How to Look Great in a Bikini

Many women want to look nice in a bikini, whether they want to suit up for a party (also, is there anyone who doesn’t love cheese at a party?) or are attempting to be ready for bikini season. Bikinis might be scary to wear, especially since most people spend their time fully dressed. There are ways to look your best in your bikini with the appropriate fitting suit, a little effort, and a confidence boost, so you can focus on having fun in your bikini.

Drink a Lot of Water

Keeping yourself hydrated is a way of caring for your skin and will also prevent water retention, which causes bloating. Drinking water encourages your body to expel fluids, giving you a slimmer appearance. To stay hydrated, you should drink at least eight glasses of water every day, but more if you are doing vigorous activities or sweating.

If you find it difficult to drink plain water all day, add a few blueberries, a slice of cucumber, or a lemon to your drink.

Eat Foods That Help Reduce Bloating

Reduce your intake of salty foods and carbs, such as processed foods and frozen meals, a few days before you plan to wear a bikini. Also, avoid bloating your gut by not eating gas-producing veggies like beans, onions, and broccoli. Instead, consider eating cooked spinach, asparagus, celery, and tomatoes, which are diuretics and may help you reduce your water weight.

Include a Workout Regimen

two women wearing bikinis enjoying the water, beach waves

Make a means to get your heart pounding, whether it’s jogging, yoga, or lifting weights at the gym. Cardio exercises are among the most effective strategies to lose weight in preparation for swimsuit season.

Exercising is not only beneficial to the exterior of your body, but it is also necessary for the health of your heart. Find something you enjoy doing and get your body going so you can feel and look your best.

Shave All of the Necessary Areas

a woman wearing a bikini and accessories posing

Shave your armpits, legs, and especially your bikini area the day before you go swimming. If you’re heading into a hot tub or a chlorinated pool, shaving the day before may assist in reducing stinging. To avoid razor burn, always shave with a sharp razor with a moisturizing strip and shaving cream.

A week before you plan to wear a bikini, have a professional give you a bikini wax to remove any indications of hair. These treatments aren’t cheap, but they’ll keep you hair-free for your bikini.

Play With Various Fits and Styles


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Bikinis are available in various colors, styles, patterns, and cuts, each of which flatters the figure uniquely. If you’re not sure about a particular fit, don’t be hesitant to approach a sales associate for assistance in determining the best style and size for your body type. 

Don’t get too caught up in the size of the tag, as it varies from style to style and brand to brand. Remember that you can achieve the greatest look by mixing and matching bikini bottoms and tops.

Find a Suit That Provides Enough Coverage


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If you have a large bottom, a mini-skirt bikini bottom will provide ample coverage. If you wish to wear bows or ruffles, do so on your bikini top. Look for smooth bottoms that will not add volume to your lower half. Also, steer away from bold designs and strong colors.

Wear a Top That Is Forgiving

Because every woman is built differently, you must determine what your body requires from a suit to appear your best. Finding an attractive and supportive bikini top is essential for looking amazing in a bikini.

The Perfect Bottoms to Complement Your Legs


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Thankfully, bikini bottoms come in a variety of shapes and cuts to suit your specific body type. There is a style for everyone, whether you choose to add dimension or stretch your legs.

Moisturize Your Skin

Lotion can help your skin look more vivid by moisturizing and revitalizing dry spots. Before you put on your bikini, apply body lotion from the shoulders to the toes. Use gentle circular strokes to work the lotion completely into your skin.

Wear a Hat

Sun hats are an excellent way to look fashionable while also protecting your skin. Try searching for a straw hat to go with your bikini look. Regardless of what others may believe, anyone can wear a sun hat, particularly when paired with a bikini.

Apply a Spray Tan

This is an excellent approach to make yourself appear smaller while also concealing any imperfections or injuries. Stop by your local drug store and purchase a spray tan.

Exfoliate your skin using a washcloth before spraying or rubbing the tanner on. For appropriate applications, make sure you follow the guidelines on the packaging.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, get a professional spray tan. Spray tans are available at most tanning clinics. Please take into account that they can be pricey.

Wear a Bikini Cover-up

a woman wearing a bikini and a cover-up

Wearing a cover-up is a terrific way to dress up your bikini look and boost your confidence. Fringe wrap skirts, cotton jersey halters, and lace kimonos are just a few of the options available. They’re ideal for when you’re not swimming but merely want to be near the water since they provide coverage without requiring you to change fully.

Compliment Yourself Before Heading Out

It’s best to be in a good mood before leaving the house in your bikini so that when you get to your destination, you’re ready to have a good time. Slouching, hiding in a corner, or thinking that you can’t display yourself in your bikini will prevent you from having the time of your life.

Stand Up Straight

Proper posture produces appealing lines that make you appear more assured. To appear taller and thinner, raise your head and pull your shoulders back.

To assist you in pulling in your abdomen, imagine your navel being dragged up into your spine. If you feel yourself slouching throughout the day, try to remind yourself to continue correcting your posture.

Realize That People Are Fixated on Themselves

If you’re in a swimsuit with others, chances are they’re more concerned about their own body than yours. Like you, most women are self-conscious about their bodies and appearance, and they’re likely trying to find ways to feel and look their best in a bikini. Your good vibes may reflect on those around you, creating a more pleasant atmosphere if you drop your insecurities and have a good time.