Tips for Picking a Stylish Handbag for a Night-out on the Town

Celebration disco and evening fashion concept - woman in orange dress holding handbag bag, dancing in the club, part of body female legs on dark blue

Every woman knows that the evening bag she chooses can make or break her ensemble. It’s difficult to know where to begin due to the wide variety of available options in terms of design, styles, and materials. This post will discuss how to choose the best handbag for a night out on … Read more

Style Guide for Crossbody Bags

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For the fashion-conscious woman, a crossbody bag is an absolute necessity. Not only are they functional and free up your hands, but they also elevate any ensemble. However, it can be challenging to know how to properly style them due to the wide variety of available styles, materials, and designs. For this … Read more

Tips for Picking a Backpack for Students

School children with backpacks walking to school

Students usually need to carry many books and others around campus and to and from class. Even if they have lockers, students still need sturdy handbags to carry necessities. Lockers may not always be available, or they might be too far away for convenience. Hence, students need a strong, sturdy, and durable … Read more

Tips for Buying Designer Handbags On a Budget

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Designer handbags are women’s fashion weakness. Most fashion-forward woman dream of having at least one genuine piece of designer handbag – not that high-class knockoff. However, it can be hard to justify and afford one, especially those which cost higher than your rent or even cost the same as a car or … Read more

Guide to Women’s Golf Bags to Take at the Golf Course

A female golfer choosing a golf club from a golf bag

If you’re a beginner at golf, you probably want to look like a pro. You observe these seasoned golfers and check how they play, dress, and conduct themselves on the golf course. Golfers exude a bit of panache when they’re at the golf course, and one way they do it is by … Read more

Guide to Picking a New Handbag

Guide to Picking a New Handbag

When it comes to keeping all the essentials in one place, a handbag is undoubtedly a woman’s best friend. For a lot of women, a new handbag is among the most satisfying purchase they can make. However, even if there is a plethora of options in the market, it can still be … Read more

Benefits and Uses of a Drawstring Bag

Black fabric bag on a shelf at a bathroom, bag for keeping accessories, hair dryer

There are many different kinds of bags out there that people use every day, such as handbags, backpacks, shoulder bags, and sling bags. Aside from those, there’s another kind of bag that is similar to a backpack but lighter and simpler: the drawstring bag. Even though it has a very simple design … Read more

Tips for Picking a Handbag for the Office

Handbag essentials

Having the proper attire for your workplace is very important. Your professionalism is, in part, measured by your dress and the accessories you carry. If you usually wear business attire at the office, the handbag you carry for the office will require more thought. Even if you wear your finest work clothes … Read more

Guide to the Types and Styles of Bags

A woman thinking while looking at different bags in different forms

A bag is the one accessory that women can’t do without. A lot can survive the day not wearing a bracelet, earrings, necklace, or hair accessories, but they can’t go out of the house without a bag. Women’s pockets are so small, so even if you’re only bringing your phone and wallet, … Read more

Tips For Picking the Right Purse For Everyday Use

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It’s a great idea to have a collection of bags to choose from so you can have a different bag a day, depending on your outfit and storage needs. But not all of us have the money and closet space to own a lot of bags and clothes. Also, it’s not a … Read more

What are the Essentials You Must Carry in Your Handbag?

A red handbag with ear phones, phone, hand sanitizer and face mask”

One of the essential lessons adulthood has taught us about going out of the house is “to always leave prepared.” A handbag is a must-have for any woman. It doesn’t matter if it’s a purse, a tote, a sling bag, or a handbag – they are always a part of us when … Read more

The Feminine and Whimsical Handbags of Betsey Johnson

Johnson at the 2007 Red Dress Collection show for The Heart Truth campaign

Betsey Johnson is a well-known fashion designer recognized for her whimsical and playful creations. Betsey Johnson, a fashion industry pioneer, has built a name for herself with her flamboyant and colorful designs. Her handbags, however, are undoubtedly one of the most adored features of the Betsey Johnson brand. These feminine and trendy … Read more

Style Guide for Denim Handbags

Woman jeans bag

Denim handbags have been a fashion mainstay for decades, but the wide variety of options can make finding the right bag for you feel daunting. That’s why we compiled this extensive guide to help you sift through all the denim handbags and settle on the best choice. The Classic Denim Handbag As … Read more