Braided Bracelets for Men – a Styling Guide

Bracelets have been worn for millennia. Bracelets have gone a long way from their grass origins to their modern forms, and they stay one of the most popular pieces of jewelry.

While many men tend not to wear jewelry other than their wedding rings and watch, an increasing number of men consider bracelets an accessory that is not only for ladies but may also be worn by guys. This fashion trend is attracting men of all ages and backgrounds.

Bracelets for guys come in a variety of styles and materials. Braided bracelets, in particular, assist you in achieving the perfect balance of class and style.

There’s no doubling back once you learn to ace your style game with a bracelet. You’ll be noticed among the crowd.

Allow this braided bracelet styling guide to assist you in generating unique outfits. You’ll be astonished at how simple accessories can transform an otherwise uninteresting look into one that commands attention.

Braided Bracelets for Men: Styles and When to Wear Them


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A lovely, handmade leather bracelet with either black or dark wood tones would be a perfect addition to your wardrobe if your appearance is more relaxed and normally consists of jeans and T-shirts.

Leather men’s braided bracelets have grown extremely popular since they are extremely adaptable and can be worn with various casual outfits. Braided bracelets made of silver and leather are ideal for modern men searching for a fun, rustic accent.


However, if you frequently wear a suit and tie, a platinum, gold, or silver braided bracelet may be the ideal option since it will blend in more naturally with your style.

Boho / Bohemian

Tribal braided bracelets, especially those fashioned with a combination of materials like silver and leather, are a perfect choice for the free spirit with a hippie’s heart. Men’s bracelets with tribal designs are becoming increasingly fashionable, and they’re a great choice for casual wear and summertime.

Nautical Design

The nautical look has made its mark on the very foundations of menswear, so it’s no wonder that it’s made its way into braided bracelets. During the hot summer days, it’s a very popular style.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Braided Bracelet?

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Remember that, like your clothes, your bracelets reveal a lot about your style. After all, the objective is to have a good time while looking fashionable. Remember the basic styling rules and feel free to explore; the main premise is to reflect who you are.

Decide on the Size and Fit

Make sure the small accessory is the right size for you to ensure it complements your overall style. The kind and material of your bracelet will determine how tight it is. Here are some tips on scaling different types correctly.

How Should a Braided Bangle Bracelet Fit?

You should easily fit two fingers through it; remember that a wristband too tight for you will make your wrist appear larger. It will keep rolling around on your arm if it is too loose, causing an impediment in your work. If it is too loose and slides from your wrist, you can lose it.

How Should a Braided Macrame Bracelet Fit?

When it comes to braided macrame bracelets, you don’t have to worry about finding the proper size. They are one-size-fits-all, which means they are available in various sizes. When you want to give a band to a loved one but aren’t sure what size to get them, this makes them an excellent choice.

How Should a Braided Cuff Bracelet Fit?


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Braided cuff bracelets are fashionable, and they provide a lot of adjusting room. This does not imply that one bracelet will fit all shapes and sizes. Your skin should not be clinging to its ends.

Also, it shouldn’t roll all over your arm; it should only roll a little below your wrist bone.

Material Matters: Silver, Gold, or Leather

Men love bracelets made of braided leather. Wear these bracelets when you want to show off your class. You can customize them with your initials or pick from silver or gold options.

Braided gold bracelets have a classic style and will last a long time. The nicest aspect is that you don’t have to take them off while showering. On the other hand, braided silver bracelets would appeal to you if you prefer the metallic look.

The bracelet you choose is mostly determined by the aesthetic you want to achieve. Aside from the three materials used to make bands, they are frequently combined with additional materials to produce unique styles. Some bands, for example, use an exquisite blend of macrame and silver.

When Is It Appropriate to Wear a Braided Bracelet?

a man in a dress shirt and sunglasses wearing lots of bracelets

Are all of the braided bracelets suitable for everyday use? The answer is a resounding NO! An accessory can make you look fashionable, but keep in mind that there is a narrow line between trendy and excessive.

Consider presenting a presentation at work while dressed in a bulky piece. It will not only appear out of place, but it will also distract the attendees and, more than likely, backfire.

Look for bracelets that are a good match for your overall look. Purchasing those that appear too bold or flashy for you will add to your financial burden. Remember where you’re going and the appearance you want to achieve, and you’ll be ready to ace it like a pro.

Braided Bracelets for Everyday Use

Apart from wearing bands to up your style quotient on various occasions, there are some bracelets that you may wear all the time. Braided gold bracelets, for example, can be worn every day. They’re really comfy to wear and keep their allure even after many use.

Take out your favorite jeans and t-shirt, pair them with a striking braided bracelet, and stroll out in style on those days when you want to break free. Don’t worry about which bracelet style to wear; instead, exude confidence and prepare for a fun look.

Braided Bracelets for Professional Use

Many men are unsure whether or not they are permitted to wear a bracelet to work. No matter how many issues you have about whether wristbands are appropriate for your workplace, keep in mind that you can always wear them. All you have to do is be attentive when selecting them; choose ones that are attractive and go well with your suit.

Braided Bracelets for Special Occasions or Weddings

Weddings and other special occasions are excellent opportunities to stand out from the crowd. You should think about the appearance you want to achieve carefully.

Wearing a unique braided bracelet with your and your loved one’s initials imprinted on it might help you effortlessly steal the show. The finest thing is that you may approve or adjust each feature using computer-aided design. In this manner, you receive a jewel with a sentimental worth in addition to its aesthetic appeal.

What Is the Best Way to Wear a Braided Bracelet?

In wearing fashion accessories, you don’t want to make a mistake. After all, you want them to complement your entire style rather than detract from it.

How to Wear a Braided Bracelet on One Hand?

Wear a minimalist braided bracelet that makes a statement on days when you want to be your most stylish self without going overboard. The nice part is that you can pull it off with formal attire as well.

If you’re wearing a black or blue suit or dress, a braided metallic bracelet will instantly make you look more trendy. Another factor to ponder on is the length of your sleeve.

Wearing a bracelet with a full-sleeved outfit isn’t practical. Even if it manages to escape, it will make you appear obnoxious for no apparent reason.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure whether wearing a bracelet means you shouldn’t wear other accessories. You may accessorize them with rings and necklaces to create a stunning style.

How to Wear a Bundle or Multiple Braided Bracelets

Don’t worry about it if you think your bracelet should be the same color as your outfit. It isn’t fashionable. Looking casual is the latest thing to aspire for if you want to seem stylish.

There are numerous ways to experiment with your bands. One of the tricks to looking effortlessly trendy is to layer.

Select two bracelets from your accessory selection and allow them to work their magic. Don’t worry if you don’t have two of the same type; they don’t have to be! Layer several styles together to discover how you may come up with a magnificent design that everyone loves.

Play around with different thicknesses of bands to achieve an effortlessly casual style. You can also use contrasting colors for a more dramatic effect. Choose a fantastic bundle to make your life easier.

While most people wear them on the one hand, they are quite acceptable to wear on both arms. Go for it if you’re edgy and want to give a sense of casualness to your entire style.

Styling tip: Creating a feeling of balance with your accessories is the key to success. You’ll end up appearing like a fashion disaster if you wear too much on both hands. If you’re wearing bands on both wrists, make sure you use the balancing principle: if you’re wearing a bold band on one, balance your look with a minimalist one on the other.

How to Wear Braided Bracelets With Watches: A Perfect Combination

a close up of a man’s wrists with braided bracelets on one wrist and a watch on the other

Combining your bracelets with a watch is another way to wear them on the one hand. Taking this risky action can help you capture people’s attention for the right reasons.

Styling tip: A sleek braided bracelet is a great way to wear your bracelet and watch on the same hand without going overboard.

Wearing a wristband demonstrates self-assurance. It implies that you are conscious of your appearance.

Should a Braided Bracelet be Worn Above or Below My Watch?

The short answer is that your watch and bracelet determine a lot of this. Wear a thinner braided bracelet beneath your watch if you want it to gain some attention. When you don’t want to generate a strong color contrast, this is the aesthetic to go for.

Wear a thicker bracelet beneath or above the watch. The goal is to achieve a sense of equilibrium.

Another thing to think about is how well your band fits together. If it is looser than your watch, you should wear it below it to not overlap with your watch and clutters your look instead of enhancing it.

How Should I Wear My Apple Watch With a Braided Bracelet?

You can wear your Apple watch and braided bracelet on opposite hands if you want them to have their fair share of attention. Alternatively, wear both of them on the same hand for a striking look. Allow your watch, bracelet, and fit to determine whether you wear it above or below your watch, as described above.

How to Take Care of Your Braided Bracelet


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You’ll be eager to experiment with your bracelet once you’ve created a great look with it. You’ll want your braided bracelet to appear as wonderful as the day you bought it to preserve its lifespan. To extend your jewelry’s life, take careful care of it.

We’ll address some questions to ensure that you learn everything you need to know.

We’ll address some of the most frequently asked questions to ensure that you learn everything you need to know.

You should always remove braided bracelets before sleeping. If not, their intricate design may irritate your face while you sleep. Additionally, removing your accessories when sleeping extends the life of your accessories.

Can You Wear a Braided Silver Bracelet in the Shower or Bath?

It depends on the material used. You can wear a braided bracelet in the shower if it’s made of precious metals like silver or gold and doesn’t include any elements that are likely to erode.

Is it Okay to Wear a Braided Leather Bracelet While Showering?

If you’re wearing a band made of leather or macramé, remember to take it off before taking a bath. If you don’t dry your braided leather bracelet quickly enough after it comes into contact with water, it will begin to decay.