Which Celebrities Love Cats?

The days of celebrities flaunting big diamond accessories (Check out this ultimate guide to fashion accessories!), luxury automobiles, gold chains, and extravagant vacations are long gone. We’ve arrived in the modern-day, and all you need these days to cement your status as an A-lister is a cat.

Celebrities have elevated the term “cat lady” from a stereotype to the epitome of cool. Not to mention our fave celebrity hunks who have a special spot for their feline companions.

With that in mind, here are ten celebrity cat owners that continue to delight and inspire us with their celebrity cats.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift at the 2019 AMAs red carpet

Taylor Swift is a great fan of cats in general, as evidenced by her recent role in the big-screen rendition of “Cats.”  Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey, Swift’s two most famous cats, are named after famous TV personalities, but she recently welcomed a third cat to the family, a tiny fluffy kitten named Benjamin Button.

The singer is well-known for snapping photos with her cats and frequently posting them on social media in amusing poses. Her two most famous cats are both Scottish Folds, and her newest addition, a Ragdoll, adds to the charm aspect.

Katy Perry

The aptly called Kitty Purry initially featured in Katy Perry’s video for the popular single “I Kissed a Girl” and has become a mascot for the singer ever since. Since then, she’s been spotted frequently by Katy’s side, prompting people to speculate about her ancestry.

Kitty appears to be at least partially Maine Coon, a breed known for its enormous size and puppy-like demeanor. The singer has admitted to being “obsessed” with her cat, claiming that their bond has become more stable over time than her personal relationships.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz lived in a pet-friendly environment, according to her own words. She had five birds, three cats, three dogs, and two snakes when she was a kid! It’s no surprise, therefore, that her love for cats hasn’t dwindled in recent years.

Little Man is her current companion, and he is noted for his unique sense of style. Little Man and Diaz have been seen shopping together occasionally, with the feline even wearing his designer clothes. In addition, the actress looks after a German shepherd and a long-haired Chihuahua, who are both rescue pets.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand in April 2011

The turned comedian, actor, and all-around free thinker Russell Brand has a reputation for making outspoken statements and having affairs with other celebrities, even being wedded to Katy Perry at some point. He is also an animal lover, with a cat who has been by his side for almost 15 years. Morrissey, named after the British singer best known for fronting the Smiths in the 1980s, has become a social media sensation, even making a cameo on Ellen DeGeneres’ popular talk show.

Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor, one of many Hollywood males with a strong fondness for cats, is more discreet than most cat owners. The identities of his feline pals are unknown, yet a popular photo circulating online depicts Ewan and his feline partner bonding over a dish of oranges. The actor’s enthusiasm for animals has now been passed down to his children, with Esther and Clara McGregor proud owners of a Sphynx Cat named Azure.

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais is a comedian turned Tv personality whose usually barbed wit has put him in problems with other celebrities. His softer side may be shown in his love of animals. He even paid a heartfelt tribute to his previous cat Colin, who died a few years ago.

Ollie, a lovely mixed breed cat, named after Oliver Hardy, is Ricky’s current partner. Jonathan Ross gave the comedian the cat as a gift, and they’ve been chronicling their life together ever since. Ollie has become rather popular on social media, with accounts dedicated to exposing his brilliance to the world on Twitter and Facebook.

James Franco

James Franco’s literary affinities have extended to his cats as befitting an actor with a Ph.D. in English. His two most renowned companions, Sammy and Zelda, were both named after fictional characters, with Sammy referring to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous muse from “What Makes Sammy Run.”

He also has two cats named Arturo and Harry, which he claims his brother “stole” from him and says to have been nurtured as a cat person from childhood. Now that he’s married to Alison Brie, Franco has dedicated an entire room in his house to his pets, ensuring that Zelda and Sammy have long and happy lives.


Kesha at the 2019 AMAs red carpet

Kesha came onto the mainstream world in late 2009 with the famous party anthem “Tik Tok,” with her unique style and wild antics. Her seemingly carefree existence has had its share of setbacks, but her love for her kitties has always been at the front of her mind. Kesha shared a family portrait-style photo with her boyfriend and three adored cats on Pet Appreciation Day in 2018.

Queso and Charlie are all Maine Coons. Sir.  Mr. Peep$ is a lovely Siamese cat that Kesha allegedly found outside of a Russian strip joint. He used to tour with the artist because he was the eldest, but he has since retired to savor the tranquil life with his caregivers.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore’s love affair with cats began in the 80s when the former child star worked on Stephen King’s “Cat’s Eye” set with a few adorable felines. The actress ensured that her kids grew up in pet-friendly homes as she grew older and eventually created a family of her own.

Her most recent additions include three gorgeous kittens she rescued from a shelter and is now caring for her two daughters. Drew also has a puppy that she got from a shelter, demonstrating that rescued animals are just as lovely and deserving of affection.

Penelope Cruz

This Spanish actress is noted for portraying tumultuous women onscreen, having won an Academy Award for her supporting role in 2008 in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. She, too, has a soft spot for fluffy felines in her off-screen life.

According to Penelope, her early days in Hollywood were lonely, so she took in a lot of stray cats to have company. Even though she now only has one cat, Capucina, she leaves the window open so others can come in and hang around.