What Features Are Needed on a Beard Trimmer?

Forgot to make an appointment with your stylist and now thinking of trimming your beard yourself? However, to do your beard just like they do at a salon it requires a lot of effort and the right trimmer, of course.

There are a lot of trimmers in the market but choosing the right one from a pool of different brands and types can be very exhausting. So, we have listed down some of the main features which will help you to choose a trimmer according to your requirements.

Features to Look for When Buying a Trimmer:

It tends to be somewhat a headache while picking a trimmer, particularly having so many brands and numerous features. The following points will help you choose a trimmer that is ideal for you.


You should choose a long-lasting trimmer. A very important aspect to keep in mind is that the trimmer’s blades are made of stainless steel. One more thing to consider is that a trimmer has a strong grip to prevent accidental slips.

Trimming Options

A range of beard trimmers come with movable combs to help in various trimming lengths. In case, you’re planning to style or trim your beard, then you should choose a trimmer that comes with such options. Some models also have a precision trimmer. Those are smaller additional blades; always hidden on the inside of the trimmer end and can be twisted to attach the main blade. You may also find trimmers with titanium blades, which are heard-wearing and don’t rust like stainless steel.

Dry or Wet Trimming

You should look for the trimmer that suits you, whether it is for wet or dry styling. But if you tend to use both wet and dry settings, there are many available options for that too.

Long-length settings

Another critical aspect is the lock-in-length setting, which makes life a whole lot easier (plus, they remove the hassle of keeping tabs on comb attachments). Ideally, you should go for a trimmer that offer 20-to-0 trim lengths, but you might also be able to use a 10mm one boasting a 0.5mm increment on all levels.


Beard trimmer’s prices are dependent on the features and attachments. Some of the trimmers are for face and body as well, and some are for precision while trimming your beard. Prices may also vary depending on the features and make.


One of the things to be careful about is the battery life of the trimmer. Most devices are frowned upon for having a short battery life (lasting for less than 30 minutes, in most instances). Some also have a long recharge time that leave people frustrated. Always choose a model that charges quickly and has a decent battery life.


As well as providing good power to the blade, the motor shouldn’t experience a drop in performance. Fortunately, top of the line beard trimmers come with reliable motors that work just fine. Reliable being the keyword.

Additional features

The extras inside a beard trimmer sometimes distinguish the premium options from the cheaper ones. For instance, some trimmers have vacuums that allow you to leave the sink without facial hair. Others come with a stand featuring a built-in charger for the trimmer. There are also models that have attachments to turn them into nose, ear, and eyebrow trimmers. Precision cutting can be achieved with laser guided models.

The 6 Basics of Using a Beard Trimmer

Is this your first time trimming your beard? There’s no shame in that we have all been there. It’s always best to cover your basics when using an electrical gadget on yourself, especially near your face. With some practice and in a few days you will be an expert.

  • Choosing A Beard Trimmer: For beard trimming, you should first get the right tools. In contrast to wet shaving, there’s no need to have multiple items like shaving cream and a brush for beard trimming. You only need a top-notch trimmer. We’ve already mentioned what features to look for, so use those as a starting point.
  • Always Use A Mirror: You should always use a trimmer in front of a mirror as this assures great control over trimming to achieve better results.
  • Setting the Trimmer Guard: Set the trimmer guard to the required length before starting. Beard trimmers are manufactured to make the process as easy as possible. Instructions are always provided with the trimmers for guard adjustment.
  • Use Trimmer Against the Direction of Hair: With slow strokes, use the trimmer in an upward way, against the hair direction. It will make the hair stand up and you will have an even trim to your beard.
  • Trimming the Edges: To have a perfect bearded look, you need to ensure that the chin, neck, and jaw area are equally trimmed. This generally needs close shaving. Some trimmers are manufactured with different settings along with useful tools for dry shaving. You can use a safety razor or cartridge to clean the neckline as an alternative.
  • Cleaning Your Trimmer: It is very important to clean your trimmer after use. The hair residue can harm blades and also minimize their lifespan. You should oil the blades regularly to keep them sharp and long-lasting.


All beard trimmers are capable of styling your mustache and beard, but some will have qualities and capabilities that make them stand out. As long as you know how you’ll be using the trimmer, you’ll be able to create a shortlist of potential purchases. You might want a trimmer that doesn’t take long to charge, or you may want one with all the fancy features. The decision is yours to make.