Styles of Bikini Body Cover Ups

The beach is the ideal location to show off your fashionable and stunning bikinis. On the other hand, it can also be a frightening place. Even beachgoers with the utmost levels of confidence have flaws that they would like to keep hidden from the public. This is particularly true when there are so many people on the beach that most ladies are constantly grabbing for their towels.

When you’re on the beach, especially when the sun is scorching hot, there are several good health-related reasons to cover up, aside from just being conscious or shy. You no longer need to worry if donning a bikini to the beach on your next vacation made you feel self-conscious. The reason for this is that a variety of bikini body covers are now available to protect your skin and your modesty.

Bikini Cover-Up Options

This summer, you’ll need a winning combo of bikinis and beach cover ups for a confident stroll down the boardwalk! The items listed below are excellent finds that you may also wear on a daily basis.

1. Crocheted Garments

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Any open-weave item made with crochet is ideal for the beach. This is excellent for achieving the bohemian look.

2. Shirtdress

Woman in a striped shirt dress sitting on a metal stairs

Shirt dresses are comfortable and give your beach outfit a casual feel. You can even wear it anyplace you want and not just the beach.

3. T-Shirt Dress

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An outfit made of a quick-drying T-shirt is ideal for the beach.

4. Tunic Blouse

Summer fashion model in jeans and orange tunic. Elegant forty year old woman.



This chic cover-up for your swimwear is a long, flowing shirt that hits mid-thigh. It is frequently made of thin cloth and could even have beading or embroidery.

It’s ideal for every body type because it often has long sleeves, which efficiently conceal problem areas around the arms, hips, and tummy. For the ideal OOTD, pair this with a hat and large sunglasses.

The hips and thighs of pear-shaped ladies can be enhanced by wearing tunics with side vents, a slightly tapered waist, and a large neck opening. Wearing jewelry and accessories that emphasize your upper body, such as large earrings, might help balance out your lower half.

Choose a stunning V-neck tunic that draws attention to your neck and face if you have an apple shape. Make sure your tunic isn’t too clinging or too loose for people with full figures so you can show off your collarbone and wrists.

5. Maxi Dress and Maxi Skirt

Beautiful young latino woman posing in fashionable maxi dress and summer hat, taking photos for her social media. Sunny day. Smiling girl. Leisure and happiness on vacation.

A maxi dress is a must-have for your summer wardrobe. It works as a versatile go-to garment as well as a chic cover-up for your swimsuit.

One would assume that because it is usually form-fitting at the top and loose-fitting at the bottom, it isn’t the best fit for every body type. However, anyone may get an attractive silhouette that highlights a curvaceous waist by picking the proper design and color.

Accessorize with drop earrings, vibrant sunglasses, and open toe sandals to rock this summer’s trend. Add a straw hat or headscarf for a carefree, relaxed feel.

A little bikini may not always be the most practical clothing choice for walking or running around the beach. When not lounging in the sun or swimming, even the most confident women want some support. The best beach cover ups for your body type are necessary in this situation. They are not just fashionable but also available in a range of attractive styles for all body types.

6. Kimono

Young woman in white cover up and jeans shorts on a walkway over the dunes

As a beach cover-up, this traditional Japanese outfit is quickly gaining appeal. Although most beach kimonos have sleeves that fall just below the elbows and are knee length, this adaptable and versatile garment is typically worn with an ankle length. The fact that it is so lightweight, stylish, and free of buttons makes it a wonderful cover-up.

You may easily add elements to enhance your overall beach appeal if your design is big and floating. An oversized straw hat, jean shorts, a bikini top, a pair of open-toe shoes, fashionable sunglasses, and a kimono create a chic, boho look.

7. Midi Skirt

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A comfortable, fashionable dress for the beach is a midi skirt because they are simple to put on and take off.

8. Playsuit

A young woman is standing on the rocks of the beach with waves crashing in

Playsuits, jumpsuits, pantsuits, rompers, and dungarees are all interchangeable terms in modern fashion. Additionally, it eliminates the possibility of leaving a piece of clothing by the beach because it doubles as a top and bottom. These beach cover ups are, to put it briefly, a “one-piece ensemble.”

You may expect them in a variety of silhouettes, including strapless, asymmetrical necklines, sleeveless, backless, and full coverage. You may even get them in crochet or lace. Many playsuits are made of lightweight material appropriate for the summer heat.

A playsuit is ideal for every body type and is stylish enough for more formal beach occasions like parties or dinner dates, which is one of its best features. You can wear it with just about everything, including flats, tennis shoes, espadrilles, flip-flops, and flats.

9. Strapless Dress

Woman walking on city street at night

Even though you might not feel comfortable wearing a strapless dress in your daily life, you can do so at the beach. It looks quite beach-appropriate and doesn’t exhaust you with the increased heat. Choose jersey or cotton-based textiles that require little upkeep.

10. Relaxed Shorts

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It’s possible that you won’t need to purchase swimming trunks any longer. You’re good to go if your shorts are loose. Get a pair of loose-fitting shorts instead if you’d like to cover up your bottom bikini. Use it to mix and match with the design and color of your top bikini without hesitation.

11. Denim Shorts

Beautiful bohemian tanned girl on the beach. Stylish woman standing on sand near the sea looking away

Shorts made of denim are excellent covers. A light cotton T-shirt and sandals can help you look put together if you venture outside of the beach.

12. Sarong

Attractive young woman smiling while standing on the beach outdoors

This stylish beachwear is one of the most popular styles of beach cover ups available, and for good reason: It conceals places you want to keep hidden while also giving you a more graceful profile. It can be utilized in so many different ways because because of its practicality and adaptability, making it a beach essential.

You only need one item to complete your summer OOTD. You may expand your wardrobe without spending a lot of money because it can be worn in a variety of ways, including as a skirt, a wrap-style dress, a shawl, or a scarf.

Make a stylish statement by wearing a colorful sarong with distinctive patterns that go well with your bikini!

13. Sun Dress

Full length side portrait of a beautiful young woman walking on beach in summer dress

If you enjoy dressing up a little at the beach, this is one of the most popular beach cover ups you can own. Any woman’s go-to summer outfit is a sun dress, which may be worn in any length and with or without straps.

Sun dresses are fantastic since they go over a swimsuit and are cool, fresh, and simple to put on and take off. You may easily select a garment that is ideal for you this summer thanks to the wide variety of patterns that are suitable for every body shape.

Choose the A-line if you want a dress shape that looks good on everyone! It is a balanced shape that creates a lovely, forgiving silhouette that fits all body types, from tiny to hourglass.

Consider a wrap sundress if you want a traditional style that is looser than an A-line. Your curves are highlighted by the wrap, and the tie-waist gives the appearance of a smaller waist.

Choose a boxy shift dress if you don’t want anything sticking to your body. You get a balanced silhouette (and the ideal lightweight bathing suit cover up) with this figure-hugging sundress because it doesn’t really emphasize any particular feature.

14. Robe

Portrait of young woman wearing linen kimono dress on the beach

Robes make excellent beach cover ups if you want to stay warm after having fun in the water. They frequently employ the same material as towels, which gives them a very high absorbency level for speedy drying.

There are various looks that work best. You may simply put on and take off your wetsuit even in public by changing into hooded or kimono robes, which create excellent personal changing rooms.

For a more fashionable look, waffle wraps work well for women, while velour wraps are ideal for males. These keep you warm and dry without the need for a separate towel because they are portable, presentable enough to stroll around the hotel or resort in, and easy to carry.

15. Kaftan

Portrait of smiling woman in blue kaftan

Kaftans, a traditional dress used in Morocco, Africa, and the Middle East, are enjoying a resurgence in appeal as plus size cover-ups. They’re wonderful since you can dress them up or down, which makes them ideal for any informal or formal outfit.

Because of its versatility, this opulently comfortable and breezy clothing is a dependable go-to item for exceptional beach activities. Prepare to party all night long by accessorizing it with fashionable beach accessories and a bag.

16. Wrap Dress

Waist up portrait of beautiful young girl wearing dark blue white and red striped casual knee length dress posing. Looks fresh and lovely Tall fashion model studio portrait on white background Perfect glowing skin Beauty Fitness Healthcare concept

Wrap dresses are the way to go for a carefree holiday style. These comfortable clothes look fantastic on all body types and sizes, making them excellent beach cover-ups.

Choose a piece with a V neckline to accentuate your breast and thin across the hips if you have a pear-shaped body or want to add curves. If your body is short, go for a dress with a plunging neckline to make it appear longer.

Women who want a little more coverage can go for a wrap dress with a knee-length hemline. Choose a dress with a deep V neck for a night out at the beach.

Why Beach Cover-Ups Are A Beach Essential

young woman on beach with suntan lotion

Cover-ups for the beach shield you from the sun. While many of us visit the beach in an effort to achieve that gorgeous sun-kissed glow, excessive sun exposure is harmful. Overexposure to the sun raises the chance of skin cancer, wrinkles, age spots, and other signs of aging.

A beach cover-up is a chic way to shield oneself from the sun. Plan to wear a beach cover-up for at least a portion of the day if you intend to spend the entire day lounging on the beach, which is presumably why you flew to a magnificent paradise in the first place.

Put on your beach cover-up once you’ve had a good amount of time in the sun to keep safe for the rest of the day, or alternate between wearing a bikini and your beach cover-up every couple of hours.

A beach cover-up is essential for many reasons than just sun protection; it’s a really practical piece. You should wear something to cover up when going to and from the beach, especially if you want to pass through public spaces like the lobby or a bar. A beach cover-up is a necessity if you don’t like going around in only a bikini because most resort pools may be a bit of a walk.

Tips In Selecting The Perfect Beach Cover-Up

Choose breathable, easy-to-pack fabrics

If you were going to wear something over your bikini, would you really want to iron it or hang it up? Some pieces of clothes are better than others at serving as a cover-up. Would you cover yourself with a trench coat? Obviously not. Make absolutely sure won’t cause you to become overheated and that it is comfortable, breathable, and light. Use a cotton, rayon, or viscose-based material. Additionally, if it’s a beach dress or a thin kaftan, it’s ideal for the setting.

Keep your style in mind

You shouldn’t have to give up your most comfortable style merely to be fashionable because you’re going to the beach or a resort. Look for covers with patterns that you can also consider appropriate for your natural environment.

Check the length

If your legs are your strongest feature, wear something short to emphasize them. A lightweight, flowy knee-length dress is ideal if you’re somewhat modest. Given that they are airy and don’t overly cling to the thighs and legs, maxi dresses and maxi skirts are equally fine.

Consider getting a little volume

Everything about a bikini cover-up should be loose and pretty, but err on the side of caution. If it’s too sheer and people can still see your slip, swimsuit, or silhouette below, then the volume is your friend. But if the fabric isn’t sheer, stop thinking about volume because it will look tent-like and you can feel overwhelmed while wearing it.


You have a variety of options when it comes to bikini body cover ups. Whatever style you decide on, you should pick one that complements your personality and will also make you feel at ease. To make them look more fashionable at the beach, pair them with a hat, large sunglasses, and stylish flip flops.