Tips for Organizing Your Purses and Handbags in Your Closet

A woman’s handbag is likely one of her most expensive accessories, so it makes sense that she would want to keep it in excellent shape. So that you can continue to take pleasure in your valuable collections for many years, here are some suggestions for storing handbags. It just takes one misstep for your neatly stacked bag on the top shelf of your wardrobe to become a heap of unorganized chaos. Worse, your handbags may not all fit on the top shelf, so you may have to stack them, resulting in a squished bottom row. 

  It would be best if you didn’t worry about dropping a ton of cash on a new purse rack or second-guessing your decision to rent a place with a little wardrobe. Listed below are some of the most creative ways to organize your handbags that can completely revamp your current living area. There is a bag-specific solution for any closet size, from plexiglass dividers to hooks on the back of the door.

Tips for Organizing Your Handbags

Perhaps you’ve pondered the best method to arrange your handbag collection in the closet so that each bag is easily accessible yet still presents attractively to guests. Your handbags, purses, and clutches can be perfectly organized in or out of your closet in various ways.


1. Put Your Purses in a Stack on Shelves

Your closet has plenty of room for purses to be neatly arranged on shelves. Before you can put your bags on the shelf, you’ll need to clear them out. Use a see-through screen to split the room into separate cubbies. Move on to the next step, which is organizing the bags. Afterward, place the totes you frequently access closer to the bottom shelves and the others higher up. If you’re short on storage room, you can stack the bags vertically next to one another; if you have more room, you can utilize the dividers in your organizer to separate the bags.

2. Keep Your Handbags Neatly Arranged by Color

  Your collection of handbags would benefit from being color-coded. Picking them up when you need to use them will be much simpler and quicker. It will enhance the aesthetic value of your luggage shelf. If you have a lot of handbags and are the kind to want them all to match, you can arrange them in a color-coded stack. Because of this, it’s simple to find a purse that complements your ensemble.

  Sort your purses and bags from lightest to darkest in color; another option is the ROYGBIV scheme. With this, your luggage rack will look like a rainbow. No hard and fast rule exists for the optimal way to sort your handbags by hue. Nonetheless, the aesthetic value of the presentation is crucial.

3. Sort your bags based on their sizes

  It is possible to sort handbags by size by stacking the larger ones together and the smaller ones in a separate pile. Stacking them from largest to smallest will allow you to make the most efficient use of available space. Putting your bags in order by size works just as well if you don’t care how they look together in terms of color.

Purse Storage

4. Sort Bags Based on Priority

  The bags you use most frequently, such as those for work and daily life, can be grouped for quick access, while those you use less frequently, such as for formal events, can be stored further away. You can quickly grab a bag and keep things moving in this manner.

5. Fill Bags to Make Them Appear Attractive on Shelves

  One of the best ways to ensure a bag keeps its form while being stored is to fill it before placing it in a container. You can use it to support your purse. As a result, it will not flake off or sag. Tissue paper, T-shirts, dustbags, a chopping mat, paper towels, compact handbags, and lightweight fabric are some items that can be stored in a purse. If you want your bags to appear their best on the shelf, fill them up.

6. Install Tote Bag Hooks in Your Storage Area or Bedroom

  Hooks for hanging tote bags can be installed on the side of closet shelves if there is enough room. Instead, you can install hooks inside your closet’s walls or on the back of your closet’s door to store your tote bags and other bags. You may arrange them in a row to make the most of your room. You may also save even more room by hanging your bags inside and outside your closet door. It is also possible to hang totes from the rods of a wardrobe, closet, or storage area. However, the strap or handle of a bag might be broken if it is hung for too long. It is recommended that the strap be removed before long-term storage. Fold it up into the clutch and stow it away. The vertical storage of bags is just one space-saving option made possible by various bag organizers.

Open Storage

7. Use cabinets or see-through plastic bins to stow your luggage

  Bags can also be stored in plastic containers to save on floor space in a closet or room. You can keep bags fresh for months at a time in plastic boxes. It protects the handbag from elements like dust and exposure that could shorten its life. Before putting the bag away, double-check its placement and ensure it’s full. These containers work best if they are transparent, allowing you to see the bags within and making it easy to select a bag for the day without even having to open the container.

8. Bags can be hung from the ceiling mirror or curtain rods

  The sides of floor mirrors and by your curtain rails are more places to hang handbags. By utilizing an S-hook, purses can be hung from a curtain rod. This is done by attaching the S-hook to the curtain rail securely. Finally, hang your purse from the S-outer hook’s curve. This provides your purses with a well-organized arrangement. Another option is installing doorknobs or a shower curtain rod with hooks for bag storage. When your closet is already stuffed, and you need more room to store your bags and purses, these solutions can help.

9. Use trays for your clutches, purses, and other small bags

  To organize your clutches and handbags, try using clear trays or trays that match the color scheme of your closet. Shelves and baskets can be kept in racks, built into the doors of a closet or storage space, or stacked. Slim, compact clutches can be filed away in magazine folders; larger purses can be hung from hooks under shelves or on coat racks in the closet. 

10. Bags should be stored in their respective dust covers

  If you don’t have a lot of room for your handbags, it’s a good idea to keep them in a dust bag. Whenever you buy a new handbag, it will come in a dust bag. The handbag can be shielded from dust with its use. However, it would help if you didn’t keep your purses in their dust bags for too long. When storing handbags, it’s best to wrap them in dust bags before placing them on a shelf. This ensures that air may circulate freely within and around the purse.

Bag with different sizes

Handbag Storage Ideas

  Keep your ever-expanding handbag collection under control with these simple, low-cost storage solutions. If you’re a purse lady, you know how difficult it can be to find a stylish and practical way to store your bags. However, suppose your handbags are a jumbled mess in the middle of the floor or stacked in the back of a closet. In that case, they will appear unattractive and be more at risk of being squished, scratched, or destroyed. It’s important to understand how to organize a closet partly because of the importance of having a place to store your handbags. These suggestions can help you store your handbags in any situation, whether in a tiny apartment or a large house.

1. Hanging Decorative Bag Holder

  This device will keep your bag neat, and the plastic pockets will also prevent dust and scratches. You may accommodate a variety of sizes of bags in its two main compartments and four smaller pockets. Further, since all the compartments are see-through, you can always find your purse when you need it. This Handbag Pocket Organizer features many slots for your collection and can be hung from a rack in your wardrobe. Get some coat hangers if you need a place to store your handbags and keep them off the floor. Then you slip the shoulder strap over the hanger’s neck and hang it up. To maximize space, remove the shoulder straps from a few tiny bags and hang them all from the crossbar of a coat hanger.

2. Purse Cabinets

  If you have room for it, a purse cabinet is one of the finest methods to keep your handbags safe, organized, and out of the way. This is a stylish solution if you want to show off your fantastic handbag collection or your extensive walk-in closet. The typical purse cabinet resembles a bookcase or a China cabinet with glass doors. One of these in your closet will make it easy to see your bags, prevent them from collecting dust and find the one you need quickly.

3. Hanging Closet Organizer Tray

  A little purse organizer tray with compartments will become your new best friend. Thanks to the separators, you can view all your bags at once, and they will stay upright. These hanging storage containers for under shelves reduce clutter by putting wasted vertical space in your wardrobe to good use. Keep your watches, phones, chargers, wallets, glasses, handbags, scarves, bracelets, necklaces, and more organized. It’s simple to install and requires no additional tools; You may make better use of vertical space and get extra storage by hanging this tray beneath wire shelves in your bedroom, bathroom, or hallway closet; The raised edges may be lifted and hooked securely into wire shelving; Excellent for use in the hall closet, mudroom closet, or coat closet of any house, apartment, condo, dorm, RV, or another type of mobile dwelling.

Arranging Bags by color

4. Purse divider

  This divider is thick, transparent acrylic so that you can see all your handbag options. It is perfect for organizing everything from your crossbody bags to your clutches. You can place another one on top of it or another two. Slip a purse into one of the office’s leftover cardboard accordion organizers for instant organization. Take a picture of the bag and stick it on the exterior with some tape so you can tell which one is yours, even though the labels aren’t very legible.

5. Wine Rack

  One of the most elegant solutions for clutch bags is a wine rack, which can also be used to store other compact handbags. Wine racks are functional storage solutions and beautiful accent pieces for your house. To add a delightful appeal to your space, you can buy wine racks of different materials and colors and organize your clutch bags according to color.

6. Chrome Metal Tote Hanger

  Don’t let all that space in your closet go to waste; invest in metal hangers instead. Hanging all your purses from them will free up valuable closet space for other items.

Purse Hooks

7. Storage nook for handbags

  Keep them all in one place for easy access when getting ready in the morning with an organizer like this one. One more perk of this organizer is that it can be placed in a walk-in closet or on an open display in another room. Filling your bags with newspaper or tissue paper will help them maintain their shape, making them seem better while they are displayed. Using a bookcase as a makeshift shelf is a simple solution. You may organize your luggage and shoes in clear plastic containers and little baskets. This is a cheap solution to the problem of where to put your pocketbook and one of the easiest ones to implement.

8. Clear Dust Bag

  Clear dust bags are ideal for hanging items in a closet without damaging the fabric or straps from hooks or other closet accessories. If you have room in your closet, this is the best option for keeping the bags in pristine condition over time.

9. Storage Baskets and Bins

  Bags, along with the rest of your closet’s contents, can be easily organized with the help of storage bins and baskets, which come in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and designs. Open-topped storage cubbies are perfect for totes and clutches. To store unstructured tote bags, large, flat boxes are ideal. Satchels, straw bags, and bucket bags can easily be stored in large square containers. Remember that dust can easily collect on handbags left in open containers, so it’s better always to store them in dust bags. Make sure there are only a few bags piled into one storage area. The fabric of one bag could be permanently damaged if the zippers and hardware of another bag brush against it.

10. Curtain Rods for Totes

  Curtain rods are another typical storage solution for women’s handbags. It’s a perfect answer because the bags won’t take up any room on the floor, and everyone can see what’s in them.

Bag hanging on curtain rods


The best approach to ensure that your bags stay in excellent shape for years to come is to keep them out of the reach of dust and pests, which can be a challenge whether you keep them in the open or tucked away. Maintaining the bag’s form is crucial, so think carefully about where and how you’ll put it away. Fill any bag you intend to store with crumpled paper, old clothes, folded towels, or anything else that will help it keep its original form during storage. Without this, a bag folded over an extended period runs the risk of deflating or damaging. 

If you are a handbag enthusiast, you realize the importance of giving your purse the TLC it deserves. Everyday use is hard on your bags, and they ultimately require some TLC to keep looking brand new. If you get into cleaning and regularly protecting your bags, it will last you for years.