What are the Best Foods for Getting Healthy Skin

It is no secret that nutrition is essential for a healthy lifestyle. To avoid health complications, improve the quality of your health, or overcome sickness, nutrition is a significant additional factor to their positive outcome. Having an unhealthy diet can deteriorate your health. Unhealthy food consumption can lead to damaged skin in some cases, so it is very important to consume food with good nutritional values to keep your skin healthy. 

In your lifetime, you may have come across a pimple growing on your face or faced skin complications in general. The first thought that comes to mind when facing such a complication is how to get rid of it. To your surprise, minor alterations in your diet can have a significant impact on your skin condition. In fact, having skin complications can directly relate to an unhealthy diet more times than not.

So what are some of the best foods to consume for healthy skin? Keep reading on to learn about some of the best foods to add to your diet in order to attain healthy skin.



It is well known that having milk in your everyday diet can boost the nutritional value of food going into your metabolic system. Milk is heavily packed with calcium that is crucial for your bones, but most people don’t know that milk also contains a lot of vitamin D. 

Vitamin D is very beneficial for your skin. Vitamin D keeps your skin glowing and radiating. Not only does milk give you the required amount of vitamin D for your body, but it also helps you to avoid going out in unprotected sunlight that can decolorize the skin and induce wrinkles.  

If you’re lactose intolerant, milk isn’t a good option for you to choose. Lactose intolerant people can choose out of the many other options present further on in this list. 



Broccoli is another nutritionally enriched food that is packed with vitamins that will make your skin glow. Broccoli is loaded with vitamin A & C, which are excellent antioxidants. Having a good dose of antioxidants in your diet can result in no new pimples on your face and diminish the old ones. 

Adding broccoli to your diet is an excellent option for all the vegan people out there, aiming to get better skin. 

Green Tea


Green tea is one of the best types of antioxidants you can add to your diet. Apart from being an antioxidant, it is anti-inflammatory, which can help greatly maintain healthy skin. 

Green tea has a good amount of vitamin K in it, which helps lighten dark circles below your eyes. A good tip would be to place used green tea bags inside your fridge and then place them on your dark circles for optimal results. 

The consumption of excessive green tea can be harmful, so it is advised to consume a recommended amount of green tea per day. 


Fish such as salmon are high in fat content and contain the essential omega-3 fats, which are crucial for healthy skin. If the omega-3 fat level of your body is lower than recommended, your skin might go dry. Omega-3 fats, which our bodies don’t naturally produce, help keep skin moisturized, supple, and in overall healthy condition. 

Apart from that, the omega-3 fats present in salmon are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, contributing to the diminishing of acne and your skin’s glowing. 

Seafood such as fish is packed with protein, which boosts your skin’s health in all manners. Big fan of seafood? Go for fatty fish such as salmon to improve the health of your skin. 

Kidney Beans


Kidney beans are well-known to be protein-rich food. Apart from protein, kidney beans are high in zinc as well, and zinc helps the skin heal and fight acne. 

Kidney beans are a delicious alternative for vegan people looking to add food to their diet that can help maintain healthy skin. 

Dark Chocolate


Dark chocolate is most famous for its antioxidant properties. The keyword is “dark” in this food option; try going for a concentration of cacao more than 70%, as anything lower than that will contain high sugar levels, which are very bad for the skin. 

Eating dark chocolate regularly under advised limits can help detoxify your skin, which will boost the health of your skin and prevent new pimples from emerging on your skin. 

Dark chocolate is also a tasty snack and alternative to use instead of the foods you don’t like.

Olive Oil


Chefs and nutritionists all over the world claim that olive oil is one of the healthiest, if not the healthiest oil to use for cooking. Olive oil is filled with beneficial or “healthy” fats, which have numerous health benefits. 

One of the benefits of the healthy fats present in olive oil is that it enhances the appearance of your skin, making you look younger. It also is an excellent antioxidant.

Adding olive oil to your diet is very simple; all you have to do is replace your old cooking oil with a significantly healthier olive oil option. 



Dry fruits such as almonds are packed with high nutrition. Studies show that almonds have been found to help prevent skin cancer as well as prevent physical symptoms of aging. 

Vitamin E is packed within almonds, which helps keep the skin moisturized and prevents it from going dry. 

Consuming the recommended serving of almonds makes for a good snack throughout the day. 



Pomegranates have been used throughout the years to garnish, eat them as it is, or drink their juice. In any form or way, pomegranates are one of the best foods for your skin.

Pomegranates have a very high amount of antioxidants, which are crucial for healthy skin. Consuming pomegranate can help detoxify your blood, which will make your skin glow. 

Sipping on pomegranate juice is a wonderful way to add pomegranate to your everyday diet.

Bell Peppers

Yellow, orange, and red bell peppers

Carotenoids are found in high quantities in most bell peppers. Consuming bell peppers can help get rid of wrinkles on your skin and give you a younger look.

Bell peppers can be easily added to salads and main courses, making their addition to your diet really easy. 



The chances are that you already consume tomatoes in the recommended amount daily; if you don’t, you might want to do so as quickly as possible. Tomatoes contain lycopene in high amounts, an antioxidant that protects your skin from harmful UV radiation. 



Pecans are nuts which contain ellagic acid, which protects the skin against harmful UV radiation. Pecans have high quantities of antioxidants and vitamins in them. The vitamins A & E present in pecans can help boost your skin condition and protect it at the same time. 

Pecans are a complete package for you boosting healthy skin, and it can be very beneficial to add them to your diet. 



Water is the root of healthy skin. If your body’s hydration level is out of proportion, you might as well welcome deteriorated skin. Low hydration levels will lead to dry skin, which will lead to other skin-related complications. 

Drinking the recommended amount of water per day is the best way to ensure that your skin is glowing at all times. Not only does water make your skin glow, but it also flushes out all the toxicants, making your skin fresher and preventing the growth of new pimples. 

It would be best if you tried to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water per day. Depending on your daily routine, you can increase that amount, including playing a sport, which can result in sweating, resulting in your body demanding more water. 


There are tons of foods available that can help maintain healthy skin. A person can adjust different types of foods in their diet according to their preference. The most important thing is to keep track of what goes into your body. A messed-up diet can heavily affect the condition of your skin. It is also crucial to ensure the right portions of the foods mentioned above, as consuming these foods excessively can lead to even further complications. 

Taking care of your skin is no easy task, but it isn’t as complicated as everyone says it is. Read through our guide debunking common skincare myths to get a better idea of the lies that have been spreading related to skincare.