How to Avoid an Uncomfortable Sandy Experience at the Beach

Beach vacations are fun. Everyone looks forward to spending their holidays on a beach, just chilling under the sun. Kids get excited just at the mention of a beach. We don’t blame them for causing all the chaos because beaches are meant to experience the best times of your lives.

Sure, for kids, a day on the beach means a day full of running around and swimming. But for parents, it’s an entirely different story. One of the biggest concerns about a beach trip is the abundance of sticky sand. Sand is all cool and lovely until it sticks to everything you own, and then it makes its way to your house too. 

Why is Beach Sand So Sticky?


Sand is majorly made up of silica, which is highly hydrophilic. Water molecules tend to stick to silica until it doesn’t dry up. So anything wet gets sand attached to it on the beach. Even when the moisture is gone, the sand remains in the crevices of the skin, waiting to fall on your precious carpet at home.

It is no fun and games when you have to spend hours cleaning every nook and cranny to get rid of that stubborn sand. You’ll eventually regret going to the beach. Surprisingly, we have some hacks in store for you to consider before planning your next trip to the beach. You don’t have to dread the sand anymore. Read on to enlighten yourself with the anti-sand secrets:

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1. Use Sun Screen Beforehand


This may sound a bit strange, but your first round of putting on sunscreen must be done in your room. Of course, you will have to do it again after a few hours on the beach, but for the first time, it will save you from getting sand stuck to your whole body mixed with sunscreen.

We recommend you try out the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen.

2. Frequently Use Wet Wipes


Instead of using dry tissue paper for cleaning hands, wet wipes are a great alternative. Not only do they wipe most things clean, but they also get rid of the sand grains. 

3. Bring Spare Bottle of Fresh Water


A few hours into your beach adventure and you will suddenly miss fresh, unsalted water. Even the air at the beach has a salty taste, which adds to the sticky nature of sand. Pack extra bottles of fresh water and a spray bottle because nothing like a whiff of cool water on your face under the hot sun.

4. Sun Screen Stick  with Broad Spectrum SPF 50+


Kids go ballistic as soon as they see the beach. Those are the same kids who will cry rivers after getting sunburns. This is where stick sunscreens come in handy. It is very convenient to put it on kids who wouldn’t rest and to yourself. It will also save you from getting your hands all sandy while applying sunscreen.

We recommend you check out the Neutrogena Beach Defense Water-Resistant Sunscreen Stick.

5. Plastic Bags To Save The Day


It may sound a bit non-friendly to the environment, but plastic bags can help you a lot. You can put all the wet suits and clothes in it and carry them back home. You won’t have to worry about getting the car trunk damp and sandy. Alternatively, you can use recyclable bags instead of plastic ones.

6. Invest In Mesh Bags


You cannot avoid getting sand into your things; that is inevitable. But you can always be smart enough to buy beach bags that are woven in a mesh. Dump your sandy things in it and give it a shake before leaving the beach. Dry sand comes off easily when shaken.

We recommend the SupMLC Mesh Beach Bag.

7. Get Yourself a Toy Carrier


If you have toddlers obsessed with their toys and would bring them everywhere, this one is for you. Little humans love playing with their toys in the sand, which are also highly likely to attract a lot of sand. You don’t want your living room to be infected with sand the day after with all the toys lying around. 

Take a large tote bag and put all the toys in it to carry back home. Rinse them off and the bag before your kids ask for them again.

We recommend the Tenrai Seashell Mesh Tote.

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8. Folding Beach Chairs


Although most establishments at the beach offer beach chairs, it wouldn’t hurt to invest in folding chairs. They are way better than beach blankets and towels prone to get all kinds of sticky sand. Sure, the chairs will also have some sand on them, but they can easily be rinsed off.

We recommend getting your hands on the SunnyFeel Low Chair.

9. Baby Powder is Not Only For Babies


Yes, it’s not. You will thank the creators of baby powders once you know how efficiently it works against the sand. Take some powder on your hands and put it on your face. Use a large makeup brush to dust off the powder, and magically, the sand will also fall off. You won’t have ugly rashes and irritation on your face. Be careful while using baby powder on babies, though – inhaling such powder can be dangerous for tiny humans.

10. Make Your Car Sand-Proof


Pack extra dry towels in your car for your family to wipe their sandy feet. Wet towels stink big time when it comes to wiping sand off the body. Use fresh towels to clean everyone and then dump those towels in a plastic bag to wash later. 

Preferably, cover the seat and base of your car trunk with extra sheets to avoid getting sand in there. It will take you hours to get everything cleaned afterward if you haven’t done that.

11. Wear Water Shoes


If you are mature enough, you will rinse your feet before going back home, but we cannot assume everyone to do this. Water shoes might not look appealing, but they are great for walking and even running on the beach. Plus, you will get minimum sand on your feet if you wear them. 

We recommend you to opt for VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes.

12. The Last Dunk in The Water

Before leaving for home, make sure to spare a minute and take a quick swim in the water. A lot of the already stuck sand on your body will wash off with the water current. When coming out of the water, choose a calmer water current as a rough one will stir up loose sand again, only to stick it on you again.

13. Confine the Sand

If you have successfully come back from your beach trip and are worried about taking the sand in your house. The only solution to this is to ask everyone to use the outermost room in the house and dump everything there, including sandy clothes and shoes. It is easier to clean one room compared to cleaning the whole house. 

A Non-Sandy Trip To the Beach

We love the beach, but we don’t love the unwanted sand in our things. Although it is impossible to avoid the sand completely, the damage can be minimized using these simple hacks and tricks we have mentioned above. You will feel good about yourself for making intelligent decisions, and your kids will love you too for not yelling at them after the trip. All’s well that ends well.