What to Wear on Valentine’s Day?

Similar to New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day puts pressure on people to find something to do and someone special to do it with. But the truth is that you shouldn’t feel anxious about this holiday. Instead, we prefer to view it as a reason to show ourselves a little self-love and appreciate all the connections that inspire us every day. So, regardless of how you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, we’ve put together some oh-so-cute outfit ideas to reduce additional stress about what to wear.

Valentine’s Day Outfits

Have you made plans for Valentine’s Day date? There’s no rush. What to wear will depend on what the day or night has in store for you, if you’re wondering. Has your wonderful partner organized a date night at home? Keep it informal. Have you, at last, climbed to the top of a Michelin-starred restaurant’s waitlist? Dress to impress for this special date. Here are a few outfit ideas to swoon over, no matter the event.

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1. Casual Valentine’s Day Date

Our favorite type of Valentine’s Day date is a simple one. Spend the day of love at home with your loved ones while cooking a brand-new dinner. Or, bring your favorite snacks in a picnic basket and watch the sunset under the stars. Wear whatever is most comfortable for a laid-back Valentine’s Day date. Get into the mood with heart-shaped earrings, printed pants, and a solid-colored knit top. 

2. Valentine’s Day Dinner Date

Is there a night other than Valentine’s Day when you should dress up for a date? It’s a season to celebrate love, so if getting dressed up is part of the agenda, we welcome it wholeheartedly. Here is your solution if you’re wondering what to wear to a dinner date on Valentine’s Day. Wrapping yourself in plush materials, vibrant hues, and all the accessories is a surefire way to look great. Choose a satin midi dress to add texture to your outfit and wear it with velvet or suede heels. Reds and pinks are the traditional holiday colors, so pick one of these hues to accentuate your appearance. Don’t forget to wear a metallic bag or necklace for extra shine. Take that, Cupid. With your dressed-up, date-night getup, you’ve hit the mark.

3. Valentine’s Day Party

Now that you have your invitation, you are debating what to wear to Valentine’s Day party. But worry no more. You can dress however you want, subject to the dress code. A reliable pair of jeans is always a good choice. Wear denim under a patterned shacket with a timeless tee or a cozy turtleneck. Add some Valentine’s Day flair to your look to impress partygoers. You’ll be smitten by a heart-embroidered blouse or a heart-printed t-shirt. Choose a cute pinafore dress with heels in a micro floral print if you want to stick to dresses for Valentine’s Day. Bring some gifts to share, like a bouquet or a box of chocolates.

What to Wear to a Variety of Other Valentine’s Day Activities

So, this Valentine’s Day, Cupid’s arrow missed you. Embrace the single life! We’re all about celebrating your BFFs who have stood by your side throughout the years and loving yourself. Valentine’s Day is so much more than a romantic dinner for two. Here are some suggestions for Valentine’s Day activities and outfits. With these outfits to fall in love with, who needs a date?

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1. Self-Love Valentine’s Date

Celebrate loving yourself on Valentine’s Day because you are the one who matters most. Get a new plant, or read your favorite book one hundred times on the couch. Try that new restaurant you’ve been eyeing or see a comedy at the movies if you’re not a homebody. You can do whatever you want to do today. Are you leaving for the day? Here are some suggestions for what to wear on Valentine’s Day to celebrate. With a printed blouse, you can accentuate a simple black skirt. An open back or balloon sleeve makes a flirtatious and enjoyable statement. For a look, we all adore, add over-the-knee boots and tuck a bright lip gloss into your clutch.

2. Toast to Your Besties on Valentine’s Day with a Spa Day

Your friends are always there for you and genuinely care about you. By planning a romantic spa day and movie night for Valentine’s Day—or should we say “Galentine’s Day”—honor your friends. A day spent relaxing with cucumber water in your hand and a face mask calls for casual clothing. Choose the coziest trend when choosing what to wear on Valentine’s Day: loungewear. Choose a pair of brushed-fabric joggers to pair with a sherpa sweatshirt. Don’t forget your cozy pajamas for relaxing. Make a bowl of popcorn and watch a few romantic comedies after a day of mud baths and massages. Blockbusters like “Valentine’s Day” or “Isn’t It Romantic” are always a good choice.

3. Valentine’s Day Dance Party

Do you want to date if you’re single? Instead of waiting for destiny, plan a themed party for Valentine’s Day and take control of the holiday. Invite your friends and request that they bring one additional friend. Not sure of the best theme to use? Our choice would be a dance party. Make a list of the songs that your guests enjoy dancing to so you can show off your best moves.

To move with you at a Valentine’s Day dance party, choose stretch fabrics for your clothing. Wearing red pants and a heart-printed sweater over a silk tank will give the impression that you are ready for love. Your best option if you start to perspire while performing the moonwalk is to wear layers that you can shed. Add a pair of boots to complete your look so you can dance all night. We are confident that you will leave the party dancing or with a new friend or potential love interest.


Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, so why wouldn’t you want to look your best on this special occasion? Along with yourself, you want your loved one to appear attractive. Thus, the aforementioned suggestions can assist you in slaying your Valentine’s Day date. Happy Valentine’s Day!