How to Customize Your Shoes?

Bringing life back to an old pair of shoes could be a hefty but creative job for all the DIY project lovers. One of the ways to do so is to start with the customization of shoes in your desired manner. You can do that for a new shoe as well and get it designed as you like. Try customizing a pair of shoes at your home and you will find it an interesting thing to do too.

Simple Changes

It is up to you as to how much you want to go for the design of your shoe. While some people want it extra fancy and very styled, others prefer a shoe that is simplistic and has a minimal design. For a minimal design, a few simple changes can be done on an existing shoe with the help of fabric markers. If you can’t seem to find any from your local store, we have mentioned one below that you can easily get from

Permanent markers can also be used but it is always better to use fabric ones. All you need to do is to think of any design which you would like on a shoe. Some people prefer having their name initials so you can write that with some cool font.

There are other creative ideas too such as drawing certain patterns, doodling, drawing lightning bolts, hearts, stars, flowers, birds, butterflies, or any other shape. Polka dots are also a fancy way to style and customize your shoes. Since there is no boundary to creativity, you can do whatever you like by just using a simple fabric marker.



Add Jewelry Items

If you don’t want simple changes and are aiming for a fancy shoe, you can do that by adding different types of embellishments for jewelry items on the shoe. Ladies can do this by using a simple pendant, broch, or even a small bracelet to attach it on the front part of the shoe where the toes meet. Make sure whatever you are using on one shoe is exactly matching on the other shoe as well.

What you would need for this kind of customization is an industrial strength glue (or a super glue) because these items need to have a stronghold and not break off with some rough usage. If you are worried you might not be able to safely use superglue, you can get a glue gun as well which is safer and can be used for long-term DIY projects. We have reviewed one below that you can buy from

However, if you are not sure whether you want it permanent or not, there is also a choice of having a non-permanent option by using some fancy clip-on earrings or shoe clips which could make a great customized shoe. Make sure that if you are using an earring, the pin is adjusted in a way that it does not bother your feet.

Fun idea. Use a brooch, a pendant, and an earring all together, or try out your combination by using multiple jewelry items together.

Shoelace Customization

A very easy way to customize your shoe is to change your shoelaces. Take out the old and worn-out shoelaces and replace them with a shiny ribbon. This would give your shoes an instant new look. Note that for this purpose, you should use a smaller ribbon that is ½ to 1 inch in its width.

For a fancier look, you can cut out the ends of the ribbon in a unique way such as by making a triangular shape. We recommend you use a glue gun to harden the edges which will not let them fray and give a bad look.

Moreover, try getting a ribbon that is in contrast with the shoe. For example, a black shoe will be suited with a white ribbon. A pink shoe might also be complemented with a white ribbon or a black ribbon as well.


Using Rhinestones

Another great way to customize your sandals or flip flops is with the help of rhinestones which can be easily sourced from a nearby shop or you can get them delivered to your home from Simply use some rhinestones and attach them to the straps or on the top of the sandals. Superglue or a glue gun is an essential requirement for that.

Multiple combinations can be used. For example, you can use different types of rhinestones or just one kind. Designs and patterns can be made whichever looks better according to the shoe. Just keep in mind that the rhinestones should not be wider than the strap else they will not look good and might break off as well.

Where to Buy
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Things You Will Need

For customizing your shoes, here are a few essential supplies.

Outuxed 5400pcs 12 Colors Hotfix Rhinestones Multicolor

As we said, Rhinestones can be used as a decorative item on the straps of your flip flops or sandals, these are the best ones out there that you can get. This one pack contains 12 different colors of rhinestones and a total of 5400 pieces for a very low price. Each color has an equal number of rhinestones.

It is our recommendation due to the exceptionally high-quality material with which these have been made of. There is a precision cutting that is multi-faceted and no air bubbles are left in the stones. No matter whether you use them with shoes or any other project, they are very easy to use because of the heat-activated adhesive which will immediately melt and stick once heated.


GGLTECK DIY Hot Fix Rhinestone Applicator Wand Setter Tool Kit

The DIY Rhinestone applicator kit is an outstanding product. On the bestsellers’ rank, this product has ranked 2nd which tells us that it surely serves the purpose it has been made for. Customers were happy with it because of the ease-of-use and application of this rhinestone applicator kit.

It allows you to easily apply rhinestones to different types of materials. With a fast heat-up mechanism and a comfortable grip handle, you can get your work done in only a few minutes.

The accessories coming with this kit include Tips, Rhinestone Pencil Pickers, Support Stand,  Jewel Tweezers, Cleaning Brush, Nylon Carry Sleeve, and 2 boxes full of rhinestones. This makes it the one thing package you can buy, and you will no longer require any other products for assistance.

60 Colors Permanent Markers by Shuttle Art Store

For all the artists who are planning to customize their shoes themselves, a permanent marker set would be quite a useful item. This set has 60 vivid colors which will allow you to maximize color accuracy and precision when making any kind of design. The fine tip is just another plus point of these markets.

We have recommended these because they are completely safe as they are made out of NON-Toxic materials and are Acid-free. With fade-resistant and waterproof ink, we really hope you make some designs that last for long. It is an Amazon’s Choice item which makes us even more assured of its quality and usage.

Sharpie 1779005 Stained Fabric Markers

The fabric markers are specifically designed for being used at the shoes and can work on different types of materials. This set comes with 8 markers with the following colors: black, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, and purple.

These are water-resistant colors and will not fade anytime soon. The bright and bold colors will allow you to creatively doodle in the desired manner without any problems. For the exceptional performance of these fabric markers, we suggest you keep them in a horizontal position after usage. The 2-pack is also sold by the company which costs more economical than the regular pack.


Aganippe 12/30 Pairs Assorted Stainless Steel Stud Earrings Set

For those who don’t want to use their existing jewelry, they can get this cheap and worthy earring and study set to decorate their shoes. There are different types of shapes in a total of 30 different pairs, so you always have the option to re-customize and design as per your requirements.

Made of stainless steel, we believe these will resist any damage and won’t break off right away. There are other combinations as well which can be checked at Buy this Amazon’s choice product today and start your own designs.

Blusmart Hot Glue Gun Kit

Perhaps the most important tool for all types of DIY Projects is a glue gun. This one is a complete kit that comes with 35 glue sticks as well so that you have enough supplies for a long time. The heating power is adjustable between 25W and 40W so you can choose accordingly. For delicate shoes, we recommend lower heating.

Being made with a fire-resistant material, the gun will be able to withstand the high temperature and cause no harm to the users. The glue sticks work on shoes as well as other materials such as metal, plastic, leather, wood, ceramic, and paper. A range of other accessories are also provided which include a ruler, silicone mat, finger caps, sticker sheets, and an organizer bag.


We suggest you just order these quick supplies and start your customization project today. This could be a really great way to design your shoes as per your requirements. Make sure you safely use all the equipment so that there is no issue. We recommend you wear gloves as they might help you out.

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