Tips for Styling Trendy and Cool Watches

military style watch with brown leather strap

Elegant, refined, and classic! Almost every period has seen the wear of watches. Nearly everyone owns a watch, whether for aesthetic, functional, or sentimental reasons. However, not everyone is adept at styling them. So, the following tips will help you style your watch so that it matches your outfit and the situation … Read more

Tips for Adding a Brooch for Extra Glam Style

A retro style vintage handmade Victorian style brooch on the black shiny background

An unassuming outfit can become effortlessly chic with the addition of a small accent. The ultimate functional accessory to upgrade any classic outfit and make it ultra-chic is decorative jewelry, such as brooches. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for advice on how to wear a brooch for extra … Read more

Tips on Wearing Tiny and Dainty Jewelry for Everyday Use

The bride's morning preparations. Pendant on the neck. Beautiful decollate. Closeup

A metallic piece of jewelry instantly gives your overall appearance a touch of glam and sophistication. However, there are many options for dainty jewelry if you’re the kind of person who prefers to keep things simple but still wears accessories. Statement jewelry may only be appropriate for special occasions; small pieces can … Read more

Cute Fruit-Inspired Jewelry

Young redhead girl in 70s clothes style with a tropical cocktail on grey background

Prepare to take a bite out of your new favorite pieces of jewelry, colorful creations that are just ripe. Particularly in the Spring and Summer, jewelry designs featuring fruits are very popular. You never know what form a gold pineapple will take on your wardrobe. Look into a world of all the … Read more

What are the different styles of diamond stud earrings?

Diamond stud earrings

The diamond stud earrings became a fashion trend in the late 19th century, and because they are both classic and versatile, they make a perfect gift even to yourself. Although you may think choosing the perfect pair of diamond stud earrings is as simple as buying other jewelry from your local jeweler, … Read more

The Guide to Wearing Ankle Bracelets

a woman in a dress sitting on a mossy rock with an ankle bracelet on her left ankle

Anklets are delicate bands of stone, metal, or fabric sported on the ankle in formal and informal settings. Anklets are normally 9-10 inches long and available in many styles: beaded, sterling silver, freshwater pearl, stretchy corded elastic, gold, and woven. Anklets are a flexible item that you may use for a wide … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Necklaces for Women

a grayscale photo of a woman in side-view wearing a necklace

The perfect necklace will complement any clothing and make you feel gorgeous anytime you wear it. Necklaces are typically comprised of a pendant and chain, though standalone chains are sometimes favored. If you’re seeking to invest in some lovely new necklace styles, you might be thinking about which ones to get. The … Read more

Men’s Guide to Using Silver Fashion Jewelry

a man posing with his eyes closed and hand on his face showcasing his silver jewelry

Most guys find jewelry perplexing, and it’s simple to see why. Because of decades of limited market offerings, the word “man jewelry” has an ugly stigma attached to it. Unless a man desired to be defined by an assertive, bold piece of chain metal, the only options were a watch and a … Read more

Braided Bracelets for Men – a Styling Guide

Braided Bracelets for Men

Bracelets have been worn for millennia. Bracelets have gone a long way from their grass origins to their modern forms, and they stay one of the most popular pieces of jewelry. While many men tend not to wear jewelry other than their wedding rings and watch, an increasing number of men consider … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Fashion Accessories

Ultimate Guide to Fashion Accessories

Accessories are typically chosen to complete an ensemble and enhance the wearer’s appearance. The term was coined in the twentieth century and has since expressed a person’s personality and identity. Accessories exist in various colors, sizes, and styles and can be divided into those you wear and those you carry. Several elements, … Read more

Guide to Wood Rings

Wedding rings and jewelry in a jewelry wood box

If you want to include organic beauty in your ring, a wooden ring might be a good option. One might seriously consider wearing a piece of wood on their finger given the wide range in color and grain pattern between different wood species.  You have come to the right place if you … Read more