls

Flexi rod curls last about 7-14 days if they are taken care of. Foam roller curls, however, don’t last more than a day. They might last two if you brush them less. Therefore, if you don’t want to curl your hair, again and again, Flexi rods would be perfect. If you’re looking for a one-time style, fam rollers are better. 


Ease of Use

Flexi rods are easier than foam rollers when it comes to usage. They don’t need any clips or pins to hold them in place. You just have to wrap your hair around them and twist the rods. With foam rollers, you run the risk of the clip opening and letting the strand loose. If you’re new to using rollers to curl your hair, foam rollers are better. They require less expertise and are simpler to work with. 

Best Overnight Rollers for Your Hair

Where to Buy
Tifara Beauty Hair Rollers
Hair Rollers for Long Hair Curlers by Ivyu Store
Goody GoCurl Foam Hair Rollers

1. Tifara Beauty Hair Rollers

If we talk about a blind-buy purchase, it would be these hair rollers by Tifara Beauty. Why? These hair rollers have been the choice of more than 30,000 customers who have given this an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. These are one of the most comfortable hair rollers available in the market which is why they have become an Amazon’s Choice product too. 

As far as the technical aspects are concerned, they have been made from lightweight foam which allows you to comfortably sleep at night. Moreover, the outcome has been exceptional too. Ladies who tried these hair rollers got some lavish curls that sparkled beauty. The best part? You don't have to worry about your hair being dry or wet as these work perfectly for both hair types. This pack contains a rod of multiple sizes so that you can curl all your hair evenly. The circumference sizes provided are 7/8", 11/16", 5/8", 9/16", 1/2", 7/16", and 3/8" as well. Each rod is 7 inches long. 

2. Hair Rollers for Long Hair Curlers by Ivyu Store

For women who specifically have longer hair and want to curl them, the hair rollers by Ivyu Store will make a perfect choice. Since these are overnight rollers, there is no requirement for heat which means that there will be no damage to your hair. The Flexi rods allow you to style the hair in any way while maintaining the original grace and strength. 

However, these hair rollers have to be used on slightly damp hair for the best results. You can do that by spraying some water on your hair or drying the hair after a shower and then applying these. Start braiding from one side and move to the other. 

The best part about this package is that you don't only get the hair rollers but also some of the required hair accessories which makes it a perfect gift item too. The bun maker accessories will allow you to add up that extra style with your hair. They are 10 inches long which makes them perfect for long hair. For outstanding quality, these hair rollers have got the 7th Rank in Amazon’s List of Hair Rollers. 

3. Goody GoCurl Foam Hair Rollers

If some ladies are looking for budget-friendly options for overnight rollers, these would be the ideal choice. You can easily make the desired curls by applying these and securing them with a clip. This will make sure that the rollers do not untangle from the hair or unroll during the night. While many of you might worry that the clips could be discomforting during the night’s sleep, don't worry because they are positioned in a way that they will not come in contact with you at any point. 

All you need to do is make sure that you roll towards the scalp. To make sure that the ladies can get a variety of curls, four different sizes are provided in this pack of 36 rollers. Each size comes in 9-count. In case you don't like the assorted colors version, you can have the other one as well which comes in black color only. Many people think that cheap products don't usually have that value but this one surely does which is why it has earned a 4.2 rating out of 5 stars. 

Comparative Analysis

Tifara Beauty Hair Rollers 

Hair Rollers for Long Hair by Ivyu Store

Goody GoCurl Foam Hair Rollers

Hair Type

Wet / Dry



Package Size

Pack of 42

Pack of 2

Pack of 36

Price Range





Amazon’s Choice Product

30,000+ Satisfied Customers

Suitable for Long Hair

Multiple Designs Available

Amazon’s Choice Product




Not suitable for Short Hair

Not Suitable for Long Hair

On the detailed evaluation of the three products, we have come to the conclusion that the overnight hair rollers by Tifara Beauty are the best possible choice out there. Without a question, they have been selling like hotcakes and have received the best response from the customers too. Due to the outstanding quality and maximum comfortability, it becomes the product we would advise you to get. 

However, in case you think that they are pricey, the other two options are pretty good too. In fact, the Goody GoCurl Foam Hair Rollers has recently been labeled as an Amazon’s Choice Product which proves that this is yet another great one. While the hair rollers by Tifara Beauty are 7 inches long, there might be some women who would have long hair and would prefer longer hair rollers. Therefore, the hair rollers by Ivyu store could be the right ones for you because they are curated especially to make sure that women with long hair don’t miss out on any curls.  

We hope you make the best purchase based on every aspect that is important to consider before making your purchase of an overnight hair roller. 


Overnight rollers are very helpful in providing thick, bouncy curls, without heat damage. They are also time-saving and affordable. However, they must always be used with care. Even though there are a lot of tutorials and other methods to use these rollers, the right way is always what works best for your hair. Different overnight rollers cater to different hair types. Hopefully, we have helped you make an informed decision.