Tips for Caring for Your Skin While at the Beach or Pool

Some drinks and sunscreen by the beach

Swimming is no doubt one of the most fun forms of physical exercise. It’s relaxing, therapeutic, and being outdoors come with a lot of benefits . Spending a lazy summer vacation by the beach or pool is a great way to enjoy the sunny season and warm weather. But before you dive … Read more

Should a Hip Girl Consider Sandalwood Perfume?

the Santalum paniculatum (ʻiliahi) plant in Hawaiʻi

Sandalwood, a sensual and elegant component, is frequently utilized as a base note in the most unique scents, providing warmth and depth. Sandalwood and its numerous exotic blends have been adored for ages, even though our complex modern lifestyles have kept us from fully commercializing our sense of smell until the very … Read more

20 Ideas for Beautiful Manicures and Pedicures

different nail polish colors

Nail art is a fantastic method to share your passions and express yourself. It’s also an excellent opportunity to add some color to your outfit, have some fun, and let your imagination run wild. Having great-looking nails, like having great-looking hair and makeup, makes you feel wonderful, and these stunning nail designs … Read more

Popular Makeup Trends of the 2000s

lipstick palette

Celebrities like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Dirty-era X-Tina ruled the early 2000s regarding fashion and beauty. You’re a member of the 2000s kid club if you remember heavy lip gloss, bleached tips, stick-thin eyebrows, side bangs, “scrunching” your hair, and frosted eye makeup. Let’s face it, the decade of the 2000s … Read more

Popular Makeup Trends of the 2010s

woman applying makeup

In the last ten years, the beauty world has seen a slew of fascinating new fads blossom. Indeed, with the influx of new businesses, beauty tutorials, and makeup from across the world, one can argue that the last decade was the most significant in terms of makeup and skincare to date. For … Read more

What Are Dissolving Whitening Strips?

a woman smiling, comparison between yellow and white teeth

Although many dentists provide professional teeth whitening services, it’s generally less expensive to whiten teeth at home. Hence do-it-yourself teeth whitening kits are becoming more popular. Whitening strips are, in fact, the most extensively used home cure for repairing stained or discolored teeth.  You may obtain these strips from a dentist or … Read more

What Is Metallic Foil Nail Polish?

tools for a manicure, fake nails

Metallic foil nails haven’t been this trendy since the 1980s. They were more lacquered and thicker back then than today’s foils, which are powdery thin, and almost blotting paper-like. From Rihanna’s on-trend tips to Beyoncé’s high-voltage, metallic nails, bling nails are still a massive hit among Hollywood’s elite. Plus, this eye-catching nail … Read more