Guide to Picking a Men’s Belt

Belts are part of men’s everyday fashion. Whether they are in a formal wear or in casual clothes, belts are always present. The main purpose of a belt is to hold the pants up, but aside from that, belts are also used to make a style statement. It can add a personal touch to men’s formal wear, and it can also tie an outfit together. However, it’s important to wear appropriate belts that will match your outfit. Picking the right belts for men is easy and here are some guidelines which may help.

Know Your Belt Size

One of the most important things in picking a belt is to know what size you need. Belt sizes are often indicated by inches or centimeters. The size corresponds to the length of the buckle to the mid hole, where it should be fastened. Some belt brands are sized the same way as clothes which are in small, medium, large, and extra-large. Their waist range is often from 28 inches to 36 inches.

Formal belts are usually 2.5 to 3.5 centimeters wide, but it varies depending on the style and brand. Also, keep in mind that the skinnier the belt, the more formal it looks. Wearing the right size of belt is important because a too large belt would be bulky to wear, and a small belt would look uncomfortable.

Have Different Kinds of Belts

Where to Buy
The Bootlegger Leather Belt
Men's Cross weave Braided Woven belt
Maylisacc Canvas Military Tactical Waist Belts
PANCY Texas Long Bull Horn Belt Buckle
Diamondback Rattlesnake Novelty Belt Buckle

It’s good to invest in different kinds of belts. Every man needs at least two good quality leather belts, one casual belt, and one fabric belt. If you have these kinds of belts, it will be easy for you to pair them with any outfit you have. If you want to improve your belt collection, here are four must-own belts you can consider.

  • Formal black/brown leather belt: It’s important to own at least one or two leather belts because they are the easiest kind of belt to pair with any attire.

The Bootlegger Leather Belt: The belt is made up of full grain leather and is extremely soft and comfortable. The belt can be worn on any outfit and will only enhance the overall style. The full grain leather is the toughest and will last a lifetime according to the manufacturer. Which is why the belt comes with a lifetime warranty and can be replaced anytime. The belt isn’t hard like other leather belts and has a rustic finish to add a casual style. However, the softness of the leather doesn’t compromise its durability and strength.

  • Tan woven or braided leather belt: These kinds of belts are best worn with jeans.

Men’s Cross weave Braided Woven belt:  this is a beautiful brown leather belt with a cross weave braided pattern. The belt has feathered edges and stitched twice for durability which also adds to the style. Also, the metal buckle and tongue has a brushed finish. The belt is a steal for the price offered and would make a wonderful gift for leather lovers.

  • Webbed fabric belt: This kind of belt is usually worn on summer shorts.

Maylisacc Canvas Military Tactical Waist Belts: This belt is made up of thick nylon webbing and can be used as an accessory on military uniforms. The buckle is made up of zinc alloy and is adjustable. The belt is breathable and super comfortable. Also, it is water and sweat resistant therefore can be used during sports and workouts. Because of the comfort level, the belt can be used every day but would be a plus if worn during adventures like trekking, hunting etc.

  • Novelty belt: You can also have one belt which is beaded, colored, or made of snake skin. It is useful for certain events such as not too formal parties.

PANCY Texas Long Bull Horn Belt Buckle: This is a novelty belt made for cowboys and for events like rodeos. Also, boys and men who like to experiment with their clothing are going to love it. The novelty belts add a casual yet powerful statement on the outfits. The buckle has ‘State of Texas’ engraved on it and a longhorn. The buckle has a solid built and weighs 75g. If you are used to wearing novelty buckles, the weight won’t bother you. Also, make sure to check the size before purchasing because for men with bigger waists, the belt will not fit.

Diamondback Rattlesnake Novelty Belt Buckle: This one is a novelty buckle with a rattlesnake on it. The buckle is metallic and hence it may carry some weight. The buckle is definitely going to be the highlight of any outfit and will be the first thing people will notice.

Choose the Right Belt Buckle

If you’re sporting formal attire like a suit, avoid wearing belts with big buckles. Remember, the bigger the belt buckle, the more casual it looks. It’s better to go for belts with small and flat belt buckles. But if you’re wearing casual attire, it won’t hurt to wear belts with bigger belt buckles.

When you’re wearing any male jewelry such as cufflinks, watch, tie tacks, etc., your belt buckle should be in the same color with them. Silver accents are for silver belt buckles, and same goes with gold accents.

Choose the Right Belt Color and Material

When wearing formal attire, the basic rule is that the color and material of your shoes should match the color and material of your belt. If you’re wearing a black leather shoes, it’s better to wear a black leather belt to match it. Glossy belts match glossy shoes, and the same goes with matte belts. But if you’re wearing a casual outfit, it’s fine to not match them too well.

Other belt materials such as animal patterns are also considered as casual belts, though they can be very expensive. Well, it still depends on you on how much attention you want your mid-section to get.

Other Styling Guidelines

Since belts are worn on the mid-sectioning line, it can create a shortening visual effect. If you want to look taller, you can match your belt with either your pants, or your shirt to make the line less noticeable. If you’re a tall man and you don’t want to look anymore taller with your outfit, it’s better to wear belts with brighter colors or with more detailed styles.

Aside from wearing belts, there is also an alternative which is wearing clip-on braces. These are best for those who want to try something different, or to those who want a more vintage fashion look. They can be used in either formal or casual attire.

These are just some of the basic guidelines you should know when it comes to wearing belts. But you can still experiment on mixing and matching belts with different outfits. It’s also important to wear something that is comfortable to you and matches your personal taste.