Guide to Handbag Organizers

One of a woman’s most indispensable accessories is her handbag. They must bring their handbags or purses everywhere besides the house, including the workplace, school, social events, and stores—their outfit. You could have a lot of purses, but you need to keep them all in order.

There’s no denying that women use their handbags for practical reasons. We will need all the comforts of home and more to fight off our fears and meet our mothering requirements. Small purses may be attractive and entertaining on the weekend, but they could be better for a day at the office. A large tote is needed if you’re always on the go and need to carry your essentials, such as a laptop, a book you’re reading, a change of clothes, a pair of sunglasses, a pair of tampons, and other personal items. Despite good intentions, women tend to fill their bags with unnecessary things, even if they initially intended to take only the essentials. By the weekend, the bag will look like it has seen better days on a battlefield.

The opening of most large handbags is wide enough to see what’s inside and get whatever you need out quickly and easily. However, the wear and tear on your belongings are increased because of the constant friction and bumping of all the disorganized things inside. The worst scenario could be that some items in the bag would be damaged, including a compact or a key scratching the phone screen. It’s never fun to clean up a mess, and seeing that brand-new, expensive bag scratched hurt my feelings.

Types of Bag Organizers

It’s time to get your act together and organize that bottomless hole of a bag if the continual battleground inside it is starting to disturb you. The simplest option is to buy a ready-made organizer, whether made of nylon or felt. However, if you discover that they are too cumbersome, pouches are your best bet. Keep reading to learn the many techniques for obtaining a well-organized purse.

1. Single Bag Organizer

Accessories to help you keep your bag neat are easily accessible. Rather than shoving everything into several pockets and compartments, you may use a single bag organizer to neatly stow everything in an “inner” bag that fits in your tote. Women favor this bag divider since it simplifies searching for a large bag. If you switch bags frequently, you can transfer the organizer to the other.

2. Cosmetic Bag

Cosmetic Bag

Most women choose to use compact cosmetic bags for smaller handbags. Most of the time, you can get them for free or as a bonus for signing up for a service. You may use them to create nifty little compartments in your bag to keep all your stuff nice and neat. You can put your earbud case in one little bag, and your entire collection of cosmetics, sanitary goods, etc., in another. In addition, keeping your keys in a separate pouch or holder is a good idea so they don’t scratch the interior of your purse or the things you’re carrying around.

3. Felt Purse Insert

Felt handbag organizer

This organizer is predominantly constructed from high-quality Felt fabric. It’s sturdy and can preserve the condition of your bag. The insert normally features one zippered pocket for storing valuables and one open pocket for an iPad. In addition, some models may feature a built-in water bottle holder. This organizer is great for keeping your belongings tidy because of its many compartments and pockets. You can rest assured that your bag liner will remain unblemished thanks to the material’s dye-blocking properties. In addition, the size may be adjusted to suit virtually any purse.

4. Mesh Organizer

Mesh Organizer

Bags can be made more functional by using mesh organizer pouches. Mesh Organizer Pouches are designed to hook onto the O-rings found inside various bags, including backpacks, messenger bags, briefcases, knitting/tote bags, travel and laptop bags, and more. A different bag without O-rings is fine; don’t use the pouch’s plastic snap hook. The Mesh Organizer Pouch’s front is made of durable mesh, so you can easily see what’s inside. The mesh material is breathable, so any excess heat or moisture won’t be trapped inside the pouch. There is a wide range of sizes and colors to select when shopping for mesh organizer pouches.

5. Tech Accessory Organizer

You can stop rummaging in your bag for missing batteries, chargers, headphones, and other accessories. The Tech Accessory Organizer is a space-saving solution for keeping all your accessories in one place. Two zippered compartments and a gusseted pouch keep USB accessories and other items organized, secure, and easily accessible. It’s compact when folded, making it easy to store in a handbag, gym bag, or even a desk drawer. Additionally, it is portable and multipurpose enough to serve as a jewelry roll or cosmetics case when you’re on the go.

Steps in Organizing Your Handbag

A woman putting things inside the bag

Most women are aware of how chaotic a handbag’s interior may become. Most women spend a fortune on a designer handbag only to pack it full of useless items. Now is the perfect moment to sit down and sort through your handbag collection. You’ll need to think of creative solutions for keeping similar items together as you attempt to go through everything. And put them where you can easily get to them. Here are some suggestions for keeping your handbag tidy.

1. Clear out your bag

Have a nearby trash can for discarding used gum wrappers, paper napkins, dental floss containers, etc. Reduce your bag’s weight by removing any unnecessary items and outdated trash. Your shoulder or arm will appreciate the lighter load.

2. Use a bag organizer

Make sure you have a bag organizer or pouches on hand. The hang bag organizer is wonderful for keeping things safe and organized inside your bag. You can easily transfer between various handbags. It helps maintain order in many handbags and makes switching between them a breeze.

3. Think about what you want to keep in your handbag and what you don’t want to carry

For instance, if your purse were excessively heavy from storing too many coins, you probably wouldn’t want to keep them. Empty your change into a pretty jar or container every week or exchange it for cash at the ATM or a local business. When you count how much money you’ve put away and how much lighter your purse is, you might be shocked.

4. Categorize and sort items in your handbag

Sort the items you’ve opted to keep into the categories you’ve assigned them to. Lipsticks, lip balms, mascaras, and perfumes in “stick” bottles should be kept together, for instance. In contrast, books, papers, electronics, and so on should be kept in separate piles.

5. Place similar items in one pouch

Put the smaller things in pouches and pockets on the inside and outside of your bag, so they don’t end up at the bottom. For example, put coupons in one container, makeup in another, dental floss, hand sanitizer, lotion, etc., in yet another. You may also find a pouch organizer with a separate pocket for your hairbrush.

6. Avoid Stacking stuff in your handbag

Try to avoid putting things on top of each other. Instead, put them all vertically so you can easily find and get to anything you need from your bag.

7. Place large items in the main compartment of the bag

Place your books, pouches, and other large items in the main compartment of your handbag. Then, fill the smaller compartments with things that will fit, like sunglasses, folded fans, and others. If you look in your purse, you’ll see it has everything you need.

8. Provide a small ready-to-go small stuff

Have a slim wallet on your keychain that can hold your most used and important things, like your company ID, credit and debit cards, insurance card, driver’s license, and a few bills. It will make it easy to wear your ID and buy things quickly.

9. Choose zipper pouches if your handbags don’t have zipper pouches included

Different kind of pouches

Most handbags have built-in pockets, but if yours doesn’t, you can get zipper pouches that you can use to organize groups of things. You can put makeup, hair care products, oral care items, and feminine products in separate pouches that zip closed.

10. Place your keys in an accessible pocket

Remember to leave a pocket where you can easily get your keys. Put your keys in the same pocket as your bag, so you don’t need to rummage through the contents of your bag every time you need your keys. You can use a key chain and hang it in your purse’s zipper.  


Inserting a small box or pouch into your handbag or tote might help keep your belongings neat. When switching purses, you can remove the bag organizer from one bag and place it in the next bag, saving you time and effort. A bag organizer may not seem like much, but you’d be surprised at how much time and frustration it can save you.

In addition to keeping the contents of your bag neatly arranged, a bag organizer is a great method to keep your bag safe from wear and tear. The contents of your bag will remain clean and undamaged if you use an organizer. Bag organizers allow you to locate quickly and easily anything inside your bag. With a purse organizer in your handbag, everything has its place, so you won’t be scrambling to find whatever you want.