The Best Trench Coats for Men for Dress Up and Casual Wear


A trench coat is a long, waterproof coat made to be worn over clothing during the cold autumn and winter months. The traditional double-breasted trench coat usually has ten buttons on the front, a wide lapel, and a belt in the waist. The trench coat has its military roots, as it was … Read more

What Are the Best Celebrity Colognes for Men?


One of the perks of being a celebrity is that they can take advantage of their famous names by turning them into a label. Celebrities can promote their names all over the packaging of those fashionable things, namely: clothes, shoes, and perfumes. However, not many people have a good impression of that … Read more

Fabrics Used in Top Men’s Scarves


We need to wear scarves to keep ourselves warm from the biting autumn and winter chill. A scarf is a seasonal clothing item that we use only once a while every year. It may be a functional piece of clothing accessory, but it is also a good excuse to dress up and … Read more

10 Best Trench Coats for Men

Trench Coats for Men Initially designed for the army officials in the 19th century, the humble trench coat has lost its imperative military connotations and has become a fashion statement or a lot of men. The trench coats these days call to the mind of a person. The trench coat that can … Read more

10 Best Balaclava Mask Reviews


Balaclava Masks It is important to keep the body warm when we go out for winter outdoor sports. The face is also to be protected against the cold temperature and the wind which can bring the conditions like mild discomfort to the frostbite. If the face is left exposed then, it can … Read more

Know Your Army Hats

a female American soldier wearing her military uniform including the military hat

Hats, lids, covers—whatever you like to call them, headgear has been a part of American military uniforms since the formation of the Continental Army. The headwear worn by US military personnel has evolved significantly over time. From the round and cocked hats of the 1700s and 1800s to today’s army hats, they … Read more

Know Your Bowler & Derby Hats

a man wearing a coat and bowler hat outdoors holding the hat’s brim

While it is becoming increasingly rare in contemporary fashion, the bowler hat is a true classic in menswear. But what are its roots, how can it be worn today, and why does it have far too many different names? Today, we’ll go over the types of hat in-depth, its long and strange … Read more

Know Your Newsboys and Flat Caps

a portrait of retro 1920s english gangster wearing flat cap

Flat caps and newsboys have seen a revival in recent years, and with reason. They are not only warm in the winter, but they are also classily stylish, and almost any well-dressed gentleman can pull them off. Unlike the bolder fedora, newsboys and flat caps make a softer statement less intimidating and … Read more

Know Your Ascot Caps

Mysterious English gangster with flat cap and black coat posing sideways. low light and selective focus

The ascot cap, or the Cuffley cap, is a type of men’s cap similar to the flat cap but has a rounded and hard shape. This is a one-of-a-kind flat hat, with notable differences from the usual ivy and driver caps. However, once you understand what it is and how to wear … Read more

Guide to Kangol Shirts and Hoodies


Kangol is a brand that became popular for the iconic berets worn by famous people in history such as Diana, Princess of Wales, appearing in the Vogue magazine of the year 1983. Kangol hats went on to be called by their popular name, “Kangaroo hats” as the iconic Kangaroo picture on the … Read more

The Best T-Shirts for Tech Geeks


Most of us might have one tech geek friend or that someone who has ridiculous skills on computers, phones, and other electronic devices, and is inordinately dedicated to and involved with technology. They are really cool people and they can always help us when we encounter issues with our gadgets. However, they … Read more

Fun Pink Flamingo Fashion Accessories for Men


Just like colors do not define any gender, nothing in fashion is gender-specific – not even the bright pink flamingos. Who said flamingos are only a girls’ thing? They are most certainly a hot-selling fashion fad in men’s accessories too. From the bright pink bird printed on an awesome Hawaiian shirt to … Read more

Learn About Top Hats

a black top hat

Top hats have never been more refined and dominant in fashion as they are today. When haberdasher John Hetherington wore the first top hat in 1797, it nearly sparked a riot.  According to a newspaper article, “passersby panicked upon seeing the sight.” Several women fainted, children screamed, dogs yelped, and an errand … Read more