Stylish Handbags Made from Unusual and Unlikely Source Materials

Being stylish doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to follow the latest trends in fashion. It doesn’t have to stick to what is conventional and generally accepted. It also doesn’t have to be too expensive. And most of all, it doesn’t have to be destructive.

Being stylish can also mean being adventurous and going against the flow. Making unconventional fashion choices is one of the ways to showcase your individual style. It can be even beneficial not just for you, but also for certain causes, especially social and environmental ones.

This article specifically features stylish recycled and upcycled bags. They make an ideal alternative to handbags that are made of conventional materials. The old and used materials have been given “second life” as fashionable handbags. They’re so stylish that you wouldn’t know they’re actually recycled or upcycled. But this very fact has made these bags unique and special in their own way.

Each of these stylish, high-quality, and sustainable handbags has an interesting story to tell. By purchasing these bags, you open a new chapter for them. Not to mention that you also contribute something good to the environment and the betterment of society.

Where to Buy
Looptworks In Flight Weekender Duffel Upcycled Southwest Airline Leather Seats Limited Edition LUV Collection
Sea Bags Recycled Sail Cloth Octopus Tote Large
Myra Bag Stamped A Upcycled Canvas Shoulder Bag S-0717
ESCAMA STUDIO Women's Socorro Silver Shoulder Handbag Hand Crafted from Recycled Soda Pop Tabs
Alchemy Goods Haversack Messenger Bag, Made from Recycled Bike Tubes
Prime Line Packaging Reusable Grocery Bags Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles
Global Crafts Recycled Fire Hose Handbag, White with Polished Wooden Handle
Global Crafts Recycled Tire Rubber Round Crossbody Bag


1. Looptworks Southwest Airlines Duffel Bag – airline seat covers

Remember those Pan Am bags that everyone used to have several decades before? Think of this duffel bag from Looptworks as the next generation.

It is constructed of used Southwest Airlines leather seat covers! This bag, like the other Looptworks bags, saves about 5,600 gallons of water and reduces carbon emissions of up to 82%.

Aside from caring for the environment, Looptworks also provides jobs to people with disabilities. By buying this bag – or any other products from Looptworks – you support the company’s noble aims. Whether you hit the skies – or hit the road – Looptworks’ upcycled Southwest Airlines bags make a perfect travel companion and a strong fashion statement.

2. Sea Bags Recycled Sail Cloth Octopus Tote – sail cloths

Sea Bags is a company located on the waterfront in Portland, Maine. It has gained renown and praises for its high-quality bags and purses made from recycled sails. Their nautically designed handbags are truly beautiful, which makes them must-have items, especially if you love the beach and the sea.

This handmade tote features an illustration from the official report of the HMS Challenger, the 1872-76 scientific expedition, which lay the foundations of oceanography. The bag’s lining has a printed design featuring Charles Darwin’s handwritten notes from The Origin of the Species.

You can start your baby steps in contributing to the health of the ocean by purchasing any products from Sea Bags.

3. Myra Bag Upcycled Shoulder Bag – canvas tents and tarps

This unisex shoulder bag from Myra Bag is stylish but is also highly versatile, functional, and practical for everyday use. Plus, it is earth-friendly, as it is made from upcycled canvas tents and tarps. The additional features and details such as straps, handles, trims, and minimal printed graphics give this bag a unique style. It has lots of storage compartments (including a zippered pocket at the back) to carry your daily essentials.

4. Ecsama Studio Bag – aluminum soda tops

If metallic fashion is your thing, this bag from Ecsama Studio should be right up your alley!

This imported bag from Brazil is made mostly of aluminum soda tabs, which give it a shiny and lustrous look. It is beautifully finished with a silver fabric liner, an inside zippered pocket, and a zippered top closure. The meticulous craftsmanship and fine attention to detail are quite evident in this stylish upcycled bag.

5. Alchemy Goods Haversack Messenger Bag – bicyclce inner tubes and seat belt

You don’t have to be a cyclist to have the Haversack messenger bag from Alchemy Goods. It is made from bicycle inner tubes! The very materials used for this bag make it durable and water-resistant. The strap, on the other hand, is made from an upcycled bicycle seat belt.

Alchemy Goods is a Seattle-based company that specializes in making bags out of bicycle inner tubes and some other bicycle parts. Of course, it cannot make bags without these raw materials. So if you have used bikes, you can donate them to any of the 550 participating stores in Alchemy Goods’ recycling program.

6. Prime Line Packaging Reusable Grocery Bags Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

How long does it take plastic garbage to decompose? Roughly 1,000 years or even more! But before they would finally rot, they first pollute our land and oceans when not properly disposed of. We must act fast before plastic totally destructs the environment and gobbles up our planet.

Fortunately, it is never too late to start acting against plastic pollution. Many companies have begun creating products made of recycled plastic. Even doing as little as buying any recycled plastic product is already a big step. This high-quality reusable bag is made from recycled plastic water bottles; perfect for people who want to help save the planet and have a reliable grocery handbag. Aside from the durable, recycled plastic material, the bag’s handles are also reinforced to make it easier to carry even the heaviest of loads.

7. Global Crafts Handbag – fire hose

Global Crafts gave a retired fire hose a second life by turning it into a nice and stylish handbag. This handcrafted bag from India is finished with polished wood handles and white fabric for back stitching. It offers a lot of space for your most important belongings. It is also waterproof, which makes it especially perfect as a summer bag!

Global Crafts is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation, a non-profit organization that supports businesses that advocate the principles of fair trade. A fair trade is a business model that values workers, profits and the planet equally.

8. Global Crafts Round Crossbody Bag – tire rubber

Global Crafts is at it again, and this time it’s a durable eco-friendly round crossbody bag that is made entirely of recycled tire rubber and inner tubes. It has a black nylon lining and white stitching to ensure its durability. You can carry it by your hand, or hang it on your shoulder with its adjustable strap.