Cowboy Boots with Zippers

Cowboy boots are referred to as a specific style of riding boots that historically have been worn by cowboys. These are traditional boots made of stacked leather with high heels. Traditionally they are not having lacing. Usually, they are made from cowhide leather but other animal skins are also used in making cowboy boots such as snake, alligator, lizard, ostrich, elephant, eel, elk, stingray, buffalo, etc.

If you have been using traditional cowboy boots, then you can try cowboy boots with zippers. To your surprise, they are comfortable and easy to use. You don’t have to tie up lace-up. Zippered cowboy boots are easy to get on and off. Also, they offer you a consistent and comfortable fit with the feel of traditional cowboy boots. 

Why Buy Cowboy Boots with Zippers

The first and foremost thing about zippers is that they make it easy for you to get on and off the boots. You don’t need to tie the laces. The zippers make it effortless for you especially for those who have high insteps or wide feet. You can easily fit your foot into the zipper cowboy boots. A zipper is used in boots, bags, and clothing. It partially opens or closes the parts of daily use. 

The zipper or clasp locker was introduced in 1891. It is said that zippers were introduced by a Chicago inventor named Whitcomb L. Judson. He made it for his friend who was having a stiff back and could not tie his shoelace. Zippers are still helpful in different conditions and situations. It took 20 years for the fashion industry to manufacture clothing and shoes with zippers. 

Cowboy Boots with Zippers Save Time 


Zippers make it easier for you to put on and pull off your boots easier and faster. Daily tying and untying boots can be a chore for you. If you use boots after the gym or run, then sweaty and swollen feet cannot fit easily in without zipper cowboy boots. With zippers, you only need one quick pull and your boots are set. 

When you wear cowboy boots with zippers, you are more likely to change them according to situations or where you want to put on your joggers or slippers. For example, you come home with muddy cowboy boots, you will take them off easily.

Cowboy Boots with Zippers Prove More Consistent Fit 


If you are using pull-on or lace-up cowboy boots, you have to be careful that you don’t tight them too much or leave them too loose. Also, you have to keep both the boots tight or loose than the other. You won’t be needing this effort if you are having cowboy boots with zippers. 

Once, you have chosen a pair of zipper cowboy boots that fit perfectly, you will have to fasten the zipper to fit them on your feet. Your boot will stay in place and provide you a firm fit, throughout the day.

Cowboy Boots with Zippers Are Comfortable


Many people avoid zipper cowboy boots because they don’t find them comfortable. However, zipper cowboy boots are as comfortable as pull-on or lace-up cowboy boots. If your feet, knee, and back pain by wearing cowboy boots, then it is not because of zippers but because of the fitting or your comfort zone

To make it comfortable for yourself, try to find the best size that fits your feet on a long-term basis. If you are not finding the best fit, it can cause many problems. Zipper cowboy boots are made of flexible materials and soft leather that provide you extraordinary comfort. As compared to the regular cowboy boots, zipper cowboy boots do not cause blood flow problems and they are best for people with back problems.

Standard cowboy boots are made roomy at the ankles that help your feet to get inside the boot easier. It is having a downside that your ankles don’t fit perfectly. On the other hand, cowboy boots with zippers are flexible and have a higher throat line that fits your ankles perfectly. You can enjoy the flexible and better movement of your feet and ankles. 

Anti-Slide Zipper Locks 


Some zippers include an ability designed to hold the slider in a stable open or closed position. It resists the forces that would attempt to open the zipper or move the slider unexpectedly. There are two common ways to accomplish this:

The handle of the zipper may have a short protruding rod stamped on the inside, which is inserted between the teeth of the zipper through a hole in the slider. The handle is bent against the teeth of the zipper slide. You can also see it on some brands of pants. The zipper fly handle folds flat against the teeth when not in use. 

The handle is held by both the tension of the sliding hinge and the fabric flap on the fly. The slider can have a two-part hinge assembly that holds the handle of the slider. The base of the hinge spring-loaded and with protruding pins at the bottom are inserted between the teeth of the zipper. 

The handle is pulled against the spring tension to move the zipper while lifting the pins from the teeth as the slider is moved. When the handle is released, the pins automatically re-engage between the teeth of the zipper. They are known as auto-locking sliders. 

Also, there is a three-piece version of auto-locking sliders that uses a small swivel arm held under the tension in the hinge. Pulling the handle in any direction raises the pivot arm axes of the rack teeth so that the slider can be moved easily. 

Determine the Booth Width


Usually, most people wear the same width in cowboy boots as their normal shoe size but cowboy boots are sized in A, B, and C width for women, whereas, men’s cowboy boots are sized in B, D, EE widths. 

Cowboy Boot Width Sizes

Women’s Cowboy Boots







Men’s Cowboy Boots







Cowboy Boots with Zippers – Makes Your Life Easy

Instead of wearing pull-on or lace-up cowboy boots that are difficult to put on and pull off, you can use cowboy boots with zippers. With zippers, your life would be easy and comfortable. If you are worried that boots with zippers won’t fit perfectly, then you don’t have to worry about it because new cowboy boots with zippers are made for consistent fit. It means you can wear them all day.

These leather cowboy boots with zippers make you confident about your style. You can wear them to attend the meeting, go to work or even to attend a wedding or any other event. If you are having a height complexity, you can look for cowboy boots that come with an invisible height elevator or those who are having high heels.