Know Your Baseball Caps

They’re as timeless as jeans and T-shirts and as American as apple pie. Of course, we’re referring to baseball caps. The classic sportswear staple (like the tracksuit) is an important part of our cultural identity, transcending gender, time, profession, age, and sports.

Young children, grown women and men, tennis and basketball players, truck drivers and umpires, postal workers, and service members wear them. Indeed, it appears that there are baseball caps to suit everyone from all walks of life. Read on to learn more about baseball caps.

Baseball Cap Styles

Baseball caps are a common pick for keeping your eyes and head out of the sun, whether worn casually or as part of an athletic uniform. Here are fourteen different styles of baseball caps to choose from.

Fitted Cap

A fitted hat fits snugly on the wearer’s head and does not have an adjustable strap for size adjustment.

Flexible Fit Cap

An elastic band at the crown of a flexible-fit cap’s back lets it stretch to fit the user’s head.

Snapback Cap


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Snapback hats include a plastic strap with adjustable plastic snaps at the back to adjust the hat’s size to fit the wearer’s head.

Strapback Cap

The strapback hat, like the snapback, has adjustable sizing. Instead of two plastic pieces, the cap is made of fabric, with the corresponding edges lined with velcro.

Five-panel Cap

A baseball cap’s crown is typically made up of several fabric panels sewn together. A five-panel cap, also known as a camp cap, is made of five fabric panels sewn together.

Four panels are identical in size and form the crown’s back, while the fifth is larger and positioned at the front of the cap. This enables manufacturers to embroider different designs on the front of the hat without the interference of a seam.

Six-panel Cap

A six-panel cap has a crown made up of six triangular fabric pieces sewn together and attached at the crown’s top. Typically, the hat’s panels are all the same color.

Seven-panel Cap

Seven-panel hats are a hybrid of five and six-panel caps. The triangular fabric pieces are arranged and attached in the same way as a six-panel hat, with its front covered by a seventh panel and a five-panel. Manufacturers can embroider a continuous design on the hat’s front using this front panel.

Structured Cap

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A structured cap is made of buckram, a material that retains its shape after being removed from the user’s head.

Unstructured Cap

An unstructured cap is made of a limper, softer fabric that loses shape once removed from the user’s head.

Curved Brim

The bill of a hat with curved brim curves downward to block the sun from the user’s peripheral vision.

Flat Brim Cap

Flat-brimmed caps have a flat bill (the hat’s front visor) instead of a curved one.

Sandwich-bill Cap

This cap has a thicker brim made up of three sandwiched panels of fabric, with the middle panel usually contrasting the color of the external panels.

Dad Hat

This low-profile hat has a loose, unstructured fit that is lightweight.

Trucker Hat

Trucker caps are a style that is similar to the hats that truck drivers wear on the road. These hats may have varying panel counts, but they always have a plastic mesh netting or backing that fits loosely around your head.

How to Put on a Baseball Cap

Baseball caps are versatile headgear pieces that you can wear for fashion and function. Continue reading to find out how to wear a baseball cap properly.

Find One That Is a Good Fit


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Unless you’re trying for an ultra-casual look, ensure that your baseball cap fits snugly or is easily adjustable to fit your head. You should wear your hat comfortably with the brim facing backward or forward.

Allow It to Settle in

By rinsing your cap with hot water before wearing it, you can help break it in. Maintain it slightly above your ears.

Form the Bill

Flatten or bend the brim of your hat while it is wet or dry to the desired curvature.

Center the Brim

Wear the hat with the brim center on your forehead and a small gap between your head and the inside of the crown. If you have long tresses and are wearing a strapback or snapback, you can tie them in a ponytail and loop them through the gap.

Baseball Cap Wearing Tips

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The rule of thumb for wearing baseball caps is to find one that fits comfortably. This means it should be snug enough to keep your head from falling off but not so tight that it triggers a headache or leaves indentations or red marks on your forehead.

Wearing a baseball cap backward is not a good look unless the visor blocks your view or stops you from performing a task safely. The same is true for wearing it sideways; this is only appropriate for toddlers. And you’re not a toddler if you are reading this.

Keep in mind that less is more. A clean white or plain black baseball cap will last much longer than a trendy graffiti-laden cap that will only get you so far and lose its charm after one season.

Pick a baseball cap made of a breathable fabric, such as cotton, if you plan to be out in the sun or sweat a lot. If you’re wearing a baseball cap in the cold, choose a warmer material like suede or wool. Oh, and if you’re going to wear a baseball cap with your leather jacket, don’t wear a leather cap as well.

Aside from wearing baseball caps, protect your face from the sun with these facial sun creams!

Maintain cleanliness. This is obvious, but it bears mentioning. A filthy hat is never adorable.

This iconic Americana piece has been around for more than 150 years and will remain a wardrobe staple for women and men, young and old. While we’ve covered the essentials for wearing this timeless headgear, the truth is that you can wear a baseball cap however you want. These suggestions are meant to help you look and feel your best, whether going to a weekend celebration, a baseball game, or a night on the town.