Derma Roller For Hair Loss With Quick Result

While baldness, alopecia or thinning hair may be more usually seen among males, females can suffer it too.  In fact, hair loss for women is a lot more common than many people realize. Receding hair can be attributed to genetics, age, hormones, stress, medications, diet, and a lot of other factors. Too much dying and perming chemicals can also attribute to hair loss for a lot of women. It can be embarrassing and can cause someone to lose confidence and self-esteem, and in turn, they can become self-conscious.

Fortunately for sufferers, there are several solutions and treatments to address baldness and hair loss. Each day, people have come up with solutions to counter baldness, thinning hair and hair loss. One of the newest treatments for hair loss is micro needling or derma rolling therapy, which involves using a tool called the derma roller.

Now, what is a derma roller? It is a small handheld rolling tool which resembles a lint roller, only with the roll itself covered with hundreds of tiny microneedles. When the derma roller is used to roll on the skin, these needles create micro-injuries on the skin’s epidermis or the skin’s top layer. This action, in turn, triggers the production of collagen and elastin to help the skin heal and regenerate itself. This results in a smooth, supple and younger-looking skin.

While the derma roller is used for a wide range of skin conditions such as acne scars, stretch marks, and cellulite, it is also effective in treating baldness and hair loss. Derma roller DIY kits are now widely available, which means that you can treat your hair loss problems in the comfort of your own home. Make sure though, that you buy only authentic derma rollers for home use.

The following lists the basic steps of derma rolling treatment for hair loss:

1. Wash your hair and scalp

Before using a derma roller, it’s highly suggested that you should wash your face first with lukewarm water. To ensure that you’ll achieve the optimal effects of the procedure before micro needling, care must be considered when taking a high dose of vitamin A in your skin. To ensure that you’re taking the right dosage of vitamin A, it is advisable to consult your doctor first.

2. Apply serum on your scalp

Apply hair regrowth serum on your scalp to prevent further hair loss and help increase your hair’s volume. The function of the serum for Hair Regrowth oil for baldness, in this case, is to stimulate blood circulation which will cause the growth of hair follicles. Serums are rich in vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, and hyaluronic acid, which help in strengthening the hair throughout its life cycle.

Some of the best hair regrowth serums include:

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Matt Miller Hair Regrowth Serum
Das Gro Hair Formula
Basic Care Minoxidil Topical Solution Hair Regrowth Treatment

3. Use your derma roller to roll on your scal

After applying serum, you can start using the derma roller on your scalp. A derma roller with 0.2 mm needles is the best for this procedure, as the scalp is thin and delicate. Longer needles will cause inflammation, irritation and even wounds on your scalp.

You should start with a “front-back” direction when rolling your scalp with the derma roller, especially in those areas that are more prone to hair loss (such as the front and the top of the head). Do this in ten front-right, left-right and diagonal rolling directions in one place of the head for about fifteen minutes.

Treating your baldness and hair loss with derma rolling and the use of serums will be beneficial to people of all ages and both genders. Dermarolling, along with the application of such serums, is ideal for all degrees of hair loss problems. This type of treatment is also suitable for people who deal with hormonal problems (such as menopause or thyroid problems).

Dermarolling helps in developing the hair roots, prolonging its growth phase and strengthening the hair follicles. As the number of treatments increase, along with the application of medications and serums, etc., these factors will expedite hair regrowth and increase the hair volume.

Long-term treatments, therefore, are highly recommended. To get the best and the most satisfactory results, you should roll every few days for about a month. Then stop rolling for about three months, to give time for the skin to regenerate.

You don’t have to spend too much ongoing salons and hair care centers. Dermarolling treatments for baldness and hair loss are a cost-effective way to promote hair regrowth in the comfort of your own home.