What Are the Different Types of Hats?

a woman in a stylish outfit and hat looking at the camera and adjusting her wavy blond hair against a vivid yellow background

As hats have found popularity, terms such as gambler, fedora, safari, bowler, and others have gained currency. The issue is that people aren’t always sure which style they want, and we frequently hear people say they want this style when talking about another.  Consider this your primer on hat styles, so you … Read more

Infographic on the Types of Skirts

women wearing different types of skirts

A skirt is a garment that is mostly worn by women in the lower part of the body. It covers the person from waistline to downwards. Skirts have different types and can be used for formal events as well as casual days. They have been around for centuries, and their types have … Read more

Infographic on the Major Fashion Brands

fashionable clothes in a store

The fashion industry is among the most iconic industries in the world. There is always an emergence of new trends and new fabrics in the clothing industry. But the key to success is always in quality, perfection, and setting trends. Today, there are many different brands when it comes to fashion items. … Read more