What is a Bucket Hat?

Hat with glasses on the beach

We can protect ourselves from the sun’s damaging rays by wearing hats, especially bucket hats because their wide brims can cover our faces, necks, and hair. The greatest places to wear bucket hats are during outdoor activities like hiking, camping, kayaking, and more. In addition to providing UV protection in the summer, … Read more

Know Your Sun and Floppy Hats

a close up portrait of a girl holding a sun hat with one hand and laughing and looking at the side isolated on a yellow background

It’s summer, and you’ve already got your swimsuit, go-to dress, footwear, and sunscreen sorted – now it’s the season to invest in headwear that will see you through this summer and beyond. A sun hat is the protective and stylish finishing touch that no summer wardrobe should be without, topping off your … Read more

Know Your Boater Hats

a girl in a light beige summer dress and straw boater hat enjoying the view of the sunflower field

Summer images include a long road trip, a day at the pool or beach, an elegant evening under the stars, a garden tea party, and a riverboat trip. And boater hats are undeniably cheerful and ideal for sunny days. Furthermore, you can convey your sense of style in any way you want … Read more

Know Your Panama Hats

a woman wearing glasses and a Panama hat standing and drinking a coconut with a straw against the blue sky

The need to dress coolly increases during the summer months. Lightweight cotton, lairy Hawaiian shirts, linens, deck shoes, swim shorts, and espadrilles appear unexpectedly on city streets and beachfront boardwalks. However, distinguishing yourself from the crowd can be difficult, but sometimes, the answer is a hat. However, they are frequently an afterthought … Read more

Learn About Pillboxes

white pillbox filled with orange medications

It might be a bit confusing to keep up with your medications, especially if you’re prescribed many medicines simultaneously. Using a pillbox is one effective way to keep track of your pill schedule, avoid missing doses, and ensure you have enough medicine left. A pillbox is something you would always want to have … Read more

Know Your Army Hats

a female American soldier wearing her military uniform including the military hat

Hats, lids, covers—whatever you like to call them, headgear has been a part of American military uniforms since the formation of the Continental Army. The headwear worn by US military personnel has evolved significantly over time. From the round and cocked hats of the 1700s and 1800s to today’s army hats, they … Read more

Know Your Cowboy Hats

a woman wearing a cowboy hat near and touching a horse

Cowboy hats have been a big part of western lore since the days of spaghetti westerns, early movies, and everything in between. While the wide-brimmed hat is an important part of North American history, it is now mostly worn as a symbol of the west by rodeo circuit participants, ranch workers, and … Read more

Know Your Bowler & Derby Hats

a man wearing a coat and bowler hat outdoors holding the hat’s brim

While it is becoming increasingly rare in contemporary fashion, the bowler hat is a true classic in menswear. But what are its roots, how can it be worn today, and why does it have far too many different names? Today, we’ll go over the types of hat in-depth, its long and strange … Read more

Know Your Newsboys and Flat Caps

a portrait of retro 1920s english gangster wearing flat cap

Flat caps and newsboys have seen a revival in recent years, and with reason. They are not only warm in the winter, but they are also classily stylish, and almost any well-dressed gentleman can pull them off. Unlike the bolder fedora, newsboys and flat caps make a softer statement less intimidating and … Read more

Know Your Ascot Caps

Mysterious English gangster with flat cap and black coat posing sideways. low light and selective focus

The ascot cap, or the Cuffley cap, is a type of men’s cap similar to the flat cap but has a rounded and hard shape. This is a one-of-a-kind flat hat, with notable differences from the usual ivy and driver caps. However, once you understand what it is and how to wear … Read more

Know Your Homburgs

a black Homburg hat

Despite being among the most popular hats of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, many people are unfamiliar with the Homburg Hat. Because it resembles other classic hat styles, the Homburg is frequently grouped with hats such as the Trilby, Fedora, or Bowler. The Homburg is a one-of-a-kind fashion accessory worn by various … Read more

Know Your Cloche Hats

Retro Woman Drinking Her Tea

This classic hat is iconic (even though you may not have known what it was called until now.)  We’re here in the roaring 2020s to discuss cloche hats and who can pull them off after making such a massive mark on fashion in the roaring 1920s. What Is a Cloche Hat? The … Read more

Know Your Berets

Excited female pointing at beret

Berets have been seen on the heads of countless cultural icons throughout history, from notable political figures (such as the Black Panthers and Che Guevara) to famous artists (such as Picasso and Rembrandt) to fashion trailblazers (like Coco Chanel). The beret is still a dynamic fashion accessory today. Many ways of wearing … Read more

Know Your Trilby Hats

Woven fedora hat on street market

Wearing a hat is a fun way to spice up your look, but as with everything else in your wardrobe, it’s important to pay attention to form, fit, and function. Given that the trilby is frequently misidentified as a fedora and derided as the epitome of hipster vanity, it’s a great idea … Read more