Guide to Ballet Flats and Pumps

Flat shoes, different designs of flat shoes

Ballet flats and pumps are the ideal addition to any woman’s shoe collection because they are delicate, fashionable, and elegant. They are the perfect footwear option for warmer weather thanks to their wearable aesthetic, and you can even style them to wear in the fall.  It is one of the most well-liked … Read more

Which Celebrities Love Cats?

The days of celebrities flaunting big diamond accessories (Check out this ultimate guide to fashion accessories!), luxury automobiles, gold chains, and extravagant vacations are long gone. We’ve arrived in the modern-day, and all you need these days to cement your status as an A-lister is a cat. Celebrities have elevated the term … Read more

What Made The Big Bang Theory So Popular?

horizontal version of The Big Bang Theory logo

The Big Bang Theory is a situation-comedic series featuring a group of California friends — nerdy scientists Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj, and their gorgeous waitress next-door neighbor Penny (who eventually became their friend). It follows them as they interact with geek culture, get into mischief, and fall in love. The show ran … Read more

Does Paris Hilton Have Her Own Have Her Own Fashion Line?

Paris Hilton at a 2005 conference in Munich

Paris Hilton captured the media’s attention in 2003 following the emergence of a sex tape. Paris won a Teen Choice Award for her role in the film House of Wax after starring in The Simple Life, and her first novel, Confessions of an Heiress, debuted on the New York Times best-seller list. … Read more

The Style of Helena Christensen

Helena Christensen in a white dress

Helena Christensen is a supermodel from Denmark who rose to fame as an original “Victoria’s Secret Angel.”  Because of her success as a beauty queen, the industry professionals got aware of her. In 1986, she was crowned “Miss Denmark,” and she competed in “Miss Universe the following year.” She met with numerous … Read more