Know Your Sun and Floppy Hats

It’s summer, and you’ve already got your swimsuit, go-to dress, footwear, and sunscreen sorted – now it’s the season to invest in headwear that will see you through this summer and beyond. A sun hat is the protective and stylish finishing touch that no summer wardrobe should be without, topping off your summer outfits.

Whether you keep it casual and practical in a baseball cap, embrace this summer’s crochet trend, or go for decadence in the lampshade silhouette, a sun hat will prepare you for the sun-drenched days ahead (hopefully). So let’s begin your search for the ideal sun hat.

What Is a Sun or Floppy Hat?

Floppy sun hats have brims that are wide and circular. Typically, the crown is unformed. Brims are usually four to six inches wide.

Floppy hats with wider brims, sometimes as wide as 10 inches, are available. Because of their sophistication, more full-brimmed floppy hats are becoming popular.

The History of Floppy Sun Hats

Floppy hats have been around since the 14th century. Floppy hats were affiliated with farmers in the ancient world, as they were popular among Irish farmers. They were made entirely of straw and were designed to shield farmers from the heat while they worked in their fields.

Floppy sun hats became prominent fashion accessories in the twentieth century when people wore them to represent elegance and femininity. It came in various materials and colors, and its versatility has only grown. Originally designed to protect farmers, it is now a high-end statement accessory.

Floppy Sun Hats: How to Wear Them


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Floppy sun hats can frame the face and elevate your outfit while protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. If you’ve never worn a big hat before, follow these tips on wearing big floppy hats, and you’ll look fantastic in this popular style.

Proportion Is the Key to Wearing Floppy Sun Hats

Putting on a floppy hat for the first time can be intimidating, especially if you prefer more understated accessories. But there is a trick to finding floppy sun hats that flatter you. Everything boils down to proportion.

For instance, if the hat you’re wearing is highly oversized but you have a small frame, it may appear to overshadow your figure. The appropriate floppy hat will be proportionate to your outfit style, body type, and hair length.

Choosing the Correct Size of a Floppy Hat

Are you ready to find your ideal match? If it’s your first time sporting a big, floppy hat, you might want to experiment with a few different versions of this style.

Choose a hat with a brim proportionate to your body size. If you’re taller, a floppy sun hat with an oversized brim will look great on you, and if you’re shorter, you may feel more confident and comfortable with a slightly shorter brim. Remember, the essential thing is that you feel great in your chosen hat style!

Putting Together a Proper Outfit

Once you’ve found a floppy sun hat you like, try it on with a few different outfits to get a sense of what silhouettes complement your new hat. Because floppy sun hats are often the focal point of an outfit, keep jewelry and other accessories to a minimum.

This will help hold your attention on that amazing hat. While at it, remember that this type of hat helps frame the face, so avoid overcrowding it with large scarves or puffy jackets or tops.

Wearing a Floppy Hat With Short Hair

a short haired woman wearing beige outfit and a sun hat holding a bouquet of white flowers on a blue background

Concerned that you won’t be able to pull off a floppy sun hat with short hair? Don’t be like that! This hat looks great with short hair.

If you’re concerned that a large brimmed hat will overpower your short hair, try wearing it slightly further back on the head. You can show off your new accessory while not feeling like your hair is completely tucked away with more hair framing your face.

Wearing a Floppy Sun Hat for Any Occasion

Use these pointers to style your hat for any occasion.


There are numerous ways to incorporate a floppy hat into your everyday wardrobe. For a laid-back day out, pair it with a simple sundress. For a more polished look, pair your hat with a simple blouse and a pair of jeans.


You’re in for a treat! You’ll have no issue pulling off this style on your next vacation because floppy sun hats were meant for the sand. You’ll only need your favorite bathing suit and sandals.


A floppy sun hat is a functional and fantastic choice for formal daytime occasions. It will keep you cool and protected while adding the finishing touch to your look.

Combine a bright dress with neutral raffia or straw accessories. Alter an all-white ensemble with a hat with beading or colorful accents.

Wearing Big Floppy Hats


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It’s something about those huge, huge floppy hats. They have a luxurious and mysterious feel; if you want to wear one, observe these tips.

First, ensure that the time is correct. It’s critical to know how to wear big floppy sun hats and when to wear them. Bring your hat to the beach for a safe bet; this style was designed for warm weather.

Next, consider wearing a neutral-colored hat. Raffia straw sun hats are naturally beautiful and go with almost any outfit. Finally, make your big hat the focal point of your ensemble. Wear simple attire and let your hat be the focal point.

How Wide Should the Hat’s Brim Be for Sun Protection?

You can quickly get sunburned if you’re not careful on hot summer days. If you’re using sunscreen and reapply it frequently, the sun will burn your skin (sometimes quickly) if you are exposed to it for over 3-4 hours. Wear a wide-brimmed hat, a broad-spectrum, high-quality SPF 30+ sunscreen, and sunglasses whenever you’re outside to avoid sunburn.

Wear a floppy hat with a brim of at least seven centimeters to protect your skin from the sun. If you have a moderate to high skin cancer risk, it should shade the shoulders, face, neck, scalp, and back and areas frequently overlooked, such as the tops of the ears and the back of your neck.