What Is the Difference Between a Regular Belt and an Outdoor Belt?

Belts are worn for both fashion and practicality. While regular belts are worn for casual and formal occasions, outdoor belts on the other hand are designed to handle tough outdoor activities such as hiking. Although it is seemingly a small accessory but it has a huge impact on your everyday dressing. Both regular and outdoor belts are available in a huge variety, therefore, choosing the most suitable one can become confusing.

If you are someone who cannot find the right belt for the right occasions, then you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss the difference between a regular belt and an outdoor belt along with important factors to consider so that the next time you are out there buying a belt, you know exactly what to look for. Let’s begin.

What is the difference between a Regular Belt and an Outdoor Belt?

A major difference between a regular belt and an outdoor belt lies in the purpose. While regular belts can be used every day for formal and informal occasions, outdoor belts on the other hand are specifically designed for outdoor activities and purposes. These belts feature durable and tough construction allowing them to withstand extreme wear and tear.

In addition to that, regular belts are offered in several different types as well. As compared to outdoor belts, regular belts differ when it comes to buckles and the belt material itself. Regular belts are usually made from synthetic and pure leather, whereas outdoor belts mostly feature tough-nylon construction. Although outdoor belts are offered in leather as well but then durability becomes a question. Therefore, when it comes to choosing between a regular and an outdoor belt, the decision solely rests on the purpose.

Factors to consider when buying a belt


When it comes to buying a belt, the first thing you need to consider is the length. The general rule of thumb is that you should have a few inches to the left of the buckle when it is fastened. The perfect size demands that the length should be sufficient to tuck into the pant’s loop or the belt loop itself. The reason being that if you were to purchase a longer belt, it will hang halfway and that will completely ruin the entire impression.

Therefore, the only way to deal with it is to cut a few inches, which is not recommended, especially if it is a leather belt. On the other hand, purchasing a belt that is shorter will force you to roll and wrap it so that it somehow fits into the loop. However, then again, it will make you feel awkward. Therefore, when purchasing a belt, the length should be your top priority so that both fashion and practicality go hand in hand.


Whether you are buying a regular or an outdoor belt, you should consider only high-quality belts. Although high-quality belts will usually a bit pricier but they will last for years to come, especially when it comes to buying outdoor belts. Outdoor belts are made to withstand tough activities and wear and tear, therefore, you will need to opt for something that offers practicality and comfort.


Different types of materials are used to make both regular and outdoor belts. From nylon to 100% cotton construction, belts need to be strong, durable, and comfortable. For instance, if you are hiking, you will need a belt that not only helps you carry the heavy stuff but keeps you comfortable while you are trekking up and down tough terrains as well. With that being said, size also has an important role to play. You should try different belts to test their comfort level before opting for one. If you observe that a belt is either too short or long and will not stand the test of time, it is better to leave it no matter how good the deal is.

Where to Buy
Timberland Men's Classic Leather Jean Belt
Dickies Men's Casual Leather Belt
Columbia Men's Classic Logo Belt
Jiguoor Genuine Leather Men's Belt
Columbia Men's Military Web Belt
WYuZE Men's Tactical Belt Military Outdoor Belt
EcoGear FX Tactical Belt
Timberland PRO Men's Web Belt


Recommended Products:

Regular/Casual Belts

Timberland Men’s Classic Leather Jean Belt

The Timberland Men’s Classic Leather Jean Belt is our top recommendation when it comes to choosing and wearing a regular/casual belt. Made from 100% pure leather, this belt is not only cost-friendly but offers great value for money as well. Furthermore, it features a single loop antique finish buckle that will soon make the belt your everyday favorite. The compatibility of the belt with different types of pants is another key feature. Designed to last long, the Timberland Men’s Classic Leather Jean Belt is worth every penny.

Key Features:

  • 100% Leather
  • Single loop antique finish buckle
  • Imported Material

Dickies Men’s Casual Leather Belt

The Dickies Men’s Casual Leather Belt is also made from 100% imported leather. It features a casual design, allowing you to wear it for every occasion. You can pair it with your jeans or khakis without having to worry about a mismatch. The black-matte finish harness buckle along with two rows of stitches on the edges makes it appear classy. Since Dickies is a well-renowned name in the world of belts, it is ensured that your investment will be worth it. Offering perfect comfort, this belt can be worn anywhere, anytime.

Key Features:

  • Hand Wash
  • Timeless Design
  • 100% Leather

Columbia Men’s Classic Logo Belt

The Men’s Classic Logo Belt from Columbia features 40% leather, 40% bonded leather, and 20% Polyurethane. Having received thousands of positive reviews from around the world, the Columbia Men’s Classic Logo Belt is ready for both formal and adventurous events. Furthermore, Columbia itself is known for manufacturing one of the most high-quality belts, therefore, you are guaranteed high-quality regardless of the type you opt for. Lastly, if your pant size is 30-32 then this belt will be the perfect fit.

Key Features:

  • 40% leather, 40% bonded leather, and 20% polyurethane
  • Casual buckle style
  • Hand Wash

Jiguoor Genuine Leather Men’s Belt

The Jiguoor Genuine Leather Men’s Belt is made from top-quality leather with a classic smooth genuine leather strap and exquisite stitching to make it appear classy and provide endurance. Furthermore, the single-prong buckle is made from a premium grade zinc alloy that offers optimum strength and resistance to corrosion. Offered in 8 different colors, you cannot go wrong with this belt.

Key Features:

  • Zinc alloy buckle
  • Genuine leather strap
  • Double edge stitching

Outdoor Belts

Columbia Men’s Military Web Belt

Made from 100% cotton, the Columbia Men’s Military Web Belt is trusted and recognized for its high-quality material offering both comfort and durability. You can choose to wear this belt for every occasion such as camping, hiking, or even barbequing. The reason being that this belt features one size that fits all. Designed for day to day activities, the Columbia Men’s Military Web Belt is going to be your best bet.

Key Features:

  • 100% cotton construction
  • One size fits all
  • High-quality material

WYuZE Men’s Tactical Belt Military Outdoor Belt

The WYuZE Men’s Tactical Belt Military Outdoor Belt features a quick-release heavy-duty metal buckle. It is both easy to put on and take off when required. Moreover, the belt includes a stretchable strap that ensures you remain comfortable while attending different occasions and carrying out tough daily activities. In addition to that, the heavy-duty buckle is adjustable as well allowing a perfect fit on your waist. With 6 different colors to choose from, you can match it with different jeans, pants, and shirts to make the perfect combo.

Key Features:

  • Quick-release Metal Buckle
  • Adjustable Elastic Stretch Belt
  • For sports and outdoor work

EcoGear FX Tactical Belt

With a quick release buckle, the EcoGear FC Tactical Belt engages rapid buckle unlocks when the golden tabs are pressed. The belt does not feature any holes or slide ratchets and is durable enough thanks to its high quality 1000D nylon ensuring optimum comfort. You can use the belt for hunting, camping, and security and training purposes. With a buckle that is made from heavy-duty zinc alloy, this belt will serve you for years to come.

Key Features:

  • Durable and reliable
  • Multiple uses
  • Heavy Duty metal buckle

Timberland PRO Men’s Web Belt

The Timberland Pro Men’s Web Belt is made from 100% imported polyester. It is a cut-to-fit web belt that allows the user to cut the belt according to his preference. Since it is easy to adjust, you simply need to hold the buckle and pull the metal tip forward slightly. Moreover, it comes with a durable webbed strap ensuring that both comfort and practicality become the norm. This belt will not be hard on your waist if used for long hours and will go with every occasion.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable fit
  • Durable
  • 100% Polyester

Final Word

While regular belts are all about fashion, outdoor belts on the other hand are about practicality and functionality. Therefore, in both cases, you need to find the one that fits your lifestyle.

If you want something for everyday use, we will suggest the Timberland Men’s Classic Leather Jean Belt that is tried and tested for both comfort and durability. Considering its price and the 100% imported leather construction, this belt receives our share of thumbs up in the regular belt category.

However, if you want something tough yet comfortable for outdoor activities, then we recommend the Columbia Men’s Military Web Belt, designed for day to day tough outdoor tasks. With a one size fits all feature, this belt perfectly balances comfort and functionality.