Guide to Beach and Pool Headbands

When you’re out for a swim on the pool or beach, there’s one thing that may have bothered you – your hair getting in the way of your sight. Every time you go upwards to breathe air, you need to put your hair back. Relatable? If you experience this kind of hassle when you’re out on a swim, get a headband.  And if you are really inclined in going to beaches and tropical paradises, you will definitely enjoy playing Sam on the Beach Slot as well.

A headband can keep hair away from your face to make your swimming experience more comfortable. It can also add a touch of color and style to your head. A stylish beach headband can elevate your beach outfit, making you look picture perfect all the time. 

But if you need extra protection for the ears, you may want to go for swimming headbands. Let’s be honest – nobody wants to wear swim caps, except maybe for athletes who need it. Swimming headbands are a better choice for protection, especially if you’re not swimming for a competition. These things offer waterproof protection to block water from entering the ear canal. Sometimes, getting water in our ears is what spoils the swimming trip, so you can prevent it by wearing headbands that cover the ears. These kinds of headbands are also best used with earplugs to avoid swimmer’s ear infections. 

Best Beach and Pool Headbands

There are many stylish headbands out there, but you have to think of functionality. Make sure the headband you pick won’t slide out of your hair as you’re swimming. Here are some of the best picks:

Swimming Headbands

If your priority is protection for your ears along with keeping your hair away from your face, buy swimming headbands. Swimming headbands are best for swimming in pools, especially if you’re really going for a serious swim. Ear infections may happen due to chlorine water entering the ear canal, so it’s best to use headbands with extra width for the ears for protection.

Where to Buy
Mack’s Ear Band Swimming Headband
The Good Tides Swimming Headbands 
Qshare Swimming Headband 
Sync Hair Guard & Ear Guard Headband 

1. Mack’s Ear Band Swimming Headband

If you’re up for a vigorous swim at the pool, get yourself Mack’s Ear Band Swimming Headband. Having water stuck on your ears is an annoying feeling, and this can prevent that. This is a sports headband that can help keep water out and earplugs in. When it’s worn together with earplugs, it forms an ideal barrier to block the water from entering the ear canals. When used for kids, it will prevent them from removing or fussing with their ear protection. 

This headband is made of durable, stretchy neoprene. It’s secure and adjustable and comes with a hook and loop closure. Both sides of the headband are fabric coated for extra comfort, plus it’s reversible too it comes with a blue and a purple side. And the best part is, it floats so you don’t have to worry about losing it underwater. 

2. The Good Tides Swimming Headbands 

Looking for a comfortable swimming headband? Say goodbye to ugly swim caps and say hello to The Good Tides Swimming Headbands. This headband is very soft and adjustable because it’s made of stretchy, thick neoprene. It comes with a Velcro closure that allows you to adjust how loose or tight you want it to fit. 

This athletic headband is waterproof. Besides using for swimming, you can also use it for yoga, running, and other sports like basketball and volleyball, wherein you don’t want your hair blocking your line of sight.

3. Qshare Swimming Headband 

Qshare Swimming Headband is a swimming headband that helps keep the water out and earplugs in. When used in conjunction with waterproof earplugs, it really helps those who with swimmer’s ear infections and middle ear infections. It’s great to use for swimming, surfing, kayaking, water skiing, and other activities that may cause water to enter the ears.

This stylish headband is made of stretchy neoprene that’s comfortable and durable. It comes with a Velcro closure, making it easily adjustable. It’s is available in two sizes that fit most kids to medium-sized adult heads. 

4. Sync Hair Guard & Ear Guard Headband 

If you’re looking for a headband to add extra protection along with your swimming cap, the Sync Hair Guard & Ear Guard Headband is the one to consider. It adequately protects hair and ears from the water. It fits securely in the head to prevent water from entering.

This headband is made of silicone to ensure comfort, softness, and durability. It also makes the headband waterproof.


Stylish beach headbands

These are the headbands you use to look cute, even when without your makeup on because you’re on the water. While it works well to keep your hair back, it’s more often used to complement a hair bun or a hairdo at the beach or pool. 

Where to Buy
BLOM Original Knotted Thick Turban Headbands for Women 
BALNEAIRE Spandex Swim Cap Colorful Bathing Turban Swimming Cap 
RiptGear Yoga Headbands 

1. BLOM Original Knotted Thick Turban Headbands for Women 

BLOM Original Knotted Thick Turban Headband can be worn in 14 different styles, from turban to pleats, to wide headband. It’s very adaptable, and it can go with everything, even in lazy hair days. It doesn’t snag, slip, or break. It wicks away sweat while taming the hair. 

This headband is made of silky and soft viscose fabric, so it’s not waterproof. But it’s cool enough for hot days under the sun at the beach, plus, you can use it to keep your ears warm during the winter. It’s great for taking a stroll at the beach or sunbathing in the sand.

2. BALNEAIRE Spandex Swim Cap Colorful Bathing Turban Swimming Cap 

BALNEAIRE Spandex Swim Cap Colorful Bathing Turban Swimming Cap is a stylish headband that won’t slip from your head as you swim. It’s made of a soft material made of 80% polyamide and 20% elastane, and it’s friendly to the skin. It’s also resistant to chlorine.

This is a headband you can use as a turban or a swimming cap. It’s suitable for sports and athletic workouts besides swimming. You can wear it with a hair cap if you want.

3. RiptGear Yoga Headbands 

RiptGear Yoga Headbands is not just for yoga it’s also great for achieving the boho look for your next beach trip. The unique blends of fabrics in the headband make it easier and more comfortable to wear. It’s softer than cotton and microfiber, so you can be assured that it won’t hurt your head. It’s designed to wick sweat away even during times when you sweat a lot.

At four inches wide, this headband offers you a lot of options on how you can wear it. It’s available in different vibrant colors, and it remains vibrant after washing. You can choose from designs like tribal blue, tribal black, purple paisley, hippie flower, and more.