Tips For Picking The Right Purse For Everyday Use


With so many options available in the market it becomes difficult to select the right purse. Not only is it a fashion accessory, it’s also a fashion statement, so you need to consider some factors before purchasing one. You have to think about the color, durability, and size of the bag. Further, … Read more

What are the Basics Needed in Any Handbag?


One of the essential lessons adulthood has taught us about going out of the house is “to always leave prepared.” Knowing some fascinating handbag facts and what items to always include inside them ultimately removes the hassle out of the equation. Such things can save us from all the nasty, unprecedented troubles that may … Read more

The Feminine and Whimsical Handbags of Betsey Johnson


Betsey Johnson is a known brand of handbags, backpacks, shoes, and apparel. It is owned by Betsey Johnson, an American fashion designer who is popular for her feminine and whimsical designs. A lot of Betsey Johnson’s designs are considered over the top and embellished. The brand’s products are distributed in more than … Read more

Make a Style Statement with a Denim Handbag


Denim is an ever-versatile fabric. Perhaps it’s one of the few kinds of material that can be made into anything wearable, be it pants, shorts, skirts, jackets, shirts, shoes, and even bags. And if you want to own a denim handbag but you’re thinking twice about how you can use it, take … Read more

What is a Purse Briefcase?


Women and their obsession with purses, briefcases, or handbags is still a mystery for many people, but the love for these purses isn’t a secret for women. Women love bags, not for the sake of trends and fashion, but their contribution of elegance and style to everyday apparel.  There is a huge … Read more

What is a Tiny or Micro Purse?


Purses are the most powerful statements in the fashion world. They give you a classy look and keep your hands free from stuff you don’t like to show others. You already have seen many trendy purses in your surroundings. Many top brands are introducing funky purses, and celebrities wear these elegant purses … Read more

Top 8 Handbags for Women


May not be over, but we have already seen handbags for women that have been frequently on the “top handbags” lists due to a number of reasons. Handbags are not just for carrying your essentials around, or just for fashion purposes. They have also become handsome investments, especially with the case of … Read more

20 Best Tote Bags for Everyday Use


Whether you are a professional working woman, a housewife or student, carrying a tote bag is one of the wisest and most convenient choices you have made to make your everyday life easy. Other than the look of the bag, a functional tote bag is one that doesn’t take much of effort … Read more

Top 10 Handbags for the Office


Having the proper attire for your workplace is very important. Your professionalism is, in part, measured by your dressing and the accessories you carry. The handbag you carry for the office, then, requires even more thought. This accessory is not just something that should go with every outfit you wear but should … Read more

Small Stylish Handbags for the Office


When you’re going out to work, your accessories speak for your professionalism. Having just the right handbag is a bigger deal than most may think. You may think you need a huge bag to hold everything, but the small, stylish handbags can much more efficient and still do the trick. They can … Read more

10 Best Ladies Clutches for Day Events and Parties


Just like clothes, shoes, and jewelry, clutches are also designed keeping in mind the occasion and time. They have always faced a misconception of being carried with gowns in the evening or night parties, which is certainly not true. Modern clutches are trendy, elegant and funky to dazzle up your day and … Read more

10 Best Foldover Pouches


A foldover pouch is one of the most convenient designs for handbags. While they may vary according to capacity, their main attraction is the top flap that keeps everything secure. Moreover, the flap makes for a large canvas for embellishments and designs. There are several foldover pouches available on the market, but … Read more

Handbags for the Office and Long Commutes


The chances are you have a long commute if you live in a big city or perhaps out past the suburbs. Many work centers are located in a commercial area, while an employee may have to live further away due to housing costs. Whatever the reason for your commute, you will need … Read more

Make a Style Statement with a Clear Handbag


Clear handbags are not only a fashion statement but also a convenient option for those who have a habit of dumping everything in their purse/bag. As an alternative to the conventional leather or canvas bag you are carrying, clear handbags are available in stylish designs, various sizes, and multifunctional features. To make … Read more

Top 10 Handbags for Students


Students commonly need to carry a lot of books and other around campus and to and from class. Even if they have lockers, college students are especially in need of sturdy handbag to carry all their necessities. Lockers may not always be available, or they might be too far away for convenience. … Read more

Top 10 Stylish Handbags for a Night Out on the Town


A handbag is convenient to have no matter where you are. When you’re out for the evening to relax and enjoy yourself, you still need a safe place to store your essentials. Even the most glamorous party or club would require you to have your phone, some tissues, cosmetics, keys, and cash … Read more

12 Classic Mini Shoulder Bags


A classic mini shoulder bag may not hold large devices or notebooks, but it will provide a compact space for your essentials and can be stylish as well as practical. With a quality bag like this, you can easily travel or enjoy an event without much hassle. Most of the bags discussed … Read more

Guide to RFID Blocking Purses, Wallets and Backpacks


Safety is one of the most important concerns for everyone at any time and anyplace. Unfortunately, you can’t control theft, pickpockets, and hackers but you can always make safety measures to keep yourself and your belongings safe and secure. One of the safe ways to keep your belongings, money, cards, keys and … Read more

Best Convertible Bags


When it comes to everyday bags you use for the office, school or a casual day out, it pays to have options. Convertible bags, or bags that have more than one way of carrying, offers a convenient versatility, which is nice to have when you get tired of handling your bag in … Read more

Best Crocodile Pattern Bags


In the natural world, crocodiles are scary and avoided; but when it comes to fashion, they are very much welcome. A lot of designers create bags with the squarish, lizardy pattern of the croc skin. The effect is an elegant look that makes it fun to pair with unstuffy outfits or level … Read more

Great Handbags for Shopping


Shopping is a woman’s thing. It’s a stress-reliever that’s cheaper than a psychiatrist, plus, you get to bring home something you are excited about. If shopping is your habit, then you need to invest in at least two handbags that you especially use for the activity. It’s time to shop for your … Read more

Best Crossbody Bags


Crossbody bags are perhaps the best bags to bring while you travel or stroll around. The best features of crossbody bags are that it offers you different ways to wear it, like putting it around your body or slinging it just in the shoulder. These bags also have convenient pockets and compartments … Read more

Best Hobo-style Bags


A lot of new bag styles today are structured and pared-back, because most modern people nowadays prefer the modern form. But sometimes, the flexibility that a hobo bag can provide is still welcome and still preferable. If you are not familiar with what a hobo bag is, it’s a type of bag … Read more

Best Leather Handbags


  Leather is a popular material used to make various items throughout history, especially bags. It is known for quality and durability, as well as timelessness and style. It’s very practical to use, and it offers plenty of character. Leather is also tough and durable, and it even improves over time. There … Read more

Best Metallic Clutches


Every woman must invest in at least one clutch bag to bring should any special occasion arise and you need a small bag to contain your basic going out essentials. Going for something metallic is a wise idea because it can go with anything and it can easily glam up your outfit. … Read more

Best Canvas Bags


Canvas bags are preferred by those who want lightweight yet durable bags. It is all the rage with reusable shopping tote bags today, but the canvas is used in a lot of other bag styles. It’s also preferred by those who want to take a break from their classier and heavier leather … Read more

Best Black Handbags


The black handbag is a style perennial, whether it’s a shoulder bag, a satchel, a crossbody, a purse or a tote. It’s the piece women want to use over and over again. It’s a good thing to have other-colored bags if you need to make a statement or add accent to your … Read more