Style Tips and Ideas for Wearing Jewelry at the Beach and Pool

If you think putting on a pretty bikini, slipping on a cute pair of flip-flops, and wearing a chic cover up is enough to make your summer Outfit of the Day or OOTD complete, then think again. In case you didn’t know, the beach can often be a big cat-walk where ladies and even gentlemen strut their style for everybody to see and admire. It’s time for you to hop onto the fashionista bus and step up your game by blending your bikinis and cover ups with some great beach jewellery.

Here’s the thing, anybody can pick random bracelet or necklace and pair it with a swimsuit, but it takes a true fashion expert to pull off the look. Luckily, you’re in the right place, because we are here to give you some tips on how to wear jewelry at the beach and pool to achieve that fashionable and instagrammable look.

Match Your Beach Jewelry with Your Swimsuit

The first important step you should remember is that your beach jewelry should match your swimsuit. If you have a sporty kind of swimsuit, it will be best paired with just a simple hook earring. If you want to have that classy vibe and wear a swimsuit with high cut bottoms, you can match it with a necklace that has retro pendants or barrettes. But if you will opt to wear a simple solid color swimsuit, the best pieces of jewelry to put on are cuff bracelets and color-block necklaces.

Mix and Match Different Beach Jewelry

But bear in mind, choosing the right beach jewelry is not always about what style or color your swimsuit is, because it also has to match other accessories that you have. For example, if you want a romantic chic vibe, you can put on a simple swimsuit; cover it up with a kaftan and match it with a cuff bracelet and a pendant necklace. If you prefer to have that Hollywood feel, you can wear a retro swimsuit and a fashionable sun hat and pair it with adorable jewellery like cherry earrings.

Pick Pieces of Jewelry that Are Made for the Beach

Some types of standard jewelry can’t stand up to the pressure of the hot summer sun, let alone the ocean’s salty water, therefore, you need to choose your jewelry wisely. They should be at least waterproof, meaning, the materials and colors shouldn’t tarnish and fade while you’re in the water. And if you’re not sure about the quality of your accessory, don’t bother wasting money on it. You can always buy cheaper options and dispose of once it gets tarnished and broken.

We also made you a list of some great beach jewelry:

Where to Buy
Sea Shells Nautical Anklet Bracelet
Wowlife Retro Lace Anklets with Beads
Suyi Exquisite Multilayer Chain Turquoise Necklace with Feather Pendant
Vintage Flower Necklace with Earrings Set
Multilayer Bohemian Beaded Bracelet with Crystal Pendant Charm
Trenro Women Lady Bohemia Wind Beaded Multilayer Hand Woven Bracelet Jewelry
Golden Body Belly Waist Charm Chain Bikini Beach Pendant Necklace
Barefoot Sandals Beach Foot Jewelry Turquoise Jewelry Anklet
Multi-layered Bohemian Style Necklace with Moon Pendant
Wowlife White Lace Pearl Ankle Bracelet

1. Sea Shells Nautical Anklet Bracelet

You won’t have to worry about tarnishing this anklet because it is made from pretty strings and cute shells. It will give you that natural beach gal vibe. You can perfectly pair it to a simple bikini and a bohemian style cover up.

2. Wowlife Retro Lace Anklets with Beads

This elegant ankle bracelet is the perfect accessory especially if you are going to attend a beach wedding. It will give you that sophisticated look and it will go flawlessly with a simple full colored swimsuit and a pretty kaftan cover up.

3. Suyi Exquisite Multilayer Chain Turquoise Necklace with Feather Pendant

You can channel your inner fashionista by pairing this beautiful multi-layered necklace with your light swimsuits that has v neck or plunging necklines. It has a simple yet elegant design that will give you that minimalist, chic vibe.

4. Vintage Flower Necklace with Earrings Set

If you’re attending a beach party or a beach wedding, this is the right accessory for you. This product comes with a beautiful floral necklace and a pair of pretty earrings. You can also use this even if you’re not on the beach; it’s so stylish you can pair it with anything.  

5. Multilayer Bohemian Beaded Bracelet with Crystal Pendant Charm

This multi-layered handcrafted bohemian styled bracelet is made from different kinds of gemstones. Each stone is carefully picked to make this one of a kind bracelet. This bracelet will match nicely with your laced kaftan cover up or with a bohemian style swimsuit. This also comes in a beautiful gift box, making it a perfect gift for your fashionista friend and loved ones.

6. Trenro Women Lady Bohemia Wind Beaded Multilayer Hand Woven Bracelet Jewelry

If your swimsuit or cover up has a bohemian style, then this necklace will be a perfect match. It is beautifully designed with chains, tassels and turquoise stones that can certainly add style to your bikini. This necklace is 100 percent brand new and is made with high quality alloy. Aside from being a beach jewelry, it can also be worn in other formal and semi-formal events.

7. Golden Body Belly Waist Charm Chain Bikini Beach Pendant Necklace

This bikini crossover necklace is the perfect accessory if you’re going to a beach or pool party. It can go perfectly with a sexy two piece bikini. This jewellery will add a more sensual feel to your outfit.

8. Barefoot Sandals Beach Foot Jewelry Turquoise Jewelry Anklet

Going barefoot has never been so stylish. This pair of anklet will definitely make your feet look sexier and your outfit more chic. With its turquoise accent and tassel design, it will go perfectly with your lively printed swimsuit and crochet bikini cover up.

9. Multi-layered Bohemian Style Necklace with Moon Pendant

This silver handmade necklace is perfect for your two-piece bikinis. This will give you that simple but elegant look that will make you feel like a true blue beach gal.


10. Wowlife White Lace Pearl Ankle Bracelet

This lace pearl ankle bracelet is perfect to wear with your summer dress or bikini especially if you’re going to attend a beach wedding. It has a sophisticated and lovely design that can complete your beach outfit.

Wearing pieces of jewelry can certainly make your beach or pool outfit look more fashionable. But you should also keep in mind that when it comes to wearing beach jewelry, less is more. You don’t have to wear too much jewelry to make your outfit look more fabulous. Simple bracelets, rings, and necklaces will work. This will also help you avoid worrying about losing your jewelry pieces while you’re having fun.

Just always go with something that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable as well. We hope the tips, ideas, and products we shared will be able to help you find the perfect jewelry that will match your beach and pool outfits.