Tips For Picking the Right Purse For Everyday Use

It’s a great idea to have a collection of bags to choose from so you can have a different bag a day, depending on your outfit and storage needs. But not all of us have the money and closet space to own a lot of bags and clothes. Also, it’s not a sustainable way to live.

That’s why it’s essential to choose a handbag that suits your everyday style. You have your backpack for hiking, outdoor activities, or lugging your laptop; luggage for travel; clutches for special occasions; totes for casual outings; and an everyday bag to bring whenever you usually go. Whether you’re searching for a stylish handbag for work or a simple pouchy bag for running errands – it must be practical, comfortable, yet fashionable.

So, here are the tips for picking the right purse or handbag for everyday use:

Make it suitable for your style and the purpose of the bag

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Your everyday bag must complement your personal style. If you’re a casual dresser, look for a casual-looking bag like canvas shoulder bags or cute backpacks. If you’re always dressing up or if you have a strict business dress code at work, choose something a little more sophisticated, like a leather handbag. If you’re a low-maintenance gal, choose bags made from synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, or vegan leather.

Think about what sort of treatment your handbag will get. For example, if you go to work every day, then it means you don’t walk far while carrying your bag, which means it doesn’t have to be lightweight. On the other hand, if you walk daily or use public transportation, you must choose something light and comfortable to carry. It must also have a strong closure and zippers to prevent anyone from getting access to it when you’re on a crowded train.

If you’re doing a lot of shopping or errands where you go to and from different places, a crossbody bag will probably work best for you in terms of comfort and practicality. If you’re a minimalist and don’t carry many personal items with you, you can use a smaller bag to take your phone, money, and a few accessories.

Choose the best material

One of the critical factors for you to consider is the material the bag is made of. For handbags made of leather, you must choose whether to get one made of genuine leather or synthetic leather. Real leather is highly durable and ages well but is more expensive. Synthetic and imitation leather materials are much lighter and vary in quality. Some people choose synthetic leather due to ethical views.

In choosing the best material, you must consider not just your style but also how you may use the bag and the climate in your area. If you live in a warm country and you’re taking public transportation, you may not want to lug in a leather bag every day, and you may prefer canvas, nylon, bamboo, and other materials. If it usually rains in your area, choose a bag with a waterproof exterior.

When it comes to choosing materials, always consider the durability of the fabric. Choose a bag made from high-quality materials with solid craftsmanship so it can stand up to the rigors of everyday use.

Make sure it matches your wardrobe

Sure, a mint green tote might be pretty, or that purple bag may look uniquely cute, but do they match any items in your wardrobe? If it only matches one or none, then you’re less likely to use it every day unless it’s convenient and you’re willing to sacrifice style for function.

The best everyday bag is something that goes with most of the outfits you wear. Before buying a bag, consider the array of colors and styles of clothes in your closet to determine the choice in color, material, and design of a bag. It must not always match – it may be complementary, but make sure they really go together.

Find the right size for your needs

How big does your bag have to be? Simple – think about the things you need to bring with you every day, then add a little more space just in case you need to bring one more thing when the situation demands it. A small bag may be enough if you bring your phone, wallet, keys, and some makeup daily. But if you’re tied to your laptop, you will need to consider something bigger.

Find the right shape for your body type

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The shape and size of your bag can influence your overall proportions and appearance. If you choose the perfect bag shape suitable for your body, it can enhance your look.

Generally, you’ll want a bag shape that’s opposite to your body type. If you’re curvy and short, opt for tall, rectangular bags. Opt for a rounded, slouchy bag if you’re tall and thin. The rounder your physique is, the more structured and angular your bag must be. For example, if you have a petite and curvy body, you’ll look great with a rectangular crossbody bag. Here are some guidelines for choosing a bag according to body type:

Pear-shaped body – Pear shapes usually have bigger hips and thighs, and a smaller bust and shoulders. The best bag for them is one that draws attention to the upper body, so your hips won’t be noticeable. What may work best is a good structured shoulder bag or backpack.

Inverted triangle body – This is a body type where the shoulders are the largest, with a narrow waist and small hips. In this case, adding something interesting to the lower body, like a long crossbody bag that sits around the hips, can add volume. Waist bags are also great to consider.

Apple-shaped body – An apple-shaped body means you have a large bust, narrow hips, and a full midsection. What works best for them is a large, structured tote bag.

Rectangular body – A rectangle body shape has equal bust, waist, and hip measurements. The lack of curves makes the body appear straight, like a rectangle. For this body type, slouchy, rounded bags are more suitable. Avoid structured bags because they won’t look flattering.

Hourglass-shaped body – The ideal body shape, hourglass body shapes come with a slim waist and bust and hips of equal (or almost equal) measurements. For a flattering bag, choose one that accentuates your waist.

Choose the most suitable strap

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Shoulder bags have been popular for a long time now since they are easier to lug around than the traditional handbag with short, handheld straps. They are also more casual than handheld bags. Most shoulder bags nowadays come with a crossbody strap, so you can vary the way you bring them. If you are using public transportation every day, this kind of bag with convertible straps is more comfortable to wear.

Backpack handbags are also popular nowadays because they can balance the weight of your stuff on both shoulders, unlike other kinds of bags. It’s excellent if you bring a lot of things and if you use public transport. Backpacks usually have room for books, water bottles, snacks, and sometimes laptops. If you bring your laptop with you daily, a backpack is more comfortable than a briefcase.

Consider a bag with the right pockets and compartments

We carry lots of different things in our everyday bags, and as time passes, it can get quite cluttered due to receipts, tissues, and the like. So to avoid having a messy bag, ensure it has the right compartments and pockets you need. Separate compartments allow you to have definite places for particular items, so you don’t have to search your whole bag whenever you need something tiny, like your keys or a pen.

Pockets and compartments are a personal choice. Some may not like a central divider pocket, but some do. But you will benefit from an external pocket for your phone and keys and some pocket where you can pop a pen or other small pieces.

Tote bags with one large compartment are spacious, but it’s not a great option for an everyday bag. What you don’t want is being in a library or a church, and your phone starts ringing, and you’re unable to find it before it stops ringing.

Choose a bag with a zipper

A handbag that can be fully zipped and closed up is a great option for an everyday bag. If you’re traveling and the bag falls over, nothing will fall out. A zip closure is something that can make a difference in times when you need to close your bags properly to keep their contents safe.

Find the right color

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A classic black handbag is a safe choice because you know it will always match whatever you choose to wear. An everyday bag in this color works in both casual and formal settings.

But if you have certain colors that you frequently wear, then you could match or complement the color palettes that you want. If you often wear blue jeans, a dark blue or a dark green bag can add a trendy touch to your outfits. If you wear earth shades, it can be complemented by a wine-colored or deep red handbag. Tan and cream-colored bags are timeless, too – the only problem with them is that they can make stains and dirt easier to notice.

Make it versatile

If you intend to bring your everyday bag everywhere and use it for everything, it needs to have a versatile design. It must be dressy enough to suit your work or formal attire, soft enough to fit with your casual outfits, and must go with your usual color palette so it won’t clash with your outfit.

Do a cost-benefit analysis

Now that you know what kind of bag you’re going for, it’s time to do a cost-benefit analysis. It’s about taking into account the price of the bag and its benefits and features. For instance, if you find a bag that’s within your budget but doesn’t have enough compartments for everything you want to carry, then it may not be worth it in the long run. But if you find one that’s a bit pricy but has all the features and functionality you need, then it can be worth splurging on, especially if you know you’re going to use it daily.