Understanding Belt Sizes and Sizing

Belts are simple and one of the everyday items that most men use. However, there would come a time that your favorite belt will wear off and you will need to buy a new one. One of the challenges in buying a new belt is knowing your size especially when you will be purchasing it online. But even if you’re buying one from a physical store, knowing your exact belt size is important because it will help you choose the belt you want without any hassle.


Some people often make the mistake of buying a belt based on the waist size of their pants which is actually different than the belt size. There are many ways on how you can measure and determine your belt size. If you’re one of those men who find belt sizing confusing, here are some ways on how you can get your correct belt size.

Measuring by Pant Size

One of the most common and easy ways for you to determine your belt size is by measuring it by your pant size. Once you get the size of your pants, the belt you should choose is one size up or 1 to 2 inches larger than your pant size. Here are some examples:

Pant Size = Belt Size

32 = 34

34 = 36

36 = 38

38 = 40

This technique works best for pants worn at a traditional height – close to the natural waistline. But if you wear a belt on low rise trousers or jeans, it’s better to add 3 to 4 to your pant size.

Measure a Belt You Currently Wear

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Another easy way of determining your belt size is by measuring the one you currently have. To measure it correctly, lay it on a clean and flat surface. Use a measuring tape and start at the hole you use or at the center hole and measure it to the end of the belt where it meets the buckle. Make sure that you measure it by inches. Once you get the measurement, round it to the nearest inch and that is the size of belt you should purchase. Do not measure the belt from end to end because you will not get the accurate size that way. If you are planning to purchase a belt online, you can look for options that be easily adjusted according to any waist size.

Lavemi Men’s Real Leather Ratchet Dress Belt: This is a gorgeous brown leather belt with an automatic buckle. The belt is number 1 best seller on amazon with more than 4000 customer reviews. The belt comes in 38 different buckle styles for a better adjustment. All you have to do is just slide the belt into the buckle and pull it. The buckle will automatically lock. Also, the buckle is made with a scratch resistant material for durability. The size of the belt is from 20 inches to 44inches which means that this can be worn by the skinniest person as well the opposite. For skinny people, the belt can be cut to adjust the length because the buckle can be removed very easily.

Measure Your Waist for Belt Size

For optimal belt size, it’s better to measure your body. Wear a good fitting pants or the pants you usually wear your belt with. Then, thread the tape measure through the belt loops of your pants. Make sure that you stand in a relaxed position and avoid pushing your belly out or sucking it in when taking the measurement.

Measure your waist in inches and make sure that the measuring tape is snug and is in the middle of the belt loops. Try to breathe in deeply and out fully, this way, the measuring tape will expand slightly making room when you exhale avoiding the belt to get too tight when you breathe. Once you get the measurement, round it to the nearest inch. The belt size you should choose is one that has the closest measurement.

For example, if the size you got is 38 inches, you might want to consider purchasing a 40-inch belt. Two inches is added because you need an additional length that must overlap to a certain extent at the buckle.

Medca Body Measuring tape: For best results, use a body measuring tape. The body measuring tapes are created especially to measure body parts and give accurate measurement every time. This tape comes with body fat measurement chart which is quite helpful for those who are trying to lose weight. The tape is retractable, which means it has a lock button that locks the tape and you can read the tape for accurate measurement. Also, the tape comes in a set of two which makes it an amazing deal. It is very small and easy to carry everywhere. For workout progress, this tape is very beneficial.

GemRed Digital Body Circumference measuring tape: This tape is also digital and measures accurately. It also comes with a lock system to lock the reading. However, as soon as the tape is moved the reading starts changing. Still, it is a good choice for people who are interested in measuring circumference of waits and bicep. The tape comes in pretty pink colour which is very appealing for women. However, in comparison with the tape mentioned above, this one should be the second option.

Consult a Universal Size Chart

There are some belts which are sold by size such as small, medium, and large instead of the exact measurement. If this is the case, you might need to view a universal sizing chart. Small belts for men usually fit a 28-inch waist, while large ones fit a 36-inch waist. You can find some universal belt size chart online.

Get Professionally Measured for a Belt

If you really want to know your exact belt size without any error or mistakes, it’s best to go to a professional tailor to get your measurements. Trained tailors will be able to get the accurate measurement for your belt size. If you cannot find a tailor, you can also visit a clothing store because some of their employees might help you.

When you go to a tailor to get measured, make sure that you wear pants that fit snugly. It’s because wearing a loose material might add inches to your measurement and this will result to your belt being loose as well. You can use the measurement that you’ll get from the tailor to order a new belt that fits properly.

We hope the information we shared will help you understand the belt sizes and sizing, and will guide you on choosing a new belt that perfectly fits.