Guide to Handbag Closet Organizers

Whether you are a proud owner of over a hundred bags or an owner of just three handbags, every woman has encountered pretty much the same dilemma – where to put them?

Most people may have a dedicated storage for their clothes or shoes. But when it comes to handbags, they may just place it high on top of the shelf or cabinet. These handbags may tend to flop over or be left in the dust, or both. In whatever way, they would both look sad and… forsaken.

This is where this guide is for. It offers pretty creative and even fun solutions on how to store and organize your handbag collection, no matter how many bags you own.

1. Take advantage of your empty closet space

If you are lucky to have an empty and usable space in your closet, you can turn it into a “home” for your handbags. If your closet has ample hanging space, you can easily maximize it to store all of your precious bags. Use cloth hangers, shower curtain rings, or chrome metal tote hangers to place your bags on the hanging bar inside the closet. On the bottom of the hanging space, you may put some fabric storage boxes to place more bags.

2. Turn that little nook into storage for your handbags

If your house has an ample recessed area or extra wall space in your bedroom, kitchen, or under the staircase, etc., that is rarely used, you can convert that into a space where you can keep your handbags collection. Put on shelves or hanging bars there for additional space, and adequate lighting so that you can easily locate your handbags. If possible, install doors so that you can turn your nook into an instant handbags closet. Or if installing a door is not applicable, you may use curtains instead to conceal your handbags. That way, even when your space becomes a little stuffed, it is still relatively easy to hide.

3. Store bags in one spot

If your house is overwhelmed with so many handbags and purses on doorknobs, backs of chairs, armrests, and even on floors, literally everywhere  find a compact hanger organizer that will keep your handbags in place (see product listings below in the article).

Or, be creative with your hanging space by pulling off a tab from a soda can and use it to double up your hangers. Then group handbags together (by color, design, or brand, etc.) so that you can easily find and sort which handbags you need to use for the day.

4. Use the back of the door to hang your bags

If you have to make an extra storage space, you have to think vertically. You can convert the back of your bedroom or closet door into an additional space for your handbags. Install that blank wall space with a rack, preferably the one with a detachable storage shelf, to store more bags and accessories.

Vertical door holders with hooks can also hold a lot of bags and will save a lot of space in your closet if you use them.

5. Just hang them up on the wall

If your closet or the back of your door is just plain full, you can find any empty and open wall space and install hooks on it. It’s the easiest way to keep and have access to all your handbags. Having your bags on full display also allows you to choose your bags a lot easier.

6. Re-purpose an ordinary clothes rack

If you own only a handful of bags, or if you cannot find any more space in your closet, a regular clothes rack is enough to hold a number of bags.

7. Use mesh containers or wire baskets in your closet for extra storage

Install mesh containers or wire baskets at the back of your closet door, where you will place all of your smaller handbags, clutches, purses, etc.

8. Install a pegboard rack on the wall

A pegboard rack is a brilliant idea as it offers plenty of storage space for your handbags and other accessories. You can use that empty area of your bedroom wall and install it with a pegboard rack. Next, attach some hooks onto the pegboard rack to hang your handbags and other accessories such as hats, sunglasses, etc.

The following lists some of the items that you may need for your handbag organizing project:

Where to Buy
Pegboard rack
Fabric storage boxes
Clothing hanger organizer
Wall hooks
Wire Mesh Basket
Free Standing Coat Rack
Over-the-door hook organizer


1. Pegboard rack

Pegboard racks are familiar sights in garages and workshops, but you can also use them in your bedroom wall to hang your precious handbags. You might as well invest in high-quality pegboard racks, such as this one from Wall Control. It is ten times more durable than a regular pegboard because of its solid galvanized steel, so it is guaranteed never to rust, give in or collapse no matter how many handbags you store.

2. Fabric storage boxes

If you are blessed with an ample horizontal or vertical space, or otherwise are short of it, you can maximize it with fabric storage boxes which you can use to compartmentalize and categorize your handbags by size, color, brand, etc. This set of six fabric storage cubes from AmazonBasics helps you organize your handbags as well as reduce headache-inducing clutter. These sturdy, breathable and foldable fabric storage bins also feature handles for easy carrying.

3. Clothing hanger organizer

If your closet space is severely limited to place your handbags, you can use this clothing hanger organizer. Just a a single hanger can store mulitple handbags, keeping them neatly arranged and allowing you to have easy access to your favorite bags.

4. Wall hooks

These stainless hooks are functional and stylish at the same time. The unique transparent look and design make these hooks nearly invisible, which is quite ideal for home decoration. These easy-to-install self-adhesive hooks leave no traces of any ugly nail grooves, and are perfect for a variety of surfaces such as wood, tiles, plastic, ceramic and metal. These hooks stick to the surface formidably, that you can hang your handbags there after you use them.

5. Wire Mesh Basket

Got a limited space in your closet? You can place these wire mesh baskets for more storage to organize, sort and put away your handbags. Each basket is constructed of stainless steel, so it is guaranteed not to rust. It has handles on both sides for portability.

6. Free Standing Coat Rack

You can re-purpose this free-standing metal coat and hat rack by hanging your handbags. With its eight hooks, this rack offers enough storage for as many handbags as you have. This rack’s sturdy and stable frame will keep itself balanced, and won’t cause any scratches on the floor. While it requires assembly, it is otherwise easy and won’t take long before your rack is done and ready to use.

7. Over-the-door hook organizer

If space-saving is of particular concern for you, these over-the-door hook organizers will save the day! You can use it on your closet door, as well as bedroom, bathroom, pantry, or office door for hanging handbags and other accessories. This over-the-door hook organizer is made of ABS resin material which guarantees sturdiness. It can fit doors measuring up to 3.5 cm (1.38 in), so you can still close the door even when this hook organizer hanging on it. Installation is quick and easy, and doesn’t require any special tools.