Popular Makeup Trends of the 2000s

Celebrities like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Dirty-era X-Tina ruled the early 2000s regarding fashion and beauty. You’re a member of the 2000s kid club if you remember heavy lip gloss, bleached tips, stick-thin eyebrows, side bangs, “scrunching” your hair, and frosted eye makeup. Let’s face it, the decade of the 2000s was a fascinating one in terms of beauty.

The new decade introduced fresh and unexpected crazes, making the 2000s a remarkable age. While the decade had its share of gloomy periods, it was also responsible for some of today’s most popular looks and a source of inspiration for current beauty trends. Makeup from the 2000s is nostalgic nowadays, and the cosmetic trends were very famous at the time.  The 2000s are also famous for their stunning hairstyles. Check out the most popular celebrity hairstyles of this decade.

You’ll undoubtedly be able to relate to these famous 2000s beauty trends that we picked up ahead, whether you were a true ’00s adolescent or were born at the turn of the millennium.

Heavy Blush

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The decade of the 2000s wasn’t one of subtle blush. In the 2000s, no teen or woman could envision life without a lovely pink blusher. That’s because every star and fashion icon wore pink cheeks.

Pink and rosy cheeks were a decade-long beauty trend, whether on the red carpet or during an award ceremony. We can’t blame the women of this age for using a pink or peach blusher to make themselves look younger and more vibrant. Even today, we see several reputable manufacturers selling various shades of this tint to give your cheeks a pink color.

Shiny Lipstick

In the 2000s, frosty colors and brick red lip shades weren’t the only makeup trends. Women also mimicked their favorite celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez and modeling icon Kate Moss, by wearing brighter and warmer tones.

Pastel Blue Eyeshadow

Color was a big deal in the early 2000s. Britney Spears was one of the era’s biggest stars, and she wore every 2000s beauty trend imaginable, including frosted blue eyeshadow, which she wore on her lids at a concert in Paris in 2000.

Glossy Lips

You can’t think of early 2000s beauty trends without thinking about glossy, sparkly lips. In the early 2000s, carrying a tube of lip gloss (such as Lancome Juicy Tube) with you all day to retain your pouty shine was fashionable.

Lancome’s ‘Juicy Tubes’ were shooting off the shelves into the clutches of high school students who applied them with such passion that their hair became glued to their lips. Adding a shimmering look with glitter was also popular among teenagers.

Smudged Eye Makeup

Sure, Lisa Bonet’s famous smudged-out eye makeup is still among her signature looks, but there’s no denying that it had a moment in the early 2000s. The best part about this smokey eye is that you can get it without using any brushes—smudge it out using your fingers.

Fully Lined Eyes

Pink lip gloss + all-over inky black eyeliner equals a ’00s makeup trend that no one could resist. In the 2000s, people went all-out with eyeliner, making it black, smudgy, and extending from the top to the bottom waterlines.

Extra Bronzer and Fake Tan

Maybe it was because of The OC’s aftermath, but everyone craved that California shine. For a faux tan effect in the 2000s, a lot of bronzer was required. After all, your makeup had to compliment your spray tan.

Lip Liner

Isn’t this the ideal complement to any early-aughts lip gloss? Super-defined lip liner. Models with clearly defined lips may be found in any fashion magazine from this decade. The lip art may be faint or noticeable.

After its heyday in the 1990s, visible lip liner remained popular, but in the early 2000s, it was paired with lighter color lipstick. If you choose a hue that is a little darker than your gloss, you’ll get bonus points.

White Eyeshadow

It appears that we are still smitten with this 2000s cosmetics look. White shadow was an easy method to stand out, which is why fashionistas flocked to it. If you want to follow this trend, start by applying a light concealer to your lids. This will make the white color stand out against your natural skin tone.

White Inner-corner Shadow

Although inner-corner eyeshadow is still popular, it reached new heights in the early 2000s. Your shadow had to be brighter and thicker than the rest of your eyes and as unblended as possible to nail the trend fully.

Purple Eyeshadow

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With slender brows and bright cheeks, nothing looked better. However, there was something magical about merely wearing purple eyeshadow; it was and continues to be a magnificent color that makes the eyes shine.

Heavy purple eyeshadow, especially when coupled with pink blush and skinny brows, à la Britney Spears, screams the 2000s.

Colorful Eyeliner

Using colored eyeliner was another fantastic approach to draw attention to your colored eye makeup. As a result, wearing vividly colored eyeliners became a huge makeup fad. Celebrities frequently chose colors that complemented their accessories or outfits. Women, on the other hand, picked colors based on their clothing or preferences.

Brick Red Lipstick

In the 2000s, the no-makeup look isn’t complete without the use of brick-red lipstick color. Many women chose a brick red lipstick to replicate the decade’s top makeup style for shooting videos.

Frosted Lipstick

Another famous 2000s makeup trend, frosted lipstick, was at the top of every stylist’s wish list. Lips with an ice finish were a must-have for every cosmetic look. The goal was to make the lips appear more glossy.

Frosted lipstick was applied in the same way as conventional lipstick. The only difference was that for a professional application, you needed a brush. Celebrities and beauty aficionados could flaunt dazzling and glossy lipsticks by adding a hint of glitter to their lips.

Emo Makeup

For those unfamiliar with Emo makeup, it entailed creating a smoky eye look with dark eyelids and cat-eye-shaped eyeliner. The cheekbones and lips are kept plain or natural. While some may mistake this look for Goth, emo is distinguished by the absence of black or dark purple lipstick.

Celebrities like Avril Lavigne helped the emo scene develop in the 2000s. All you need is a neutral lip color, thick black eyeliner, and matte foundation to achieve this look.

Sparkly Lids

Wearing sparkling lids was the greatest thing on the planet two decades ago. Although we can’t say the same today, celebrities and models used glittery and glittering eye shadow as a trendy fad.

To make each eye shadow distinctive, brands came up with a variety of variations. Another reason we always think of sparkle and glitter when the decade of the 2000s is mentioned.